Who knows what will happen if the Compact breaks?

I think it’s in Ships of Merior, we first hear Asandir confirm that if the Compact is in danger of breaking, the Fellowship will be forced by the dragon’s binding to extirpate humanity from Athera to ensure Paravian survival. Later we learn that a dragon might just do it instead.
The clans know about this, at least the elders, but who else does?
Asandir didn’t seem like he was treating it like a massive secret, so I’d first assumed that it was something the better-informed powers in the world would know, but the Koriani and Necromancers don’t seem to be taking it into account.
The Koriani Prime Matriarch wants to break the compact so they can re-launch humanity’s old spacefaring culture, and the necromancers want to break it so they can be immortal without the Fellowship interfering, presumably. But if they ever succeeded, no one gets what they want and they all die instead.
Has it just not occurred to them?
On the one hand, if the Sorcerers just told them straight-out, that would be a threat and probably a violation of the Major Balance. On the other hand, it’s deeply relevant information that bears on the Koriani’s choices. Since the Sorcerers don’t volunteer information unless you ask, and even then they tend not to if you could have found the answer yourself, they might just think that the Koriani really should have figured it out?

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My best guess is a matter of arrogance and they don’t truly grasp that the Fellowship are exercising an extreme amount of forebearance wrt humanity’s actions. As we see throughout the mid arc in Alliance of Light, even a single Sorceror, when taking action, comes down like a hammer. But… they’ve been supremely surgical with precise actions and, I guess the Necromancers, Koriani, etc are treating that precision as cowardice/weakness.

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“reduced the Koriathain to a minor power on the proscribed world of Athera.”

I did not know the meaning of proscribed (when I read it the first few times…!?) Does Lirenda consider Athera is harmful/unlawful to her?

I suppose if the F7s enemies believe they can destroy or neutralise the F7 / clans then the compact cannot be enforced?

The compact is the agreement between F7 and paravians that the F7 will ensure humanity does not cause damage to Paravian culture? Athera is looking physically pretty broken in many places.

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I think that use of “proscribed” just fits in with the fact that Athera is forbidden to humanity by default, and the Compact is an exception that lets them live there under specific conditions.
The hostile magic users understand the Fellowship is bound by the major balance, which means the F7 can’t just proactively wipe them out. They know the compact, and by extension the charters of each kingdom, are the exception that allow the Fellowship to intervene to uphold the compact - See when Asandir awakened Caithwood to prevent it from being burned in Grand Conspiracy. It would then follow that without the Compact, the Fellowship would have no grounds to do anything to the Koriani or necromancers under any circumstances.
Except presumably the Koriani/Necromancers don’t know that the dragon bindings don’t care about the Major Balance at all, and will force the Fellowship to kill everyone.

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True the binding by the dragons cannot be denied if the Paravians are threatened, the Fellowship must act. Presumably, just in case the compact fails and humanity steps into danger, Arithon would possibly free the Fellowship of that binding? Some where in the books it was listed what was left to be done, before the human refugees turned up and further complicated things.

On Arithon’s death the compact will I believe fail. He returns the Paravians will be safe, the compact might not be? Davien did have other plans there, the Fellowship cannot be free while the compact exists…

Even if the Fellowship stays out of the conflict, at least one dragon is going to want to exterminate some pests causing all the trouble. It is still not sure exactly how Arithon would return, at the crucial time Lysaer might be the only one around to protect his town born, the clans would know what was coming and be some where safe. The dragons recognize no compact, Lysaer is cast out of it anyway, what would he do if faced with a very angry dragon?

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Imagine there is a danger to Earth caused by our behaviour. Many people know about it, the well educated preach it for 50+ years but the only real proof of that threat will be seen once it’s too late.
I don’t wanna get too political here, but the contract and climate change have a lot in common.
So, why don’t people listen to the warnings? It comes down to trusting those who know better (the Fellowship), looking for ways in my own power because I don’t trust the old guys and have a strong need and historical “right” for control (Koriani), living in “the moment” and getting power while I can (the necromancers), doing the “right thing” in hopes it will be enough while kinda knowing it won’t (the clans).
We do the same things today with our own problems. The costs seem too high, the threat too nebulous. (Now I’m marvelling at the ingenuity of having a mistwraith as a final warning :smiley: )

Action needs to be taken from a personal, subjective side (compassion), just as much as seeing the big picture for the masses where the individual needs might not be taken in consideration (justice).

The answer has to come from within humanity, not as a prescription. The Fellowship can guide, but they’re like the parent who has to let their child find their own path.