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I found the reference (but forgot where again), it appears to be explicitly stated that the three Paravian races match the three mysteries (nice to see it confirmed).

Even though I'm not sure the exercise is valid, if one were to play "match the race", I would say:
Light - Illitharis? "keepers of the earth's mysteries, the appendix says. The earth exists, seen, so they may match.
Dark - Athlien? "keepers of the grand mystery". Mystery is hidden, but known.
Unknowable - Riathan? "most direct connection to Ath Creator". Is Ath unknowable?

Does this in any way match up with our world, the world seen when spirit-dreaming, and Athlieria? Are there three such dimensions, or are there more? They are referred to as "the realms past the veil", but I've only seen the above two explicitly mentioned.

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I found some discussion on these concepts on some spirituality forums.

The Unknowable is mapped to divinity and cosmic concepts the mind cannot know, though it still can be experienced. The Unknown is related to things that can be learned, but have not been; and Known to learned (true) things. And the world transitions the Unknown to the Known slowly.

This sounds like the track that Janny is on, and I'm sure there's some deep connections here to everything in the books. How these embody Prime Power…

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Gary, you should know, Janny is not going to make it that easy.

Ath gifted Athera with the Paravians, they might not represent aspects of the prime source. In Janny's Goodreads post the Aspects and the Paravians are not the same thing.

From CotM (the strand casting) the Paravians had personified the penultimate grace, which had once enhanced the central axis of the prime vibration. So it would seem the Paravians personify something other than Ath. Janny's description from the first strand casting gave us the image of a counterpoint harmony.

Maybe try the description of the prime pattern from the strand casting at Earle?


The matter which formed solid existence

The spirit which quickened life

The word for the stream of consciousness which linked those two poles and governed their spin and direction.

I am thinking there might be some misdirection there somehow though. This was the prime pattern that first sourced Ath's creation, it might not be a representation of Ath. I would agree Ath is unknowable, I gave up trying to work it out. I look forward to eventually reading how Janny explains creation, she is bound to get there eventually.

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I have nothing to add to this thoughtful discussion, but I wanted to poke in and say I'm enjoying it immensely. I think it might be important to remember that the magic system is one of energy - light and sound, etc. Y'all have prompted me to a reread and I am immensely enjoying it and watching closely for clues.

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How about a simpler triad then, one we can relate to a bit better, nothing hidden in this one.


Aware of himself as the sole point of catalyst, Arithon poured all that he was into the song he was given. His mind sustained the grand chord, while his ripped-open heart maintained the connection to his ancestral bond to the realm. He was wild earth; and flawed man; and consummate melody; a dynamic balance spinning in glorious triad over the raging void.

Peril's Gate Ch XIII pg 544 (current PB edition)

Do not jump to any wild conclusions about that quote, a few things are missing, this is a different triad. But thinking of Arithon as a catalyst is probably not a bad idea.

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Is it a different triad or could it be a different reflection, a different manifestation of the true triad?

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You can never tell with Janny, could be a different reflection.

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Still thinking, and I haven't gotten to those references yet.

Annette, I agree it probably isn't so easy; I saw that there was a 1:1 correspondence with races, but counterpoint harmony/etc. is as possible as anything else.

On my way through Ships:

"The sun on his shoulders became a benediction, both counterpoint and celebration to the ringing reverberation that was light striking shadow off edges of wild stone."

Just a turn of phrase, or a hint of something more? I certainly originally thought it was just a reference to the two brothers, but…

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As to being able to establish a structural reality through sound, keep thinking about it. You never know when it might turn up again and surprise you.

Indeed, there's another interesting example presented in Fugitive Prince, I guess I was keeping an eye out, but still slightly surprising… now I definitely want certain characters to meet!

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If you look at how Asandir travelled between the lanes when he was trying to get to Jaelot to save Fionn in Grand Conspiracy, you can see how the vibration of matter could be adjusted to transfer between lanes.

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Golly, Annette! You have the most incredible eye for detail. I'm just finished reading the whole series and seeing a lot that I missed the first three times through. I saw a lot of things, but not that.

Well, I'm not quite finished… about 3/4 through Initiate's Trial.

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Annette, that section was interesting. It looks like Asandir had to modify his vibration to "align" with the target power circle. Makes me wonder what the principle behind this type of longitudinal lane transfer is… did he travel, or did he do the equivalent of falling in a gravity well (except within a different type of field based on his vibrational state). I hope we eventually find out.