Song of the Mysteries Status Updates

Thanks for sharing all the updates, Annette! At this point, I’m looking forward to that last triumphant announcement almost as much as the book hitting shelves. :laughing:

With the love and care that Janny puts into crafting every scene, I’m betting that this final volume is going to be something truly special!


Thanks Annette.

Since I don’t use Twitter, your updates are really helpful. I do follow the links to read the post.

Thanks for your efforts and insights. Though our speculation may likely be proven inaccurate, it’s fun to consider.

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As of today: I am doing the final read through of Chapter Set 15; my pacing for this final check is about 1 chapter set per day, that sets me up to have the story in order BY THURSDAY NIGHT.

Game on for the weekend: trim and polish the glossary draft (finished but raw in places), do the time line, and finish the (already set up) frontmatter pages - table of contents, dedication and acknowledgement, timeline).

Then the files get stitched together into on Monster file - and at that point, off it goes to the editor’s desk…Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Nearly there. Last lap. Get ready to party.


Great news!

With the attention to detail while doing your own editing, are you able to avoid having editors try removing important material that they might not properly comprehend?

Thanks for the update.

Well, we are here. I am cross checking the stitched together (I had separate chapter filex) submission file, including timeline, glossary, all the stuff.

It is a monster. Weighs in a tad over Peril’s Gate. I will send it tomorrow/IF you have good energy to send for this, put your sweet thoughts out there…because the Story is tight as a drum, the only thing I could trim (and I’d hate to) is timeline and glossary stuff. FINGERS CROSSED. I will post when it is SENT to the editor, and it will be PARTY TIME.

No wonder this took 5 years to write!



Thanks Janny for all that hard work, something the size of Peril’s Gate sounds excellent and well worth the wait. :slight_smile:


Janny - you already had an amazing series up to arc 4 - so looking forward to this last arc (been reading your work since late 80s and you have written books that have become many of my favourites) - really exciting to see this finally published - I will be rereading some more whilst waiting… you cannot send us real fans a rough PDF whilst we wait… and promise to buy the book and ebook when it finally arrives :wink: ?! Also been watching the YouTube WaLoS discussions - they are starting well! And thank you so much for engaging with the readers on paravia website over the years

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If I’m reading this forum right: the energy is strong, resonant, and fully in accordance with the Law of the Major Balance. The lanes are about to fire, the focus has been awakened, and the transfer is immanent. This is happening, and the future of a 30+ year masterpiece hangs in the balance. As long as the publisher upholds the Compact, everything will be alright!


OK guys - THE MANUSCRIPT IS TURNED IN! Went off today, with all the supporting material, glossary, timeline - let’s hope the editor loves it! (Size of Peril’s Gate).

You here are FIRST to know - spread the word as you wish!

FIFTY YEARS OF WORK from idea conception and behind the scenes work that went on for two decades before Curse of the Mistwraith ever saw publication…all in culmination, it is finally on the Finish Line.

Now we wait for the editor’s word back…


POP! That is the champagne cork - party for the finish at ICFA in Orlando, if you are at the conference, be sure to make yourself known! (I am there Wed, Thur, leaving Fri).


Here’s where we are on the journey to publication.


This is amazing news


Amazing. Monumental. 50 years…?! Now, has any other writer ever dedicated that amount of time to a set & planned series before? Did you know it would take this long back when you started?

What would you say you’ve enjoyed the most about it all? The least?
Has your opinion of any character changed as you wrote?
Is it hiking, bagpipes, horse riding and gardening from now on? (At least, I hope you will get more of that…)
I hope it gets taken up, but will buy it in chaps directly from you or on digital from this site, if I have to.
Congratulations, Janny. What an astounding achievement. :sparkles::dizzy::sparkles:

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What??? (hiking, bagpipes, gardening, riding…) No, I am not retiring! While, yes, I may snatch a little time to do this stuff, the Search and Rescue team is still on that list and the time that requires is A Lot to keep training current.

Primarily - I have art deadlines to meet. Cover and interior art for this book, and the two following Empire books for Grim Oak Press. That will keep me Big Busy for the next bit.

What am I going to do?
Today: spent mapping out a bit of short fiction (yes, Athera related!) that I had partially started and on the back burner for FOREVER…that will get completed.

I have Other shorts also in progress, various states of planning.
And a stand alone novel three chapters down…with fourth chapter well along. That is likely to be my next submission/but FIRST we have to see what the editor does with this manuscript (thud!) that just landed on their desk.

I have a list of FOURTEEN novel ideas; a slew of satellite stories (Atheran universe) and a ton of closets to clean! Also this forum on ‘sleep’ for way too long, now I will have Time for it.

So the gardening would be nice but truthfully, the honey harvest comes before that. And I am looking at a dog for SAR training.

Plenty to do while the nerves won’t get to me (editor). We possibly need a New Thread soon for STATUS OF FUTURE PROJECTS as they get ongoing.

I made Huge strides on the short story (or novella or who knows what) today - the ideas fleshed out enough to get it going again…if you are wondering, the title is The Outcast, and it is a backhistory, set in the early 4000s, Third Age.

And there may even be epic poetry coming from the First and Second Ages…or even the Eras before that.

You have no idea what’s been abubbling and aboiling while I was editing the Huge Stack of Manuscript.

NOW it is all unleashed…!


I am happy for you! I’m also happy for us! Congratulations :smiley:


Just catching up on the forum, and giddy to read this update, Janny!! I cannot imagine how you must feel. Thank you for your dedication and for sharing your artistry with us! I cannot wait!!!

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