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I've never heard of Zinnias before, Trys. They are lovely. We had some great trailing begonias this year but they're past their best now.

Sorry, Janny, I missed your post. I'd love to squeeze you in our case! Cornwall was beautiful, picture postcard stuff.

We're back to the Lleyn Peninsular in six weeks time, this little ancient cottage on a headland, looking west towards Bardsey Island. The sunsets are unbelievable. In October, coming home and getting the coal fire going, eating toast and marshmallows. We could install you in a corner with a glass of Glenrothes and you could read us excerpts from Initiates Trial!! What do you think??

; )

Oh, done!!!

(Squeeze in Don, too our 20th anniversary is Oct 21st!)

I'd read you the whole blasted BOOK for that inglenook seat! No question…the Atheran bard would be totally at your mercy. :smiley:

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Oh yes! I'm on for it! You and Don could give me some painting tips. Heaven. Just Arithon and Elaira's kind of place too!

Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. Well done both of you! The last week in October is always a good one for us - school holidays = precious time with the daughters, my birthday on the 25th and then Hallowe'en. Yippee!

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China, isn't it? How about a nice new dinner service?!

Congratulations, guys. Have a lovely day. x H

Thanks for the well wishes, all.

China - snort!!! As if we have use for more of it…haven't broken one, (yet, knock wood) since our wedding…we only put in a plate pattern in the first place to give the relatives something to DO…easier to store than eighteen toasters. grin.

Closest we'll come to china is the champagne bottle.

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We haul it out every now and then, but aren't much more active in that dept. Our day is Oct. 20th, btw; something about all that Fall color…

A happy belated anniversary to you and Don, grand Talespinner. Hope the champagne was wonderful! :wink: