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Where can I find the cathdain's oath?

Is Raven the offspring that broke the 2nd lineage?

Can I possibly hope that this string is resolved in TK, or shall I hold my breath for SF?


Thanks Janny!

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… and, what does this mean for Meanol??

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WOAH. The stakes, they just go higher and higher … Oh, Enithen Tuer. Oh, Sulfin Evend. Oh God. Make it November already!

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I'm really gratefull. Thanks a lot for the exerpt, it's gonna give me a lot to think about for a while. :smiley:

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Weeee!!! How am I going to survive? Especially since I've just (finally) received Child of Prophecy, so now I have nothing but my old battered copies of WoLaS to re-read and nothing new until November!

All I can say though is the title Traitor's knot has even more meaning. Perhaps a knot of traitor's whose paths are all tangled together? Davien (accounted by many of the F7 as so) Sulfin Evend most possibly thought of one later if he goes through with the oath, the brothers s'Brydion of Lysaer and some of Lysaers' priests; what a tangled knot of traitors. :smiley:

Oh and Skeoke, the 2nd lineage is that of Grithen, who was the last descendent of the Erdani heirs; but established himself as unworthy through his actions towards Arithon (CotM).

Though I have to agree with you, if Sulfin is asked to swear a caithdein's oath what does that mean for Maenol?

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Aria, I don't think it means that Maenol is in danger of being replaced by Sulfin Evend. There is still much of the office of Caithdein that we just don't understand.

From the look of it, Sulfin Evend is being asked to swear the oath so that if he does ask for the F7's help on Lysaer's behalf, that he can't just weasel out after getting the help he needs for Lysaer and turn on the F7, or anything else the F7 are sworn to uphold. Sort of like removing the knife he would otherwise try to stick in their backs.

Additionally, it might also be a way for a townie to understand, unconditionally, exactly what the Clans are going through, and perhaps work against the extermination from within the most powerful of the town factions.

Another question that has stirred up - Since Grithen was disinherited due to his unworthiness, would any child he sired be able to take over as Earl (or Countess) of Erdane, and work to overcome his disgrace? I am in the process of re-reading CotM, and Maenalle was highly peeved with him.

I am also curious as to what would be the consequences were a caithdein to betray his/her oath?

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Blue - we know that Lysaer has been judged by the F7 as unsuitable for worthiness to officially inherit his position, but his children would be judged separately, so *presumably*, this situation should also apply for Grithen's children, if he had any.

I don't recall if it mentioned anywhere whether he survived the reiving of the clans. Also, Maneol also had his cousins executed when they went to Riverton to warn Arithon about the capture plot. Maneol also assigned a bloodline relative to be smuggled out by the s'Brydions, and I also don't recall a successor heir being appointed by the F7.

This sort of indicates that potential heirs for the caithdeinship is in low supply at present.

OK - Sulfin swears his oath.

Now just imagine what happens next - how does he get out of town, on what excuse can he get free of Lysaer's company?

Does he remain with Lysaer's forces for a time, secretly, almost becoming a mole on the inside while trying to serve both sides, without them knowing he has sworn himself to the clans?

Then what about when the CLANS find out about him changing sides!!!

Sulfin can be in no doubt of what kind of reception he would likely receive from the clans, being involved in the capture and torcher of Jieret…

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Blue, what I was more meaning was not so much Maenol's position as Caithdein, which as far as I am aware once granted to him is irrevocable; -at least to my knowledge-. But more as to what is going to happen to HIM himself.
If Sulfin Evend is being asked to take the oath, does this mean that something may be about to happen to the Caithdein himself that could result in his death?
That was more my question, not 'will he be replaced as Caithdein?'
However in someways I think you did actually answer that question as well. :smiley:

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You know janny, everytime you write something I am increasingly convinced of your excellence as an author. Reading this latest excerpt just adds to that impression. If only there was a way you could make the publishers release the book a few months earlier I would be even happier.

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Sorry, Aria. I just re-read your post above, and I misinterpreted your meaning.

I wonder what would happen were those necromancers successful in drawing out Lysaer's spirit? How would this affect the Curse? Would the Curse overwhelm THEM, and cause even more problems for our green eyed boy?

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Woo, just finished reading the entire first (I can only assume it’s the first chapter). Very dire straits for the Fellowship. ::frown:: Am growing quite annoyed that Davien persists in playing the Happy Host, instead of actually stirring himself to assist once in a while.

This was the most intriguing hidden snippet to me: 'as in Halwythwood, alone, a younger girl weeps, and bitterly curses the name of the prince whose enemies destroyed her father… So Jeynsa is not best pleased with Arithon right now. It’s to be expected, but if that is not resolved, it could certainly lead to trouble for himself, given the promises made to Jieret in PG re: his daughter.

Where has Kharadmon again? And Traithe?

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I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it here (apart from Hannah referring to the content), but it seems that Meisha Merlin have a much more extended excerpt (or set of excerpt’s) up on their site…

Meisha Merlin TK Page

Click on the Excerpt link on the right hand side menu.



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It was a great excerpt.!!. [and all I can think of is, 'I sure would love to be LYSAER'S nurse] LOLOLOLOL!!!

Ah – The gryphon and I gave you the first subchapter, taken out of the first chapter set - food for the informed reader, indeed, but could be accessed by new readers as well.

Meisha Merlin's generosity has provided chapter set I, complete, in their excerpt…go on and have fun…!

CH 1 sets the stage…if the left hook in the first subchapter left you reeling, I promise, it's only the first of many…there is very VERY little of this book that doesn't majorly spoil…and truthfully, all of that is already in preview.

The ENTIRE REST OF THE BOOK is utterly volatile stuff.

Trust me, I am as excited for you, with the roller coaster ride yet ahead of you. Thanks for the wonderous response - just wait, now, just you wait…

George - YOU ASKED - my intent on the page was, the necromancers, but in fact, the reference could apply both ways though the primary reason would differ.

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I read it. good, intit? ta, chuck.


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So, had Dakar's debauchery always been a ruse to throw of the witches?

At first, I thought "No, he's only known Arithon for 50 odd years." But then I realized that without the Waystone, Asandir would be of prime interest for the witches scrying. So, maybe.

Gonna have to read the series again with Dakar's bad boy antics a shield and screen for whatever Asandir and Arithon are up to.


How then do we explain the episode in Havish that got Dakar assigned to Arithon in the first place? Or, how do we explain his careless ways while accompanying Medlir, the simple bard??


Never straight forward, never easy.

No wonder we love these books!

Thanks, Janny! :smiley:

(I'm still gonna reread again, though.)

((And, yes, I can say that. I've read them, and reread them, and I will reread them again and again. Just be glad I don't list all the agains. {My husband is an English spoilsport. But in my never humble opinion, proper grammer doesn't always convey the correct meaning.}))

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IIRC, one of the reasons for Dakar's debauchery was to stop his prophetic gift from kicking in. Since the gift also left him feeling hung over, it wasn't much of choice!

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Dakar is in control of getting drunk vs visions which happen to him seemingly at random. Also, visions show very horrible, frightening things. It's no wonder he drinks to suppress them.

I'm gratified to see all the subtle buildup of Sulfin come to fruition. Deep down, I always knew he'd have to make that choice. I really feel for him because that's going to be agonizing. I have a feeling this will be my favorite book of the series when it releases. Thanks for the preview :smiley:

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What I like is that Luhaine, of ALL of the F7, [ Mr. Prim and Proper himself!] is suggesting that he get drunk and tomcat around!

What is even more interesting, is that Dakar's unsavory habits will probably be more effective in shielding his intent from the Koriani than any ward or spell of misdirection in his personal arsenal.

I can't wait to see the mayhem he is going to cause with that! :smiley:

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That's how I feel about Dakar Auna. I sympathize with him and would be under the table all the time if I had that to deal with. I just hope Arithon and Dakar reuinite right away in Traitor's Knot. I like them together more then apart. But I think Janny wants Arithon alone or with someone new.