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Woot is just a term to symbolize something great and that your excited. My fiance hates WoW cause I do spend a fair amount of time playing it.

You are a lawyer I am a computer tech my degree and trade. Computers are my life and I like to think all my gaming time as an educational experiance to keep me in touch with the latest and greatest of internet and networking technology. Now if I can just find a way to make all the time and money spent tax deductible I would be set.

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Angus, Iris… we are now THREE lobster haters! Gads, I can't stand the stuff! I have also, oddly enough, been accused of having a "bad attitude" because I turn my nose up at it. No, I just can't handle the rancid taste. I don't like crab, either, and eat shrimp only once in a great while. Then, of course, there's my brother, nicknamed "Shrimp" because of an gluttonous "all you can eat" episode when he was 20…

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Just when I thought a good world of warcraft conversation would start *smiff smiff* this thread dies. Comon guys what am I supposed to do at work if there are no new threads. I am so bored. Have a Happy 4th of July to the americans.

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LOL! That would be due to the fact that WoW probably isn't the object of this thread… I'll go start a WoW for WoLaS-ers thread.


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Ummm, maybe when you are at work you should try working? It does have a way of passing the time, earning the paycheque you get, keeping good performance reviews, preventing you from being fired, you know, basic job preservation stuff.

Just a thought.

Oh, and lawyers can't write off golf, even though we supposedly do a lot of business there, so techies shouldn't be allowed to write off video games.

Ditto for me re: July 4. Happy American Birthday! Have fun. Canada's birthday was July 1. Canada turned 140, and the USA is now 231.

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I am waiting for more work. That is why I am bored hehe and I am waiting for the thread hehe

Yay to the lobster haters…we don't like the bugs, either, and I wonder who WOULD eat em, if they weren't drenched in butter to hide the rubbery texture of - well - ??? What is the attraction, anyhow?.. Except for the mess. The shells are definitely a reversion to childhood, getting to play with food…but I never could sit there while folks boiled the buggers alive…shudder. Always gave me a qualm. I like my sister's approach - she eats lobsters, boils em too, but for every batch killed and consumed, she gets an extra, and that one, she has her kids let GO in the bay behind her summer home…so one of em gets reprieved. Apparently the lobster population in that area is quite quite healthy…after years of this practice.

That goes for crabs and shrimp, too…we don't eat them either - ever look at what those bottom feeders EAT? Ugh…it would be like smacking your lips over a plate of boiled flies…

Ah - have I grossed you out YET?

We have such a cool diverse group here - - - makes me proud to know you.

Every year here in Florida, we get to see who wins on the 4th of July - Man or Nature - meaning, the planned fireworks, or the T storms - it's a gangup contest to see which is more spectacular…and which out fizzles the other.

well, back to me rat killin'. as Don says - he's painting pirates and I am in First Chapter doldrums - the stupid openers ALWAYS take a month to get em tinkered into shape…and there's more than one project being launched off, at the moment.

Stay tuned.

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Hey Janny

An idea that I would love is too see you talk to a software developer and create either a game or better yet an on going MMO for The Wars of Light and Shadow. That would so rock.

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As promised, here’s the WoW for WoLaS-ers threads: https://paravia.com/cgi/discus/show.cgi?1544/2688

While I love Lobster (being of Maine stock how could I not?), crab has NEVER been high on my list. Crab is right at the top of my DO NOT EAT list right next to Peas (cooked, canned, frozen, Blech!). I like your sister’s method Janny! I’ll have to try it the next time we’re in Maine. Saddly, I am unable to cook shellfish at home due to my wife’s alergies. *cry* Maybe my middle daughter and I will head over to Red Lobster this weekend… hehehe…

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Ummmmmmmm Walt

That Link brought me back to this thread.
Is it a goof?

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My friend at work wished me to tell ya Wow is not all bad. He met his current fiance on WoW and she moved to arizona to be with him. And several of my guild mates are also married and play Wow together

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You lobster-loathers may enjoy this classic Dave Barry (another favorite author) article, entitled “Why Lobster Aren’t Food”: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1599108/posts

I sampled lobster once on a business trip to Newfoundland. I had a ridiculous food expense allowance and went out for steak and other yumminess almost every night. Well, I figured there was no better time to try something then when I wasn’t paying for it (see also: cod tongues). It was alright, I guess. I was disturbed by the fact that it came partially “en-shelled”. I spent the first five minutes making it dance around my plate with knife and fork and saying it was an alien embryo. (No, I wasn’t sitting there by myself, talking to no one.) But, yeah, I’m not rushing out to buy more.


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I am afraid that putting lobsters into alcohol is an insult to alcohol. You would surely be cursed by the shades of brewers and vintners, back to the dawn of turning rotten vegetation into something tasty and magical, for desecrating their holy work. I feel tempted to exorcise your obviously Desh-Thiere possessed body. The mere suggestion is proof that you are not exercising free will.

Get thee to Rockfell, oh fell spirit!!

Janny was overly friendly about what lobsters eat. At least boiled flies have been sterilized. Lobsters and their exoskeletal kin eat crap. Literally. Oh yeah, and rotten, decomposing flesh. This is why Jews and Muslims don't eat the stuff. Too easy to get sick and die from the impurities, so God made some dietary guidelines against it.

The ancient monks of Champagne (the region, not the drink) are rolling in their graves at such a horrible suggestion.

If a person must eat those most disgusting of creatures (needs must, I suppose, but I'd rather starve), boil 'em, broil 'em, burn 'em, whatever. Just drink the alcohol first without wasting it, thus anaesthetizing yourself, and then cook the suckers. They are just bugs, after all.

Just don't invite me. Even the smell puts me off.

Max, you really do need some help! Destroying perfectly good alcohol with lobsters! The nerve.

What's an MMO?

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multimedia online? Or is that just one M? *shrugs and scratches head*

MMO is short for Massively Multiplayer Online (Roleplaying Game), where people can live, play, and interact within a fantasy world. The most popular at the moment is World of Warcraft, set in the world of the Warcraft computer games. There's also another recently rising one set in the lands of the Lord of the Rings series.

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Oh, my goodness, lobsters. My father brought home a live lobster once, and I couldn't eat a thing that night when he cooked it. Don't get me wrong; I sort of like lobster. But I just don't have the constitution to eat something after seeing it looking at me, still alive.


And I've been kind of prejudiced against WoW ever since my friend skived off of a birthday party to keep playing. D: It takes over lives! *shivers*

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Some people know how to play with restraint, and others have no willpower. A friend of mine tried to beg off the dinner part of my wedding to play Final Fantasy's MMO. Why on earth would you soldier through the boring part of the wedding and skip the fun part? :wink: He eventually caved to my persuassion.

I love WoW, I think it's probably the best MMO out there. On the other hand, a lot of people just don't have the desire to invest that kind of time and money into video games, which I totally understand. I only play a few nights a week these days, but back in the beginning… I can see how people get addicted. Don't hold it against WoW, that was really a failing of your friend. WoW cannot help that it's incredibly fun. Don't hate WoW because it's beautiful! :wink:

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It isn't just online games - people can get the same kind of addiction to old-fashioned real-life games. Kev asked a friend of ours to be an usher at our wedding. The friend refused because there was an Oxford United game that afternoon!!!

He did make it to the tale-end of the reception, complete with a bottle of champagne… but the champers wasn't to celebrate our wedding… it was to celebrate the fact that Oxford had just won the match that would take them into the first division.

The funny thing is that in the photos of our reception there are several with me, still in my bridal gown, holding a blue and yellow teddy bear and I have to explain to people who see the photos that, no, I'm not a follower of Oxford United and, no, I don't like football :slight_smile: