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The quarter of a century that used to be quarter of a decade? I read that I do not know how many times before it sunk in that was wrong. I have not covered the first five of my new books yet, so still read the older ones which is why I never noticed the age changes. When I eventually cover them I will have to start reading only the new versions, in case something changed. :smiley:

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I always read an older edition of Grand Conspiracy so just assumed this typo was corrected, but when I came across it this time while searching through the kindle version I actually went and checked. It is still in the newest edition.

'Alt,' Sethvir stated, the rune for beginning.
Grand Conspiracy pg 286 mass market paperback.

An is the rune of beginning, Alt is the rune of ending.

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Annette, I don't know what your profession is, but you should be a professional proof reader.

Your perspicacity is awe-inspiring.

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I used to do lots of things so no one profession, and I seem to be permanently retired now so lots of time to read. Janny needs any extra proof readers I will volunteer to do it for free. :smiley:

Before Destiny's Conflict I will be reading a full set of the new books for the first time. I am not expecting any more surprises like the change in the second age length though. But I will be probably be more likely to write down any typos.

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I have finally tracked down something that conflicts and has me puzzled each time I read through the series, but I could never work out why before. One has to be some sort of typo so thought I would ask.

In the first book, just after the Mistwraith’s defeat, Dakar was telling Lysaer about why the royal lines were irreplaceable, he made this comment.


“The Fellowship chose three men and two women to found Athera’s royal lines.”
pg 449 latest mass market PB

Dakar did not seem that drunk, did he get it wrong? Was he thinking of first choices and not the final ones? Or was it just a typo?

In Stormed Fortress we got the names of the founders of each royal line in the Appendix


Torbrand s’Ffalenn, High King of Rathain ’ Compassion

Halduin s’Ilessid, High King of Tysan ’ Justice

Cindra s’Ahelas, High Queen of Shand ’ Farsight

Bwin Evoc s’Lornmein, High King of Havish ’ Temperance

Rondeil s’Ellestrion, High King of Melhalla ’ Wisdom
pg 697 mass market PB

Four men and one woman, this was our first glimpse of several of those names. From the first book to the eighth I always seemed to forget the nagging detail that always bugged me when I look at that list. I was looking for other info on royalty this time and got both references together.


Both counts are technically right: Dakar had the original male/female mix, and the Appendix has the actual firsts.

Do you remember Enithen Tuer explaining the s'Gannley lineage to Sulfin Evend at the start of Traitor's Knot:


"The first Camris princes were seated at Erdane. Their ancestress declined the honour of founding the lineage of Tysan's high kingship, did you know that?"



"The Fellowship did not compel your first forebear. They would not, by the Law of the Major Balance. When their second choice, Halduin s'Ilessid, gave his willing consent to enact the blood binding for his future heirs, Iamine s'Gannley accepted his plea to stand shadow for that authority."

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And yet the Camris Princes were never high kings under the compact which is what was being discussed. The five lines appointed by the Fellowship, that were irreplaceable (supposedly) were founded by four men and one woman. Iamine s’Gannley became Caithdein to Halduin s’Ilessid, so she was never the founder of any of the five lines appointed by the Fellowship.

Janny has yet to explain how there were Princes of Camris and a Princes of Falmuir that were not part of the Fellowship appointed royal lines. We have no idea of what there was before the Fellowship made their choices. Torbrand was a Duke before he became a high king.

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I believe Dakar meant that the sorcerors originally chose the three men and two women… He does not specify that those originally chosen accepted the offer.