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I think the flight takes about 16 or 18 hours from Toronto, if you Aussies are willing to take a Canadian on the Storming of Galaxy. Meet me at the airport in Sydney.

No, I am not blonde or blue-eyed. More of a sandy-brown thing with gold-brown-green eyes. Pretty celtic, actually (with a name like Angus…). And I'm short. So no Lysaer from the Great White North. I would be philosophically opposed to playing his part anyway.

So what's the plan?!?

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you all must have forgotten i just read the opening chapter of fugitive prince. Fionn death will be chosen by elaira and for the sake of the world he must die land bound in crossed steal and smoke. i would say for that elaira is the betrayer in this wouldnt you since she must choose how fionn is to die?

I go thtis right i think

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I have a theory about this secretive bargain tying in with the original starship. When mankind settled the Fellowship couldn't and wouldn't compel them to stay on Athera forever if they didn't want to. They couldn't unmake or destroy the starship without mankind's permission and the starship would be too big to fit through the gates, so they have to still be around. Maybe there's a bargain that if a certain set of conditions are met mankind are sent off in the starship again or they can choose to leave. Since the Koriathains have records reaching far into the past and are stored in crystals that can't be tampered with/edited by the fellowship. Maybe Elaira's personal crystal wanted to stay with the order because it wanted to help mankind achieve it's full potential beyond Athera.

Or maybe the bargain was that the order would be allowed more autonomy in return for helping stabilise the world =/ we shall see…

everytime i mention a starship i feel like one of those lonely ufo fanatics =/

I guess i could take Ms Wurts silence on the subject as a sincere affirmation of my correctness! *waits for Ms Wurts to righteously denounce the heretical claim and spill the truth… dies waiting*

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I'm busy trying to find the nearest lane focus circle (in Staffordshire, England) that will bring me out, at the dawn surge, at the Galaxy Bookshop. Any ideas??

Matthew - *snort!!!* :smiley:

Not likely. On either count.

Since the basic copy underlying the synopsis was provided by me (the gist of which stayed intact, through alterations in house) the tiny glimpses that tantalize are NOT LIKELY to unveil the least bits of the multiple whammy that Will blow the socks of you readers to whimpering shreds.


Mark is trustworthy, at Galaxy, he wants to Sell Books -

You Will have to wait, by most deliberate design. November.

While I get to zoom into Arc IV. Ah, the priviledged fun of being the Author! :smiley:

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Drat and I thought you might break years of practice and fess up :smiley:

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I think the flight takes about 16 or 18 hours from Toronto, if you Aussies are willing to take a Canadian on the Storming of Galaxy. Meet me at the airport in Sydney.

Hehe Angus, I was at the cafe across the road from Galaxy a few days ago and I thought "Hmm. Mark's probably in there right now. The ARC's probably in there RIGHT NOW. What I need is a distraction!". Perhaps we could work something out…

originally posted by Angus

AND I have even offerred to do it during the Stanley Cup playoffs, with my team up 1-0 in the best-of-seven semi-finals (Ottawa Senators: GO SENS GO). Seriously, they're playing the best hockey of their lives, and I am willing to miss it to get my hands on SF.

Sorry for my earlier confusion of Matthew and Mark. I meant Mark.

Distractions… hmmm, what about a drunk Canadian shopping for some obscure Sci-Fi, with sentient hockey-playing robots, with lots of weird themes (use your imagination), having drunk too much Foster's or Swan, requiring all staff and management to remove him from the premises? I wouldn't be violent, just really really loud, obnoxious and generally annoying. No police though. Don't want to have to call the Canadian High Commission. That's the biggest distraction I could think of.

We'd meet at the nearest office supply store run a copy for each of us. Then, we'd have to replace the original. We'll need another distraction, though. What about a drunk Aussie, wanting to date Mark… Or we could get Blue from Jolly Old England??

Don't worry Janny, we'd still buy the book when it came available, and would destroy our ill-gotten gains once the published copy was in our hands.

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Blue from Jolly Old England?

Who would that be? Myself, I live in Kent, Washington, USA.

Not, mind you, that I would not help Storming Galaxy Books's Fortress. The mind boggles, however, exactly HOW MUCH did Mark "s'Brydion," Mearn's long lost twin, learn about warfare?

originally posted by Angus

OOOOOOOOOOOPS!! Sorry Blue. I assumed "Kent" in England.

We'll meet you in Sydney.

Mark "s'Brydion" learned nothing about warfare. He sells books for a living, so he only has book learning on the subject, no pratical experience. At least, that the scouting report.

Okay, so we have to change the plan. The Second Distraction, so that we can put the draft of SF back before they know it is missing, is the drunk American, wanting to take Mark out on a date. Loud, obnoxious, you know the drill. On the heals of the drunk Canadian sci-fi hockey fan, they won't be expecting a thing.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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I'm in - it's only 4 hours to sydney for me.

Oh Janny, we have to wait till November…

Maybe the spaceship is locked away on that secret bit of map that isn't in any kingdom.

Anyone guessing about the secret agreement? We've got live dragons out there.

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From Jolly Old England - I could take him for a cup of tea and chat about the weather? we can be dashed distracting when we want something.

originally posted by Angus

Alright, the sarcasm dripping off that last post is a bit over the top, Dee. I was not labelling England. I was attempting, albeit unsuccessfully, to be witty.

I will work a little harder next time, and use some obvious Canadian stereotypes.

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Yay Sundancer you too agree that the starship/s is hidden in that patch of land! i did mention that under the map topic abit ago, im glad someone else shares my way of thinking :smiley:

Ms Wurts does a good job of keeping things underwraps =/ i bet even if we guess right she would never admit to it even slightly :smiley:

Im english and i dont drink tea… however who says it has to be a girl taking part in the second distraction? im sure a guy coming onto him would work just as well as a girl… if the guy was 6' 5" and also wearing tights i doubt he'd notice much else going on around…

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How's about using THIS dude for a distraction?

(link removed)

Angus, no worries! :smiley: I would not mind at all seeing Jolly Olde England, should I ever scrape enough money together to do it. Actually, Scotland, Ireland and Australia are very high on the list, too, but # 1 for me is the Czech Republic, so I can finally meet my dad's family.

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hi - Angus -only joking (I think you are witty) incidently, forgot to say I am slim with bronze hair and grey eyes -could also be distracting?

originally posted by Angus

Blue: EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW! Yes, he is quite distracting, like a fatal car wreck. Man I wish that I had never clicked on that link. I think my retinas are burned.

originally posted by Blue

You have to admit, though, something like that would be enough to distract ANYONE while the rest of you sneak past Mark, and Storm the Bookstore. The trick would be to use said distraction without being struck blind!

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A few thoughts…on WoLaS…


Curious that the khadrim have not been "resolved"…presumably there is still a chance for redemption of these creatures?


Spaceships are unlikely to get build by mankind on athera when they are not even allowed to produce gunpower…I wonder where nuclear power would be permitted, if the uranium atoms gave permission?!? :wink:


The biedar may well look after Arithon if he falls a foul again of the Koriani…they surely have a part to play.

"Fellowship issues"

Are Fellowship are out of their depth? Could some paravians come back to help them? What are the benefits of their secret hideway? Presumably if grimwards are problematic would the drakes intervene in paravian absence?

Exterminating humanity will not in any case help put Athera back together again.

Koriani crimes against Athera

Surely there is some comeuppence for the koriani? Why is Davien not prepared to act against Koriani? Surely the compact gives them authority to stop humans attacking the planet? Or are the koriani more powerful than we have seen so far and conflict could become ugly and would invoke drake binding => destroy all humans and the F7 wish to avoid this if possible?

originally posted by dee

blue- you are truly evil!!! I like your style. Neil- do you think Ciladis will return from wherever ?