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May I ask, Janny, when Arithon and Lysaer were attacked by the Mistwraith at Ithamon, I percieved that Lysaer had poured too much of his life force into defending and that is why he lost conciousness. Why did Arithon also lose conciousness? Physiologically speaking, was the Mistwraith killing them and how was it doing this? [If you want you can say "it was magic, all right!?"]

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Please please please a story of Verrain's early history! I can't really explain why here as it would constitute a spoiler (possibly),but he is such a wonderful character.And I've got a feeling I know who he was trained by.I hope that doesn't sound presumptuous of me, Janny. :smiley:


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Dorothy, I think it's been said in the books/glossary that he was trained by Luhaine.

max - you asked.

Arithon had wardings up - and the attack by the Mistwraith cut through - for that short period before Asandir showed up, it was 'inside' his defenses - he was fighting for his life, on an energetic level - the wraiths can feed on life force. When they do, they get stronger.

Diffused in the fog, over all of Athera, the effect was also diffused (there were not enough wraiths to choke a whole planet, Traithe cut off South Gate before enough got through - Athera's infestation was never as deep as Marak's). As the fog was reduced, the wraiths were concentrated into the area over Ithamon. You will recall, that in this attack, the wraiths "tipped their hand" - displayed traits not seen by the other members of the Fellowship.

There is a greater thread at work here - I can't tell you any more at this stage of the story's development - you'll have to read and see.

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Oh dear-thanks for that info' Hannah. Suffice it to say I was miles off in my hunches! :smiley: I wonder if I'm miles off in where this story is going (lol).Well at least Verrain hasn't picked up the didactic mannerisms of his teacher :smiley: He seems such a gentle soul, I thought Ciadis had had a hand in his tuition. Then again the marked contrast between Asandir and Dakar should have given me some indication.(grin).
Which gives rise to another rumination-how much have the 7 changed over the years? Did Asandir see a younger version of himself in Dakar? And should I post so late at night after 2 glasses of wine?


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Janny, thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Actually that answer should have occured to me, but sometimes searching deep means missing what was in front the whole time.

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I had a quick question that randomly popped into my brain this afternoon. Maybe (probably) you can answer it off the top of your head…

How old was Elaira when CotM began–or, more accurately, when Lysaer and Arithon arrived on Athera. Lysaer was 24, and Arithon was 22. (It always seems strange to think of Arithon as the younger brother, since he seems much more in the way of a wiser, protective older brother type.)

Thanks, in advance.

Hannah - You Asked.

Elaira was born in Third Age Year 5617.
The half brothers arrived on Athera in 5637 (autumn).She would be barely 20, given her birthdate was sooner than that arrival.
Her longevity binding occurred in 5644.

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Perhaps someone has asked this already, Janny, but I’m curious, why did you decide that the F7 would be an all male group? And the Koriani, all female?

I’ve wandered along the lines of narrative devices, creating a balance of female/male story energies etc…? The fulcrum of which is represented by Ath’s Brotherhood?

Or am I just WAY off.

Roisin – You Asked. It's less a matter of the balance of masculine and feminine energies, as the angle of distortion.

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Can I follow up on Roisin's question? What exactly is being distorted? The ways in which the F7 and K interact or perceive the world?

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Hello Janny, I would also like to understand what you mean by the angle of distortion! Cheers from Laurence.

Laurence - You Asked (general note: unless you specifically address the question to me, I presume it's for the general board – so as not to intimidate or short circuit a free discussion)

The Fellowship Sorcerers are not free - they are "bound" by the charge laid on them by the Dragons. However much they might UNDERSTAND balanced m/f energy, they have a purpose driving them. They stay within certain boundaries - but must break them if Paravian survival is compromised.

The Koriathain are women - but - in their intent to "nurture" they have taken an artifically imposed stance - a "belief" that certain things are overridingly important - human life and human growth takes precidence over nature, and to enact that "ideal" - their system runs by coercion…they use direct force to effect the changes that fall under their "creed" - therefore, their energies are chauvanistically distorted toward the masculine where heirarchy prevails, and will co-opts free choice and holistic cooperation.

Ath's adepts work in balance - allowance and will work in harmony and ALL things have their place - distorted or otherwise.

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Hello Janny, thanks for the explanation, most of it I had already realised, but not the part about the women's energies being distorted!

Ath's adepts are well clued in!

Cheers from Laurence.

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Janny, if you ever get time, could you put sketches of the ring Lysaer wears with Tyson's crown blazon, on the sketch page?? I love the painting of 'Alithiel'. Your wonderful sketches are so detailed and crisp. It's a pleasure to view them for references even. Hope to one day see renditions of all your most important characters. I have picture in my mind of course but all are cloudy and blurred. Please consider this a light request only not dying for this. I would hate to have you throw this on the floor swearing and saying "See!! They are never happy!!" I am happy!! Just if you ever get bored just sitting there painting and typing and talking to editors, you know, Quiet Time. [grinning at ya]

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Janny - thanks very much.

I get what you mean by feminine energies being distorted to the point where it becomes masculine/hierarchical.

I just had an experience of it In Real Life as they say. A very pro-feminist woman, single mother to of a daughter, active in women’s groups and often championed minority rights and issues, got a senior position to run a team of women.

As a manager, she became incredibly dictatorial and aggressive and ended up suppressing the female staff with an abusive style of ‘leadership’ whilst remaining sweet as anything to more senior staff, and to the male assistant.

It was really sad to see because the women, who were really good at their work, chose to find new jobs, and so a really good, dynamic team was broken up.

So, she ended up repeating a patriarchal pattern that fell short of her ideals of feminism, and didn’t promote women’s success in the work-place.

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My mom had to deal with that also and is going to end up being the new leader to salvage the group.

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I've moved your post to the Traitor's Knot Spoiler topic. :smiley: