Wars of Light and Shadow: A modern opera

originally posted by Angus

Since this is totally imaginary, how about casting dead actors? Leo McKern (Rumpole of the Bailey, also had a brief bit in The Omen (the original, not the re-make) as an archeologist) would make a great Luhaine. He is rotund, and can play serious or funny.

I only ever heard him sing "Roll Out the Barrel" though…

originally posted by Angus

I forgot that Michael Gambon also plays Dumbledore in Harry Potter. Maybe too much of a parallel, but he'd still make a good Sethvir.

Dead actors…you'd actually need a few.
(Kharadmon, Luhaine, & Colleague…)

Heck with being forbidden to participate!!!

originally posted by Angus

Let's see, Kharadmon could be played by David Niven.

Who's Colleague?

Davien? He could be played by…?

I didn't think that discorporate was the same as dead.

Glad to see that Janny's using her creator's privilege!

originally posted by Blue

Angus, I remember Leo McKern playing the crotchety monk in Ladyhawke - GOOD call for Luhaine!

For Davien, need someone who can play suave and mysterious - Pierce Brosnan

For Cerebeld, need someone who can be cold as ice (as priest of the Light) or scary as hell (necromancer's tool) - Alan Rickman

For Sulfin Evend, someone who can be smart, tough as nails, cocky and very, very gutsy - Hugh Jackman

For Lord Erlien, Caithdein of Shand, a shrewd, tough guy who seems unstoppable, with a craggy face - Clint Eastwood. See A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Lirenda - Catherine Zeta Jones. She has the looks, and skills to carry off someone as complex as our tormented ex-First Senior

Morriel (pre-possession of Selidie) - Maggie Smith or Helen Mirren - both great actresses, though I might lean more toward Ms. Mirren, as I remember her VERY well as Morgana in Excalibur, and she was convincingly NASTY.

Morriel (post possession of Selidie) - Cate Blanchett - not only a terrific actress, but I think she has the deceptively frail look and the steely interior that could pull this one off quite well.

Mearn s'Brydion - Jonathan Rhys Meyers - I saw two episodes of The Tudors on an online sneak preview, and the attitude and strength he projected as Henry VIII could easily transfer to Mearn. Plus, he is pretty close to how I imagine Mearn to look, too.

Dakar - I still hold on to my original suggestion of Michael McShane, but another one who could also pull it off might be John Rhys Davies.

Asandir - Ian McKellen (SP?) yeah, his turn as Gandalf was the convincing point for me, but he did really well as Magneto, too.

Well, that's it for now from me, my brain is about to shut down