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originally posted by Konran

*waves hand madly* We bought a friend Curse for his birthday and he's loving it (he hasn't even gone into the Red Desert yet either – I keep telling him, you JUST WAIT!) I'll see if I can drag him in here for verification :wink:

originally posted by Lisa

Count me in! A new snippet would be a marvelous reward for all the studying for exams i've been doing. It would be great to read something that wasn't from a textbook for a change!

Welcome here, Mary Wyss!

Konran - chalk up one! (wheeheee!)

Lisa - welcome here, too, I am listening. Are you a new reader? Good luck with the exams! (heh heh, my job is to provide delectible Distractions!)

originally posted by Technetus

Certainly lives up to the job description… WoLaS provided me with a sanity anchor as well as a procrastination tool during years worth of exams, after all… :smiley:

originally posted by plutoplex

I wish I were a new reader, so I could again read them all for the first time. Also, so my appeal could help summon a snippet.

But here's begging for a snippet anyway. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

originally posted by Lisa

Hi Janny
I'm a relaitvely new reader. My dad first introduced me to your writing with the Master of Whitestorm about three years ago and i've been hooked ever since. He had almost all of the books you had written to date (i say had because i have borrowed every one and claimed them as my own) and i devoured them all then had to go out and find anything else i could to satisify my craving.
Thank you for your marvelous works that have entertained and inspired me and given me many hours of pleasurable distraction.

originally posted by Maurice Peter Vialle

My daughter has stolen(!)the whole series.

That counts.

Tease me, please me.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Old hands? Hardly. Barely into middle age, if you really must know. To be counted, though, I guess you'll have to add mine to the "Old" category…

originally posted by Dorothy

Another teaser would be great! My son is reading the Empire series tho' he should be revising for his exams. It's the second time he's read them, so he could be counted in as a new reader.I leave COTM lying around but he hasn't taken the bait- yet! lol. There is time :smiley:

Hi - Welcome here Maurice Peter Vialle - and anyone else who popped in.

I was away for a music weekend, and to visit good friends - catching up from that now.

originally posted by Clansman

I guess I count as an oldster, though only came to 2 years ago, having lurked previously.

How 'bout a musical plea:

Please tease me with a new bit.
I can't stand to wait for IT.
To leave me without would be a sin;
Please tease me and let me read again!

*groans heard throughout*

No apologies to Englebert Humperdinck (not the original, but rather the crooner from the 1970's), as the thing had a tin ear in the first place!

originally posted by Summersky

Hi All,
De-lurking here. I guess I'm not a new reader since I picked up Curse of the Mistwraith in hardback when it first came out. Funny enough it had been shelved in the wrong section of the library. Probably why it caught my eye.

Janny the depth and the breadth of your writing delights me with every re-read. I drool over the thought of new books and sneak peeks. :smiley:

Hi Summersky - welcome to de-lurk!

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski


7 postings in the past week? I feel like the Sicilian in the Princess Bride ("Inconceivable!").

*Stomps around making noise, rummaging thru old threads and archived discussions, only to find…Englebert Humperdinck?*

I tell ya, lass, we be parched for something more filling than yon Clansman's doggerel, don't ye know…a two page snippet would go down nicely, methinks…:wink:

originally posted by Ella Joubert

please please please please please!

How new is new reader? I certainly didn't read the first books as they came out (cause I would have been like 9 at the time!) but I suppose it's a few years ago that I started…

originally posted by Summersky

Thanks for the welcome.

I was very excited to purchase the re-release of COTM. I had given my paperback away to my cousin a while ago. Neither Borders or the B&N in my area are carrying COTM, I had to order it. If only they knew what they were missing…sigh.

originally posted by Trys

Tell them. :smiley:

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Indeed, Summersky. They carry it where I live (although I haven't seen Ships of Merior yet), so it shouldn't be too difficult for them to pick it up…and welcome from me too, by the way.

originally posted by Summersky

I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to say something when I have to order Ships of Merior too.

Hi Mark, thanks for the welcome. I had to chuckle when you started out your sentence with "Indeed." I work with a couple of writers and one had used it in some promotional materials she was working on. The other writer was having a go at her because it sounded "old fashioned." It's kind of a catch word around the office now. :smiley:

originally posted by Trys

Anyone who is a fan of Stargate SG-1 knows that 'indeeed' is Te'alc's favorite word. :wink: