Oh boy! We're rich!!! All these brave people, taking the plunge to have fun!

Yay for you all, and welcome! If I didnn't love you people for All of what you say and feel, I wouldn't spend a moment. And I usually do check in each day.

Cool Stuff! (person who never ate shoe in public never lived…besides, when you spit out the gravel, there's usually something well worth the encountering … grin)

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I just hope Janny didn't mind my comparing my anticipation for her next book with a bottle of ketchup. lol It's the anticipation of the good stuff to come that made me compare it. lol Not my best simile but it was effective. I think I embarrassed myself in front of Janny in person but she didn't bite me at all. hehehe I'll have to be sure not to buy her such huge pieces of chocolate next time. lol

originally posted by Hannah

I think what sets Janny apart is that she's really not telling her story just as a means to fame and fortune (although for my part, I would have her live like a shiek[ess/] if she would agree to just write forever, and sometimes paint and draw… and she could make music if she so desired). But she really is telling her story out of love of the telling and the characters. And I think because she doesn't have that ego of "Ooh, I'm going to see how much I can milk this series for!" she is willing and able to share additional information that enriches the reading, and give us snippets and teases.

Having written that, it seems strange. Like when you're sitting at a table with Bob and Joan, and you're talking about Bob like he's not there, even though he's listening to every word you say.

Well, at least it's good talk!

- laying like a slug, trying in vain to beat the heat

originally posted by R’is’n oc

Done a bit of shoe eating, gravel spitting and snatching lanolin covered hands away from Gryphon myself, both on the board and off. I still feel welcome, and some of the gravel did indeed turn out to be huge pieces of wise chocolate, which I still munch on from time to time.

I really appreciate the leeway given to freedom of expression as well as gentle moderating done by resident Gryphon… does not do good to be sheepish on this website! *wink*

originally posted by Trys


I take it that it's hot where you are at? It was beautiful here this morning. I got up and went grocery shopping to arrive when the store opens (6:00AM). On the drive to the store I interrupted an incident in the Cycle of Life. As I came up the back road I disturbed a large, dark bird from the middle of the road. It was too dark too make out color, but I thought it was crow. As it flew up and my eyes went back to the road I saw a brief flash of lighter color. At first I thought the bird flew into a wire, but as it flew further a smaller bird separated from it for a moment before the larger one pounced upon it again. Now I believe I saw a hawk hunting.

On the way back the sun was up but the sky was being covered by a blanket of dark clouds and the sun had just been engulfed by the leading, ragged edge of the weather. As I crested a hill on the highway the land ahead was laid out in rolling hills with the valleys between filled with a thick white mist reaching upwards to pull down the green hilltops. Took my breath away. I need to start carrying a camera.


originally posted by Hannah


That's interesting… Too bad you couldn't get a good look at it. I have a good book, kind of old though, about IDing hawks and eagles and falcons and the like from a distance, and from underneath (as in, when they're soaring overhead). I'm trying to improve me measly skills.

My love for birds, and my numerous feeding stations is quite a tempting lure for hunting hawks and falcons. But they usually would only come in the winter when hunting can be scarce elsewhere. Actually, a Roughie landed on our deck railing one day… I turned around from the computer to grab something, and there it was sitting… scoping the lay of the land for a midday meal.

Yesterday, we had family over, and after the temperature dropped I sat out on the deck while the sky turned pink. Two bald eagles went down the river one way, and then about ten minutes later, another one came back up the river, hotly pursued by resident osprey.

And then this morning, as I was filling feeders, I did see something circling out over town. I grabbed my binocs, but I couldn't really make it out. Could've been a vulture, or maybe a bald eagle.

But now, the day is starting to heat up, so I'm huddling indoors and leaving the birds to themselves.

I wish I had a kayak so I could paddle across the river to the beach on the Washington side. *sigh* Maybe roll over once, for good measure, on my way over–just to cool off.


originally posted by Calais Nox

While I'm here, I do have a book-related question. I ordered my copy from Meisha Merlin on the 24th. I haven't yet got a confirmation email saying that my order was recieved blah, blah and the money is still sitting in my checking account. Is this normal or should I start crying and get all hysterical? Anyone else have the same "problem"?


originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I also appreciate the moderating Trys does for us. I've run into some really horrible things on the internet so I'm glad of safe places to come to have fun and be relaxed. Not all sites are like that, I found out the hard way, and I appreciate that we get to share our thoughts and be respected here. Thanks Trys for running a great site and restoring my faith in the internet.

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well…on the topic of the release of TK…i went and put my name at the head of the list of my local B&N for a copy

and in response to the chili on spaghetti talk up there in the archieves…yes, skyline chili calls it the 5-way, spaghetti, chili, cheese, onion, and something else…then again, i havent eaten at skyline since i moved down here to c-bus, ohio

in response to the emergence of lurkers…welcome! its always nice to see more vocal fans of janny's work…

im a psuedo-lurker…being that i do post once in a while but i hardly have the time to keep up with all the threads here…especially with college kicking into high gear and being accepted into my major…one week till finals and NOW is when TK gets released

oy vey

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

My husband calls it five way too. He loves skyline chili mix. We buy one called Cincinnatti Chili out here and it says Skyline on the package. It is good chili. It's hard on my reflux with the oniony spice to it but I just eat a little amount and I make it for my husband mostly. I love it though. I would have it three ways if I were up in Ohio. I'd choose, cheese, crackers only. No spice for me and without beans. I think most places though, have the chili with beans. I want to go to Ohio now and have white castle and chili and spaghetti now. lol This winter I hope we go to see snow and I want to feel that wonderful cold you all get.

originally posted by Trys


Try sending them an e-mail to inquire if they got your order. Keep in mind they are likely closed on Monday.


originally posted by Calais Nox

Done. I had forgotten about Memorial weekend. Hopefully I'll hear something back by Tuesday or Wednesday. I want my book *sniffles*.

originally posted by Wayne McCalla

And according to Meisha Merlin's site Stephe was going to be at Conquest in Kansas City Fri thru Sun. So with just Lynn and Stephe there I am sure processing of orders will take a bit longer.


Stephe goes directly on to Book Expo America in NYC, with no stop back, so it's only Lynn part time, since she just gave birth a bit ago.

The good news: Stephe has 20 finished books direct from the binder's in hand - he'll be handing me one when I go to NY to support Meisha at the Book Expo.

I gather that books shipped from the binder's went both to Meisha's warehouse and direct, to Diamond's warehouse…so both book store orders and direct orders from the publisher should be filled in step.

Not long, not long…

originally posted by Calais Nox


originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

Thanks Janny, I'm thinking this week or next week Bookstop should have it. I'm hoping anyway. Thanks for the update.

originally posted by Kris

I stumbled across this chat area a few days ago while trying to get an idea on when I would finally be able to get Traitor's Knot in my hands. I finally have some answers *joy* and I also found you guys to be interesting people with good personalities, so I've decided to pose something of a question to you. Let me set it up, and please just stick with me:

Picture this in your mind: There's an old man sitting in his study, writing a paper. He soon realizes that he needs a book from his library, so he gets up and goes out his door and into the hallway. He then walks down the hallway and turns into the doorway to the library.

The whole part about it being and old man needing a book doesn't really matter. What does matter is picturing his leaving the study, going down the hallway, and entering the library. So clearly picture that process in your mind.
The question is, when he left his study to go to the hallway did he turn left or right; and when he left the hallway and entered the library, was it on the left or right?

This is turning into a fairly lengthy entry, but I think it's rather intriguing to see how people visual different scenes when reading. The strange thing is that almost every single person I've asked has said right, right. (I sheepishly wonder if the first few times I may have been gesturing while I was talking and therefore ruining it.) Still there must be some psychological research out there on it or just other people's opinions. Any thoughts on how people picture what they are reading?

originally posted by Susan

I hope I'm not the only freak out there, but both my hallway and my library were to the left.

I've noticed when my husband and I read the same book we pronounce a lot of the names and places differently. And sometimes I don't really think about how to pronounce things until I try to tell him about it.

originally posted by Leonie

Well, my into the hallway and into the library were to the right both times. (And as an added thought, he was facing towards the library while he was writing at his desk!


originally posted by Ryan Gohl

I think his desk was perpendicular to the door, back to a shelf with a few odd books and assorted items. I envisioned his study at the end of a hallway, and so he did not turn to go down the hallway. Due to the text, he had to turn into the doorway to the library (nice magic trick there, but couldn't he have just built a door to go in? lol) He turned left. also, I honestly pictured some stairs to the right, across from the library door… even though having turned himself into the door, he could nver climb. :smiley: