Verrain's story

If you have pre-ordered Secrets and Spells with The Gallant in it, word is, it will drop tomorrow.

Happy Reading!!

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I GOT IT!!! Damn. Still at work. Must…exercise…discipline…

Oh, but this will be painful to wait until tonight!!!

You may be the first - and there are other Canadian authors in the box set (Tyche is Canadian)…so have fun, shout if you like it, and pls, review and rate if you care to, really helps!! (And update the Chrons…if you are so inclined).

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This should be spoiler-free; just general impressions from what I've read so far.

My copy was delivered to my Kindle this morning and I read a few paragraphs before leaving for work. Verrain's reputation as described is interesting. Perhaps Dakar isn't the only one who needed to mature. Then again, maybe his reputation is misperceived by the populace. I suppose I'll find out as the events unfold…

I'm going to discipline myself and take time to enjoy this story.


For newer readers, is there a book in the main series you should read up through before diving into The Gallant? For example, you've said in the past that Sundering Star should come after Warhost of Vastmark, and Black Bargain should come after Stormed Fortress.

Hi Brian, I don't think in this case it matters - they could start here, if they wanted. I asked a test reader what they thought - (one who had not read the series, and I described what I thought it might affect) and their response was, when Verrain shows up, they will be a LOT more interested in that scene/having read The Gallant, first. And since that was a scene my editor wanted cut out of the book, this would, in fact, connect a dot that otherwise might not relate as well to a new reader into the series for the first time.

So I'd say, have at this one anywhere.

Nobody's reported back they finished it, yet…

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Ooh, 99c is a steal!

I got excited seeing C Greenwood, but then I noticed it's a book I've already read. Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue: (Good stories if you haven't read them)

I was reading Christie Golden's latest (wow addict, here), but I'll read this one asap! :smiley:

Finished last night – I'll get my thoughts together and post a review soon!

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I'm a weepy mess, but I loved it. :stuck_out_tongue: I'll try to read the others soon and review it on Amazon.

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Yesterday I was finally able to get some quality time off and dive in. I savored each page of Verrain’s story. It was poignant and full of love, with an edge of practical brutality that lends more depth to the conflict between Townbreds and Clanfolk.
I’m reminded, once again, that there are not clear-cut sides in this story but layers and nuances.

I’m so happy I read it, I enjoyed both the personal story of Verrain, Lisya and Sethant and all the details about the brewing disorders, the big conspiracies that would set the ground for the events of the main series.

It’s a great addition to the collection of tWoLaS short stories.

I posted my review on /r/fantasy: ts_from_secrets/

Brian - a million thanks. I can write em…I can't do this…nothing beats a reader putting stuff on the map.

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Starting chapter 4 now, I see that my first impressions were off; I didn't know enough background info. Lisya is an interesting person and I look forward to see what's to come.

After I finish The Gallant, I'm wondering if I should read all the stories before posting a review on Amazon. I suppose I could do a preliminary review to be updated later…

I'm also wondering if at some point there will be an account of the original battle against the Mistwraith at South Gate. That could take an entire novel or more, considering all that's going on at the same time across the continent (as reflected in the various short stories). Also, what would it be like to witness the Crown Jewels of all five kingdoms wielded in concert— the imagination reels.

Jeff - lots of people review anthologies that way- one story at a time/they add on as they read them.

And, yeah, five sets of crown jewels in concert - doozie of a concept!! Holy crap, I had a hard enough time with describing just one set. Those sorts of scenes are brain meat=grinders to write, because language was just not designed to GO there, the words don't exist.

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Thanks, Janny.

I'll think about how to review without spoiling.

Brian Uri!'s review is excellent and I want to avoid plagiarizing.

Well, my decision to read one chapter at a time went out the window. Today I started chapter 5 and couldn't stop until the end.

A lot happens that sheds light on events, people and places in Wars of Light and Shadow (WOLAS).
I agree with Alissa's assessment and understand why Auna (and others) would feel such emotion.

All of the characters are brought to life by description and through their actions. I cared what happened to them and was on the proverbial edge of my seat as events unfolded. Lisya is a magnificent person and is my favorite of the newly introduced characters. Knowing that Verrain survives to the WOLAS era, I wondered how his situation would be resolved; it's a moving journey.

The description of certain dangerous creatures mentioned at times in WOLAS is, I think, more clearly detailed than elsewhere

As soon as I recognized the name of a site mentioned elsewhere to have been repurposed as a Koriani sisterhouse, I knew something momentous would likely happen there.

I'm caused to wonder just what existence might be beyond the veil and how those who've gone there might be affected by those they leave behind.

My anticipation for Song of the Mysteries has gone even higher.

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Thank you Jeff. I just loved the way worldbuilding and focus on characters blended seamlessly. I loved reading Brian's and your review.

I'm currently reading the other novels of this collection, I'm familiar with Krista D. Ball but not the other authors.

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My own answer to Brian Uri's earlier question,
about WoLaS books to preview before The Gallant:
I recommend the second WoLaS book,
"The Ships of Merior,"
and the chapter/set titled "Convocation."

This takes you to Verrain's work on behalf
of the Fellowship of the Seven,
and shows Verrain and five of those Seven
working together.
It supplies a really solid foundation for
understanding their group relationship.

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Hi Melanie.

Thanks for the reference. I'd like to re-read that for context; now I can get there quickly.

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I live in the UK and have an Amazon UK account. can I buy Secrets and Spells? I have no idea how these internet things are connected to each other. Or not as the case may be.

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Checked Amazon UK and it's there! Should have checked again before posting. Bought it and it's my week off work. Couldn't be better!