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originally posted by Rurack

I knew I should not have clicked on this thread. I've managed to not read any of the TK threads. Now this. WHY???

Can we really be that close to the end?

originally posted by Blue

Rurack, you look as though you are suffering from MY problem with the series, I want to peek at the end, but I don't WANT it to end.

Knowing Janny, however, even if she WERE to allow someone to peek at the very last triplet (?) we'd still be speculating like mad, because we wouldn't know WHAT happened.

I peeked at the end of GC before I read it, and the triplet about the "New Koriani Prime Matriarch" made ABSOLUTELY no sense until I read GC through all the way.

Is Don still swearing at the scanner, or has it decided to capitulate?

originally posted by Hunter

I guess if the s'Brydion were going to simply pull Alestron apart, they would have agreed with Arithon in TK and just got on with it…

I think I would prefer Luhaine boring the s'Brydion's into action with the type of long winded lecture Kharadmon is forever teasing him about.

Perhaps Kharadmon can get one of the s'Brydion's to inhale a lot of tienelle, have their spirit leave the body and get them to guard Athera against the wraith invasion from Marak… that would be a fun battle :smiley:

originally posted by Sandtiger

::Snarf:: ::Sputter:: ::Chokes on tea::

What a vision, Hunter.


originally posted by Hunter

I thought you might like it… :smiley:

After all, if the s'Brydions are clan lineage, then surely they have some dormant talent which could be awakened like Jieret and have them go off and do stuff… like fight Mistwraith… that would seem like a fun sport to a s'Brydion…

originally posted by Rurack

Blue most of the time I manage to keep my impulses in check. But oh it is so hard some times. I have given up reading the index of most fantasy books. Some writers put anything in there, not Janny though. I remember the first time I picked up Eye of the world. That first paragraph had me reading the whole index and I new alot of the stuff that was going on in the book simply because of it. Never again. I have decided to let the writers take me on their journey. Never even read the last chapter of The Dark tower series. Maybe in a couple of years I'll read it and be "satisfied" but who knows

originally posted by Blue

Rurack, I think the reason why you can't glean major plot points out of Janny's indexes is that Janny is a consummate tease… just like the cute little psychotic Russian Blue who sits by my chair, howls to get my attention, and then runs like someone just ignited his jets when I reach down to pet him.

When working on my little opus, I keep the index handy, but with something extra - I have a section right underneath with the physical description of the person/place/thing in question, and then an Author's Privilege note, such as whether that person lives or dies, who s/he marries, and the like. I have it set up so that when I finally get around to finishing it, I can simply erase the Author's Privilege notes, with the major plot points so that a reader would just be looking at a generalized description of the entry.

I still remember the time I was most angry with a book cover, and that was on Blue Adept, the second book of Piers Anthony's wonderful Apprentice Adept series. The cover, by Rowena Morill, was gorgeous, except that it GAVE AWAY A MAJOR PLOT POINT!!! I wanted to find out WHO had commissioned it without double checking, and smack that person into the following decade. Not Ms. Morill however, since, as mentioned before, the picture was gorgeous.

originally posted by Walt

Oh great, Blue! Now I need to go dig out my Adept series books and re-checke out the cover… Oh well, it will distract me from waiting on MM's issue of TK…

I will resist temptation…
I will resist temptation…
Must not read spoilers… :^)

originally posted by Dan Johnston

I'm rather looking forward to this particular book; I'm almost done on Traitor's Knot and wildly speculating as to how things are going to conclude.

I have always wondered though - and correct me if I'm wrong - in the start of Curse of the Mistwraith, doesn't the prologue/opening speak as though the books are a re-telling of the story, rather than the history version written by the victor?
Much as I love seeing the 'Good Guys' lose; it would be gutwrenching in this series…

originally posted by Rurack

COTM starts off in the 5th age. And is real Janny like in how little details she actually gives. Just enough for you to reread it and nash your teeth in frustration. :smiley:

It says things like "to belive the canno of the religion of the Time Lysear was divinity incarnate and Arithon was the root of all evil" or some such. Then it went on to say something like people pulled up records to the contrary. And a group went back and peiced together the events of the time through some magical means.

originally posted by max

Just a thought people… Is resisting temptation a socially redeeming value… or maybe a character virtue?? because I almost never resist temptation!! [grinning wolfishly at ya]

originally posted by John Parsons

Something to make you pause…
In the 1950's an attempt was made to characterize what a criminal was (rather than simply what they did). The conclusion drawn was that a criminal wanted what everybody else wanted (nice home, possessions, holidays etc etc) but they wouldn't wait until they could afford them - whereas **ordinary** law abiding folk were prepared to wait, making resisting temptation the sole difference between a criminal and everyone else.
Now however NOBODY is prepared to wait (buy now pay later??)
Does that make everybody a criminal???


originally posted by Hannah

John, forgive me for being predictable, but… if reading Janny's books as quickly as I can get my greedy mitts on them is criminal, you can lock me up and throw away the key, 'cause I will continue to be unrepentant. >:-D

originally posted by John Parsons

Further to my last message…
The conclusion drawn by the researchers was that people today are constantly seeking the next "fix" of excitement with no thought to savouring what they already had.
With that in mind I would say that if you read Janny's books, with their need for reading, re-reading and re-re-reading in order to grasp every nuance then you're definitely NOT in that category!!!

John (On his way to re-re-read COTM to find the ref to Enithen Tuer!)

originally posted by Hannah

John, that reminds me of the LotR movies. In some chats and message boards, people were complaining about how there was the year long delay between films, if the films were already done. (Aside from the fact that they weren't done, only mostly filmed.) But I liked the year in between to really get a chance to enjoy the movie indepth and become thoroughly familiar with it before moving on to the next one.

I've never done an official "re-read" of Janny's books, but pretty much every day I pick up one of them and read a scene or three. That's my version of a re-read. I'm pretty sure I've covered them all a few times.

Last night I was flipping through CotM as well. It'd been a while. I had to go back and enjoy the chapter where the Fellowship desceneds on Etarra. Great stuff! "Over my dead body." "If need be."


originally posted by Aria

Got to agree with you Hannah, that descent upon Etarra by the Fellowship was brilliantly staged.

Ah and John, I think they did some more research in to that later if I remember rightly and the definition was changed slightly. I'd have to go searching through my text books to find it but, I have a feeling they did.

"It's the fool with the torch, who picks fights with the wind." --Sethvir, Warden of Althain.

stray line from today's adjustments in draft, main chapter two, Stormed Fortress; there follows the scene with s'Brydion and Kharadmon.

originally posted by Konran

Oooh, you're teasing us. X3

<3 Kharadmon… that pairing's going to be something to see

originally posted by Jay_Jay

So, what am I doing posting here at 3 in the morning?

Well, one cannot read Janny's beautifully complex prose when tired, so I had to quit for the night…

Yesss, darlings, I have the preciousss in hand!

We had an informal little gathering at the Sandtiger's today, a bunch of us who met through Julie Czerneda's newsgroup, and I suddenly remembered. "Hey, Sandtiger, you've got the UK edition of Traitor's Knot, don't you?"

"Sure," came the reply "want to borrow it?"

"Jeez, Sandtiger, do you REALLY need to ask??"


Just colour me happy, as I toddle off to bed…

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Arrgh. And I just realized I posted this in the wrong bloody thread! If the honourable webmaster is able to move it to a more suitable spot, I will be most greatful! :slight_smile: