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oops – we shoulda put up some basic navigation info for this discussion.

go to, look up Talk, and find the Green Dragon. Should be simple to find the thread, from there.

originally posted by Konran

A little late to the party here, but thanks for the link! (I'm Konran there as well.) I will be joining you guys in the Green Dragon.

originally posted by Reading_fox

For those still dropping by LT from time to time, they have just released new editable fields. Every author and work, has fields for detailing lives, histories, prizes, dates etc etc. If you've a spare few minutes and want to contribute some knowledge it would help. there's alot ot fill in!

be warned though it is strangely addictive!

Thanks, Reading_fox, for the update…do you know - is there anywhere on LT that is sanctioned to put/announce links for EXCERPTS??? The shiny new one is up for Stormed Fortress, and I also have them available for Hell's Chasm, and all the other Light and Shadow titles.

originally posted by Neil

Since I don't yet have SF in my hands and there are no reviews to be found using google… :wink:

I have just been looking into library thing.

I can only recommend it :wink:

{this is a free plug totally off my own back …I don't do it very often but seeing my book collection build into a set of jpgs on a screen is bizarely intoxicating…obviously I'm a "mug" for technology…but the power of the internet with books, for example, could become very "interesting"}

originally posted by Mary

After hearing so much about Library Thing, and being home sick with an annoying cold and cough today, I decided to give it a try. You are right, it is addictive! And it is so fun to see my collection there with little pictures of their covers!

I even checked out Green Dragon briefly. (My user name is owlcreek).