Publication date?

originally posted by Sleo

They're available in the ibook store.

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn

Really? Huh…I have heard that Australia is missing out on a lot of titles because the iBook store hasn't opened fully here…

I'll have to look again.

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Well they're available in the US. I don't know about other countries.

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn

Sleo - I apologise, I just checked on my iPhone and they're there. The last time I looked, nothing came up under "Wurts" or any of the titles of the books.

Happy Day :smiley:

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You can buy all the kindle versions of the series in Australia except for Ships of Merior, no idea why they are taking their time on that one. You would think if it was available elsewhere it would not be that hard to make it available to Australians. :frowning_face:

originally posted by Hunter

In defence of the Kindle, I have one and find it a very useful device. I don't need a glorified iPhone without the phone capability or a camera for $1000 - this just seems like an inordinate waste of money that could be better spent buying books (and CDs) and supporting authors. Plus you're not beholden to a specific company deciding what you can and can't get access to.

Annette - I will look into that. Thanks for letting me know.

originally posted by Annette

I do not need a glorified kindle either, just read the books on my the PC, I hardly ever leave the house so mobile digital reading is not something to appeal when I can read a real book. I wanted the books in digital format so I could search them faster on the PC when I wanted to look something up, I prefer PDF's but thought I would give the kindle books a go. I am never getting an iPhone (or any mobile phone) so the iBooks are no good to me. I prefer PDFs because you can search a group of files in one folder and copy and paste. But although I have samples of some of the books as PDF's could not find any where to buy them in that format. The formatting in the kindle books is better, and they are easier to read, I was just disappointed they had no cover art(no art at all), and no map or one not big enough to read. I have all the real books anyway, but for someone who was just using the digital ones not being able to read the map would be a disadvantage. And only selling seven of 8 books is not going to get a lot of new Kindle readers for the series in Australia.

originally posted by Brian R

Although a confirmed computerholic, I really like to pick up a "real" book and settle down to read.
I have had to struggle with too many computer based programmes and units to want to use an electronic version. With an actual book, not too much can go wrong with it apart from the odd cup of coffee which might get spilt very occasionally

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I too prefer a real book. If you take a paperback to the beach, and it gets lost or falls in the water, you are out $10. If you drop it in the tub, it gets really really fat, but it is still readable. Not so with a kindle or IPad, etc.

While the convenience of electronic readers is obvious (hundreds of books in one small device), they are made from toxic industrial processes, whereas paper and forestry production has become increasingly 'green'. Sustainable forestry is a reality in many countries, whereas there is no such thing as a sustainable petro-chemical industry, which is what produces the components of electronic readers.

There is also the simple feel of the paper in your hands, and the smell of an old book just can't be duplicated. It is, at its heart, an emotional experience that technology cannot match.

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On the other hand one has to deal with aging eyes and the ability to read very fine print. Granted, glasses are an option, but I've found that the Kindle as rejuvenating my reading. :smiley:

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Trys: Yes. Exactly. Nothing will stop me from buying the printed books, since there's nothing like having a book in hand; it's a tactile thing for me, and they look lovely on the shelf. But the eyes… oh, the eyes. I would not trade the iPad for anything. Adjustable text and a library in my bag on the iPad and the phone, perfectly portable and extraordinarily handy. Printed, e-books and audiobooks. I'll take all three and -do- for a lot of authors. :smiley:

I have sent across a request to look in to Ships availability in Australia - also, you can also get the books at the iBook store if you are wedded to your iPad.

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Annette, where do you buy books for the Kindle in Australia? Is there an Australian Amazon site?

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Depending on the device you use, I think you could pretty much buy the Kindle version from any of the Amazon stores.

Also, as far as I know, there's no actual Australian / Oceanic Amazon store. We simply have the US or UK stores to shop from.

I know when I use the Kindle app on my iPad or iPhone, it takes me to the US store by default.

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Annette, where do you buy books for the Kindle in Australia? Is there an Australian Amazon site?

No Australia does not yet have an Amazon site we can buy the other books in the series from the American site, however when I try to buy ships of Merior it comes up with a message "this title is not available to customers from Australia" It has been doing that for some time, I did mention it on the forum somewhere, but cannot seem to find it now. If I just search for Janny's books on Amazon it will not bring up Ships of Merior, it will only bring up what I can buy which is why I missed it the first time I looked and thought it was not kindled yet. We can buy nothing from the UK kindle store, they will only sell to customers in the UK. :frowning_face:

originally posted by Trys

Thanks for the info. Let's see what Janny's contact can do about it.

originally posted by Kirsten Laurelle Wallace

I actually like having the nook and the printed copies. At least for my favorite books. When I'm at home I'll pick a printed copy hands down. When I'm out, the nook is super handy. Sometimes my husband is with me and we might be reading something different than I'm reading on my own. The nook allows me to have both books without having to carry more with me.

Question: has anyone bought the nook version of WofLandS? I started to and then didn't because there seemed to be a lot of typos in the title and description. I haven't run into the same problem with any of the other books I own on the nook. Just wondering if the e-books also contain a lot of typos.

originally posted by John Parsons

Really looking forward to reading this!

Do you know when the trade paperback will be released?


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Kirsten, I have them all on my Nook and haven't found any typos.