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Thanks for the welcome mat…what are the two main fantasy groups, and how do I - and anyone else interested - find them?

And I'll get there shortly - (copyedit proofing first, and some work on the inside graphics for Stormed Fortress)

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I thought I'd responded to this, but it appears not to be … I'll try again.

Please - Work first! I've already distracted you far more than I'd ever intended. We'd all be lost without new books to read!

On LT various areas are seperated into tabs across the top of the screen. The main social area is the Talk tab, each thread originates from a Group - there is an overview of all (1000+) the groups on the Group tab.

The Two main fantasy groups are FantasyFans and The Green Dragon. The invites on your profile page will take you to the main group page, which you can also reach from the Group Tab, or as a link in the header of any Talk topic originating from them. On the main page 'join this group' is a link on the top right.

Joining a group means you can filter the vast out-pourings on the main Talk page, to a more managable number by selecting view 'your groups' link on the left.

Ah, thanks Reader Fox. I'd found how to mess with the talk tab, but didn't get, yet, how to pare down the available topics.

Green Dragon is very busy!

one last etiquette question for that board. I noticed the entries are very short! AND you kept apologizing for "long posts" here. (I didn't mind, or particularly notice the long part) Do people on LT have an unwritten courtesy to keep the posts brief? Almost like messaging?

I'd hate to blunder in that way - I saw a few chats where I'd like to respond (when I have leeway) but - realized - the in depth reply I'd contribute MIGHT be - eep - a Long Post by said terms.

What's the polite form?

To any one interested - you may like to tap into the chat group there, it's rather a nice atmosphere.

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Green Dragon certainly is very busy, a lot are social type posts, and can be safely skipped. I don't have the time to read all of them.

Length isn't really too much of an issue, but most people are time constrained and tend not to read all of essays, that do appear from time to time. I would tend to keep it to about the length of posts that appear here.

When it's interesting people will read all of it!

Thanks Reading fox - I am slowly perusing the topic threads in Green Dragon, with quick posts until my work load lightens a touch - then I'll dive in with more depth.

It is a very nice group - the Glenrothies and the Killian's Red - what a hoot !!! made me feel nicely welcomed. (Somebody did some research on that - the single malt is not so common.)

originally posted by HJ

I just wanted to say thank you to Reading Fox for bringing Librarything to our attention. What a great place for a chat! I've only just scratched the surface but know already I'm going to be spending loads of time in The Green Dragon!

So, Janny, I thought my other half was a Whiskey connoiseur but he's never heard of Glenrothes. They've got quite a nifty website. Hmmm, he likes Speysides. Clearly people of good taste, it's largely wasted on me. Any cheap gutrot scotch drowned in lemonade suits me fine. What a heathen!!

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Maybe it's worth making a list somewhere of your usernames on LT so that you call recognise each other.

Janny is easy to guess she is JannyWurts
I'm also easy as I'm Reading_fox there too.


originally posted by Iris

Hi Reading Fox,

Thank you thank you! for bringing this site to our attention. I'm a member and the user name there for me is Villandry (my favorite french chateau!)

Funny thing is I had just started an excel spreadsheet to track my books - luckily I didn't take too much time with it!

Are you involved with the site management of LibraryThing or simply a user there?


Reading Fox -

laugh - I JUST found your "invite notice" to the groups Green Dragon and the FantasyFans one. Don't think I didn't appreciate your effort - I just found the thingies with the invite, and I punched the yes button.

I'd been doing a bit of lurking in those catagories until my pages are done (nearly there, about another ten days). And keeping the thread you opened, which is fun.

And yes, it is a lovely discussion area, all for books, with a great crowd of readers. I plan to keep it on my regular list, for when I want a break that isn't of the outdoor variety. Always, one needs a way to check out new writers, new books, and share obscure titles, and other stuff.

originally posted by Sarah Jump

Reading Fox Thanks for showing us this thing I didn't know how many books I had in my library until now.
BTW I'm Sarjah on librarything

See ya around


originally posted by Reading_fox


I'm simply a user - I sometimes have a lot of time on my hands at work, which is why I may appear to be very active. The owner -who does post in talk- is TimSpalding, and his staff Abby (ablanchy) and John (JohnMcgragh?), they've recently hired a fourth member. There are only four, so they do a wonderful job responding to requests and fixing bugs, very quickly.

originally posted by Charlotte A. Dye

Hi - I don't know if this is the right place to interject this, but…

Janny, when Reading fox first turned us onto the Library Page, you mentioned that "a trip to the bookshop can be a barrage to the senses," which is so true. You were mentioning this in another context, but I wanted to bring it up in another context entirely, if you don't mind.

I don't know what your other readers' experiences have been, but I have had a very difficult time in finding your books in bookstores. I literally have to comb the bookstore shelves to find your works. I have even asked at the customer desk, under your name and title, to be told that they have no books by that author or under those titles, only to find them after an exhaustive search of the stacks (I was looking for something else and got lucky)! Is it the bookstores? Is it the publisher? Is it the fantasy genre? It is very disheartening.

I usually prefer to get my books at an actual bookstore rather than an online bookstore, but I may have to change my ways.

Long time lurker, first time poster!

originally posted by Derek Coventry

Thank you Reading Fox, I've signed up and now have plenty of listing to do and naturally I've made the first book one of Jannys.

originally posted by Derek Coventry

and I should have added I use the username Navigator7

Oh boy, we're becoming a horde!!! :smiley:

Welcome Charlotte A. Dye – It would help if I knew whether you were searching for books in the USA, the UK, Australia — what area of the world you live in.

The angle of approach would differ according to your locale, and I'd rather be helpful as possible.

Most of all, thank you for asking! I will tailor my response to match your situation, as soon as I know where you are.

originally posted by cadyetx

Good question! I live in Dallas, Texas, USA, and was shopping at a very well known and large chain bookstore (are there any other kind anymore)?


  • Dallas - well, unless you are looking for the Empire series I collaborated with Raymond Feist, the USA is temporarily a problem. HarperCollins in the US and I parted company, following their last mega merger. At this time, last check, I think only two of the books are still in print, there, Fugitive Prince, and one other in the Light and Shadow series…these should have come up, but often the typist on the computer checking will tend to spell my name wrong.

    Check for a spelling error first. Even when you tell them “s” they often put “z” on the surname, or put “Jenny” not Janny.

    Meisha Merlin, who published To Ride Hell’s Chasm and Traitor’s Knot in the USA, was recently forced to close its doors. If you can find the titles still in distribution or snag the last copies in Diamond’s warehouse, you are in luck.

    Truthfully, I am regrouping in North America, at this point, and will announce when I have a new home for the books, here. Short or long, it could take time to get the titles back into production on this side of the Atlantic. Stay tuned. News will be presented on this website first.

    Best shot meantime will be to acquire the books (still very much in print, and repackaged beautifully) from HarperCollins/Voyager in Great Britain or Australia.

    Galaxy Books in Australia would be pleased to ship them to you, or any online venue, such as

    I spent a bit of time in Fort Worth while Don was doing animation for DNA productions, and left a packet of signed book plates with two different Barnes and Nobles in that neighborhood. IF they stocked the books, you might luck out and get one with the signature - or perhaps they still have some of the signed plates on hand.

    You will NEVER EVER go wrong making a persistent inquiry at a shop for an author that’s hard to find. This is one of the ways things change.

    Last, you might check your library system, or inter library loan if the titles aren’t in your branch.

Looks mighty likely that LibraryThing folks in the Green Dragon discussion group have selected To Ride Hell's Chasm as their next book.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is bound to be a bit of fun!

Again, thanks, Reading_Fox for bringing me onboard there.

originally posted by Reading_fox

Green Dragon have now finally managed to get enough people with books to start the discussions. All are welcome to chip in.

There are two threads, a Spoiler Free (even really mild spoiler free) and a potential spoiler thread for those who've finished the book.

Reading Fox - thanks for the heads up to the folks here! And a round of appreciative applause, from me, for your kindly support.

You didn't have to read this title twice! What a gift, that you made the effort.