What did Dakar do?

Could someone please explain what Dakar did to compromise Arithon with the Koriani? I’m re-reading and I still don’t get it.

Spoilers from Stormed Fortress:

Dakar pressed Elaira to revive Arithon with Glendien’s help, through his bood oath and crown ties at Athir. Instead, Elaira chooses to use the Biedar ritual. Because it would invoke a Koriani oath of debt (through Elaira’s involvement), Elaira had Dakar make the oath over the Crown of Rathain rather than Arithon directly.

Spoilers from Destiny’s Conflict:

It is later revealed (in the scene at Tiendarion) that because of the oath of debt, Dakar gave over Arithon’s grant of permissions to the Koriathain, which allowed them to capture him before the wedding.

Hi Brian:

I never got the impression that Elaira’s arm had to be twisted too hard at Athir- her eyes were wide open to the possible consequences of her actions. I wonder how much Dakar actually knew about Arithon’s eventual future of taming wraiths and Koriani imprisonment. Sethivir and the Beidar elder seemed as complicit as Dakar.


You’re right – I just reread the scene and realized how much had blurred together in my mind.

My interpretation of what’s on the page in Stormed Fortress:

Dakar did receive direction from Sethvir to bring Arithon to Athir, but it is not completely clear whether Sethvir also suggested reawakening Arithon with Glendien’s help.

Then in Initiate’s Trial:

When Dakar is cast out of his apprenticeship, Sethvir lays blame for the oath of debt over Rathain’s crown (and several other subjective faults) at Dakar’s feet. However, it seems as if the Fellowship didn’t truly believe that it was Dakar’s fault, as if they were sharpening their attacks to make the severance more formal so Dakar was truly a free agent.

My opinion is that the Fellowship and Biedar definitely have/had foreknowledge of what was to come, but Dakar was just given vague direction and left to succeed or fail on his own.

Hi Brian:

I agree that the Fellowship and Biedar are very aware of the possible/probable futures and work to achieve the best outcome. I really liked the way Dakar evolved in the last 2 books- OK so it took 500 years. But he is really invaluable, smart, and self aware (he understood why he was cast out).
I am however, disappointed in the way Elaira treats him- it makes her seem petty and unworthy of the accolades thrown her way. Hopefully she will arrive at a place of understanding. Arithon will forgive him as is his nature. I also hope the Fellowship will acknowledge his accomplishments and amazing loyalty to the compact, Seven, Arithon, and Athera.