Song of the Mysteries Status Updates

I was thinking of Lirenda as a longshot, but there’s that pesky article “he”.

It would have to be someone who we’re already familiar with from prior books, therefore someone long-lived.

There’s a lot we don’t know about Traithe and we haven’t yet seen a first-hand account of his action to stop the incursion of the Mistwraith. Maybe another one of the Fellowship sorcerers.

Getting back to gender articles, what about Daliana in her male-transformed guise? We have no clue (that I can discern) how that storyline will develop.

Maybe even a non-human; but that’s enough speculation for now…

Oh, and it’s not the choices that are good or bad, but the unforeseen effects…
food for thought.

Tarens? Although I did not think the few bad choices he made at the start would lead to any brutal crux.

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Late to the party, but I’d go for Davien. My favourite meddler of all time… :wink:


Bit late, but Janny also gave is this little snippet.


Starting into the last pass tweak of the final chapter set 18, Song of the Mysteries. Should take only a few days, then I start typing in All of the handmarked changes, spell check, proofread, and the little tweaks to the finished draft of the glossary.

Last word from my editor was to have the manuscript totally polished/in a final state I am completely happy with (upshot, the copy-edit stage, as usual, is expected to be light,) It will take me a few months more to achieve this; there is no looking back or correcting course after a finale volume, so I am being exceedingly careful!


Thanks for the update Janny. Would it be overly optimistic to reserve a spot under the Christmas tree for Song of the Mysteries?


Annette, that is not up to me. Editorial will make that decision, and we won’t know until they do.

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You saw it here first: I have completed the LAST PASS on Song of the Mysteries. Tomorrow I will start the mountainous process of keying the hand written changes into the electronic flies.

Spell check and proof to follow, a process that will proceed chapter by chapter in step. The lovely bit is: the hard brain burn is DONE! The process is pretty much mechanical monkey work from here.


Thanks for the update, and congratulations on completion of the creative part!

Regarding the New Year’s Eve snippet… I again wonder if it’s a flashback to the closing of South Gate.

I do not know that Janny would have time to go over southgate again, it is more likely going to be something new. Perhaps something Lysaer is going to feel personally responsible for, that he worked so hard to achieve. Or something over at Rockfell, that might inspire a bit of dread.

An update on progress from twitter.


An update from twitter.

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Thanks, Annette!