Publication Dates and Order Deliveries

originally posted by Walt

Okay, this made me go check my hard cover copy that I got earlier this week from my Amazon USA pre-order. Sure enough, it is the UK ISBN. The jacket cover is in British Pounds… Wouldn't be my first Janny book shipped from over the pond!

That being said, nothing in my Amazon shipping intimated that my copy was coming from England. Very, very interesting and another example of how the world is just getting smaller by the day.

In the end, it doesn't matter where it came from for me… just that I actually have the physical paper and ink copy in my grubby little hands to grace my bedside shelf!

originally posted by thomas h. burch

This was the response I recieved from B&N.

Dear Thomas

Thank you for writing to us.

Upon checking our records, we found out that the item "Destiny's Conflict: Book Two of Sword of the Canon (The Wars of Light and Shadow, Book 10)" is currently in pre-ordered status and will this book will be released on 01/23/2018. Please be advised that it's the author/publisher decision when they will supply this item to us which Barnes & Noble has no control. Items offered for sale on the Barnes & Site contain descriptions that are provided directly by the publisher, manufacturer, developer or distributor of such item. Barnes & Noble does not represent or warrant that the descriptions of such items are accurate or complete.

We suggest that you kindly contact the publisher or the author of this book for more information.

We apologize for the inconvenience this matter had caused. Take care and have a great day!


Mark Lester

I suppose, then, that Amazon got their own stock from overseas.

The stock for the USA is likely going to be the same book - it is all printed in the UK, to my knowledge, and all of the stock gets across the ocean on container ships - for all of the series, whereupon HarperCollins 360 in NYC puts it into the distribution system.

That office in NYC told me the 'on sale' date for USA was Jan 5, 2018, but it looks like that's been shoved back for whatever reason.

I will make a polite inquiry when I see the staff in Mid November - we are taking a trip to NYC after Philcon.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Amazon dot com in the U S of A, was good as their (updated) word, when notice was sent to me by e-mail
that my hardcover copy of Destiny's Conflict would be delivered to me before the end of October 2017.
I have the very shipment right in front of me.

The ISBN number in the USA Amazon shipment/order
is identical to
the ISBN number in the UK Amazon shipment/order,
and both hardcover copies
explicitly display United Kingdom retail prices
and United Kingdom publication information.

In effect,
Janny Wurts, a United States author whose e-books are readily available in the United States,
relies on the United Kingdom for hardcover product,
as do the United States vendors for this hardcover title.

For me, personally, this is now two orders filled out of three.

It may literally be months
before my pre-paid pre-order with Barnes and Noble
is filled and shipped.


HarperCollins Voyager USA and HarperCollins Voyager UK are TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES.

My contract for the series (current) is with HarperCollins Voyager UK.

USA branch ditched the series after the corporate merger when HC USA bought Avon, etc, and then put Avon's staff in charge of BOTH lines. This occurred in midstream - Grand Conspiracy and Peril's Gate were released on 'autopilot/no support' after that merger, whereupon my contract in the USA was not renewed (the whole line down-sized dramatically - from 24 A list SF and Fantasy titles from the original HarperCollins line, and 18 A List, from Avon; the line shrank, by word from on high - to 12 A list titles from BOTH lines. So a lot of authors were cut loose.

HarperCollins in London kept publishing my titles; they produced To Ride Hell's Chasm/Traitor's Knot, then expanded the contract to include Stormed Fortress, Initiate's Trial, Destiny's Conflict, and Song of the Mysteries to finish out the series. They further 'took over' distribution to the USA and signed in e rights and audio rights - this was the 'trade off' I made in rights to get the series into the USA again, and to see it finished out.

All the eggs in one basket, in hopes that continuous support AND continuous in print status would put the series back on the map.

The personnel in charge when that extended contract was signed are no longer in Voyager's office.

I've been 'reassigned' through several editors, since.

When the series was reissued in 2009, it was distributed via IPG (Independent Publishing Group) who carried stuff from the London office like cookbooks, etc…so they did the best job they could, but they did not cover all outlets in the USA. Some was better than nothing.

When Initiate's Trial released, IPG was discontinued, and the 'new' distribution office for 'worldwide' HarperCollins titles was opened in NYC. This is HarperCollins 360, who are responsible for ALL HarperCollins titles produced elsewhere (Harper USA is not under them) THEY tap into the HarperCollins USA distribution channels - and that is a marked improvement over IPG.

More: the HarperCollins 360 crew are very small, and they are HEROES! They have been steadfast, responsive, helpful, and I could not do without them.

The problem is: NO BUDGET for these titles; that would have to originate from London, as would all of the marketing/push to shelve the books in the stores, here…London is the head of the snake, they direct the show. Harper 360 does the best they can with what they HAVE, but they cannot motivate editorial in London.

Since the London office does not read the books - it is purely what shows on the ledger, for them…and likely, too, the reception the books get - bloggers talking, threads on social media, reviews, ratings, BUZZ that is audience driven.

I have no other way to reach them, no other way to ignite their enthusiasm or support for these titles - since they are not reading the WORK - their response to it has to come from hearsay/straight numbers/an upward trajectory in sales.

I've been doing the best I can to send info to direct the powers that be as to WHAT this series is about. To greater or lesser success/it's hard to get marketing to target something when Empire looms over it by sheer numbers, the knee jerk is, keep marketing it like Empire.

You've helped - I've SENT your reviews over to editorial; I've detailed as much info as I can in correspondence and e mails. I've participated in forums talking about OTHER books (because I can't talk about mine!!!) and it HAS raised some awareness, generated a presence, started a little mention and talk. But at the expense of a LOT of time/spent in outreach, where, honestly, I'd rather have been writing. But it was a matter of DO THIS or DIE.

The books are not dying. However: facts: a quick check of NUMBERS (reviews/ratings) on any cataloguing site (your access to stats) - GoodReads or LibraryThing - stacked against ANY other author writing comparable level work - will show you very very fast where this series 'stands' in public awareness. Look at the NUMBERS of ratings on, say Initiate's Trial - then look at any release within the past 5 years - and OMG, what you'll find is the hard reality.

This Is Where We Are. PROFOUND THANKS to everyone who is making an inquiry, writing a review, or starting a thread (none yet) - you are making a difference. I'd request, in such efforts: BE KIND, BE POLITE - because the very people who you are talking to/making inquiries of - they are on my side if they can be won over - so the carrot works far better than the stick.

Nobody's more frustrated than me - it makes me CRAZY, in fact, to the detriment of creativity - but working with what I have, all these years, with care and tact - has been what's kept this series alive.

I consider it a huge victory that the series will get finished out and published. My aim: is to see it break out before I'm done, if that is possible.

I am blessed in my allies, here. I would throw a huge HUGE party for the lot of you, complete with tickets to get here, if I had a hit success; nobody deserves it more, team. You've been here throughout.

originally posted by Auna

It seems Amazon was smart. No US copies, we'll just slosh them from the UK. My book is also in pounds and Canadian dollars with a web site on the back for Harper Collins there.

The awesome thing about this is I didn't have to pay for the shipping over the pond to get my UK book! I did that for one author's book and it cost more than the book!

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

One more little nit-picky detail thing that I noticed today.

Did you know that Harper Collins 360 has got a Facebook page? I tripped across it online today, didn't know it was there before.
In my impatience, I did not do a thorough scan of the Facebook line of posts.
It was a most superficial look I took at the posts at the Facebook page.
I failed to find Destiny's Conflict,
or Janny Wurts.

Maybe somebody with more patience and time than I,
could and would visit Harper Collins 360 on Facebook, and …
find what I failed to find?

There certainly were posts promoting everything else under the sun …

Could be they are waiting for the January US release date?? Dunno…

originally posted by thomas h. burch

I ordered from amazon. According to the tracking number…it is out for delivery. I should have it by the end of the day.

originally posted by Joelle Trousdale

I am querying with Waterstones my preorder of the paperpack as it initially had the release date of the 18/10/17 and now it says 9/8/18. Fingers crossed it's an error on their part. If not I'm gonna get an ebook for my kobo then buy the paperback once it's out. I'm only not buying the hardback now as I have more paperbacks than hardbacks and I want them to match on my shelf. Trying to minimise how many I have to replace :slight_smile:

originally posted by Annette

Joelle the mass market paperback is not out till 2018, and some areas are not getting the trade paperback. I would look around online and see if you can get the trade paperback. Australia and Canada would have it.

originally posted by Joelle Trousdale

Ah I see! My error then. Thanks Annette. I'll definitely get my ebook then and sort out a paperback when I can. I'm loathe to ship something so far if I don't have to.

originally posted by Annette

Canada will be have the trade paperback out Nov 21st, have it up for pre-order.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Continuing to watch the USA site, Amazon dot com.
A curious nit-picky detail here;
if you don't like nit picky detail, you can stop reading this post now.

Amazon dot com in the USA
now lists
BOTH hardcover editions of Destiny's Conflict;
each has its own Amazon page.
By this I mean, the two hardcover editions are separated
by ISBN number.

So Amazon dot com now has the
UK ISBN number of Destiny's Conflict,
currently available, with all the sellers;


Amazon dot com has the
USA ISBN number of Destiny's Conflict
only for pre-order,
to be released in January 2018.


originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

A brief mention of a different author, and a different series of books,
will seem off-topic.
The mention is meant as a comparison.

I just visited Barnes and Noble to ask, as I say,
after a different series by a different author.

The title for the most recent installment in the series
is listed at USA Amazon dot com with over one hundred fifty customer reviews.

The Barnes and Noble customer service representative
advised me that the title comes out in January 2018.
Sound familiar?

It's the eighteenth book in the Foreigner series
by C. J. Cherryh . . .

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

The US edition of Destiny's Conflict –
a little anti-climactic, at this point,
as we've already witnessed
the release of the UK edition.

But it comes out in a few weeks, yes?

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

I ordered a copy of Destiny's Conflict from a local branch of Barnes and Noble.
I have just received an e-mail from Barnes and Noble.
It says that the book is now at Barnes and Nobles central wherever, being prepared for shipment to my home.
This was a prepaid order.
Anyway, I guess the American/US editions must be on our shores now.

Melanie, I was just wondering if you'd received your copy, yet. US release date was yesterday - sounds like B&N is just tar slow. So very sorry. I can wish that things will go much better with Song of the Mysteries' release.

I write the books, and hope like crazy that they will reach the right audience.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

My Barnes and Noble, US-edition, copy
was delivered
Thursday, January 25

– so anticlimactic after all the fuss
last October.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

This one is only for the nit-picky geeks.
Now have three copies.
Two of them (the Amazons) have the ISBN
for the UK edition,
both inside the book and on the dust jacket.

The Barnes and Noble order, which was delivered to me last month,
is a hardcover, and inside the book
the ISBN for the US, a different ISBN, can be found.

That leaves the dust jacket.
The dust jacket lists, on the back cover section,
a little square with price and ISBN;
this little square
has been covered up with a STICKER with the US numbers.

Now, INSIDE where the dust jacket flaps
wrap around the hard cover,
each flap has:
the price on one inner flap
and the ISBN on the other inner flap.

Nobody covered THOSE with stickers,
and they have the UK numbers:
the price, in pounds sterling and Canadian dollars,
and the UK ISBN number.

So the publishers have US edition books
outfitted with stickered-up UK dust jackets.