Grand conspiracy ending

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Well without Arithon needing to be picked up, the ships would just pass messages the usual way, leave them there for the next supply ship. And the clans can claim sanctuary in Havish, so the clan ships could have also stopped there or at Caithwood if it was safe. Presumably they did change crews now and then.

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A question on Grand Conspiracy, where Elaira meets Feylind earlier in the book, she gives her a message for Arithon about the Light's priests making spells that cause lane dissonance.

Is this the imbalance that Arithon corrects in Initiate's Trial? Is it the spellwork of the priests that caused the malaise of Tysan?

I am just at this point in my re-read of GC, so I was curious when I came across this part.

Yes, Janny, I am asking.:smiley:

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It was the dragon and the destruction of Avenor that caused the later problems in Tysan (pg 121 IT), although something happening at Erdane could also be affecting the lanes. The Light's priests would have caused no more problems than Jaelot, Erdane, Etarra or any other town causing dissonance. Elaira being in tune with the lanes just noticed what they were up to and wanted to warn Arithon. Arithon could not correct any lane imbalance in Tysan (pg 115-116 IT), Asandir cleared the flux lines.