Winter Storm - February 2010

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Would think you'd just beat those enormous wings of yours a time or two, and that's the driveway, sorted… :wink:

The governor of Md. has ordered all non-emergency traffic off the roads, and the administrator of the state highway authority has ordered many of the plows off them too, at least until the wind conditions and visibility improve a bit, I guess…

Yay for the much maligned PEPCO, our power company here. Others have lost power, but our area (which often has in the past) has soldiered thru 5 blips since last Sat. with no real interruption (longest was about 5 minutes). Having said that, I of course have doomed myself…

Stay inside and safe, Brian, Trys and everyone else in this "mistwraith's" path…

originally posted by Trys


Would think you'd just beat those enormous wings of yours a time or two

What do you think is hard on the plumage? The backlash of snow, gunk, and salt!!!

originally posted by DarthJazy

GOOD LUCK in snow country. I thought I had it bad in arizona we got the same amount of rain in 1 day as we normally get all year. I repairing my mother in laws roof and cieling. You have it way worse so good luck

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Well, a "plow" (actually, a front loader on loan from an intrastate highway project) finally came thru this evening. I'd shoveled half the court I live on by this point, of course, and followed my neighbor's F-350 and a couple Lincoln Navigators out of the neighborhood DAYS ago. Essentially, all the loader did was clean out a final part of the circle and block…*waits for it*…my driveway…

P.S. The weather says 6 more inches coming Monday night…if only it is ONLY 6 inches…

originally posted by Clansman

And the stuff that the plow leaves behind is always heavier, dirtier and wetter than the snow that actually fell on your property.

There's a great Motrin commercial. A guy is shoveling his driveway, and just as he is finishing, a small plow goes buy and fills up the end. "There's pain". And just as he lowers his shovel, a huge highway-type plow goes by and dumps 6 feet of snow at the end of the driveway. "And then there's Motrin pain".

I don't use Motrin, but the commercial was one of the better ones I have seen. They would have got it perfect if he'd gone back inside, taken all his winter stuff off, and just sat down with a hot toddy, tea or chocolate, and then the plows came by.

They tend to be rather inconvenient. One of the reasons I have a 4x4 is that I can drive over the snowbank they leave behind if I have to. Winter tires are a fact of life in this part of the world.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

We've got an all-wheeler too, Clanny, but it's a Subaru Forester. Actually a lot of fun to drive it in the snow, until the amounts get so deep that it bottoms out (like the past couple snows). Ah well, had a couple days where it cracked 40 degrees, and even the ice dam over my kitchen window is finally melting…

originally posted by Trys

The snow is starting to vacate. We've had temps hovering around freezing (36 F yesterday afternoon) and the snow is starting to "collapse". By that I mean it's looking smaller as the softer layers seem to be getting squeezed out by the heavier, wetter layers above as the sun (I wondered what that big yellow thing in the sky was at first) warms the drifts.

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

The snow started at the end of November here in Shetland and it has never gone completely.

Getting home last night was an adventure, the weather was horrendous, convoys of traffic followed behind the snowploughs!

It took an hour and 35 minutes to travel 40 miles, but I got home safely! Cheers from Laurence.

originally posted by Trys

Good to hear Laurence.

It looks like northeast US is in for it now. The are predicting a true noreaster for the end of the week with strong winds and 1-2 feet of snow for some parts of eastern PA, NJ, and NY. What a winter.

originally posted by Dorothy

We are having a long winter here in Co.Durham, N.E England. It started well before Christmas and we have just had a 2 day thaw only for it to start snowing again tonight.
It is the longest spell of cold weather we have had for a long time, but so far the amount of snow we have had is nothing compared with North America.
I do remember our "proper" winters with six feet drifts and no way out of the village for one or two days but that was about fifteen years ago. I really hope that doesn't happen again as we no longer have a village shop!
One goood thing about the snow. All of our family-me, my husband,two sons,daughter and my "daughterish" (my son's girlfriend)-went sledging for the first time for years. We had a great time.
The cats hate it tho'.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Here's hoping you've got power, Trys. Thought about you yesterday and the day before. This one passed us by (about a half inch last night and a lot of wind was all we saw, but even the winds here didn't compare with the hurricane strength gusts New England apparently saw. 1 million folks without power!

At least Md. can return the favor from the last 2 snows and send plows and power crews to help out up that way, for a change…yikes!

originally posted by DarthJazy

There is a Tsunami headed to hawaii in the next 4 hours good luck to anyone there and be as safe as you can

originally posted by Trys


We got about 6 inches or so of snow that was light and didn't weight down the power lines. While we had some wind (drifted over the driveway after the young man finished digging it out yesterday) it wasn't all that powerful. So the power has been fine. We are still getting some snow from that storm. I understand at one point that the storm stretched 1900 miles from west of Chicago, well out into the Atlantic. Impressive. :smiley:


I heard about the tsunami watch for Hawaii. An 8.8 on the Richter scale earthquake hit off the coast of Chile. The don't call the Pacific rim a 'ring of fire' for no reason.


originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Luckily, the waves only reached about 3 feet in height, and Hawaii actually evacuated the lower-lying coastal areas as a precaution. No news here is definitely good news.