Stormed Fortress - It's a Book!

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WHAT the heck is "NaNoWriMo"?

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NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month.
The website will explain better, basically you start on November 1st, and you have the rest of the month to write a 50k word novel, no matter how crappy. It’s supposed to be a sort of excuse to write that novel you always wished you’d write. Most people that I know who do it don’t really care what they’re going to do with it afterwards, they just pat themselves on the back for trying. Every year I think about how it might be fun to do, but I never have any ideas. :wink:

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Clansman - yep - I DEVOUR a new, hotly anticipated book quickly, because I just can't WAIT to know what happens. (Also helps that I am a fast reader)

BUT, then I like to pick up the book again, and read it MUCH, MUCH slower, so I can get the fine details. That makes it a better experience, because I know what happens, but the details give me the WHY and HOW.

originally posted by Clansman

Blue: Who am I kidding? I’ll rampage through SF once it arrives, like a horde of Vikings in East Anglia! (No offense to any of our Scandanavian friends. We all have bloodthirsty savages in our ancestry!) Then, like you, I’ll get more civilized, and read slowly and thoughtfully. The first re-read can be so satisfying.

Oh well, so much for savouring. I guess I’ll have to go to Giovanni’s.:smiley:

I’m off now to get work done, and sip some coffee. I read Sheldon already today. Very funny strip about the artist’s creative process. I got the address wrong in my last post. Go to for a good laugh. Janny, as a writer and an artist, I am sure that you will enjoy it!

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:smiley: Stormed Fortress has made it to 44 on Waterstones' best selling Fantasy list. Might not sound high but considering it's rated against every other fantasy book they're selling, it's not that bad especially since it hasn't finished shipping into all of their stores yet. :smiley:

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AAAAAAAAARRRRG! The postman tried to deliver the book while we were all out at work/school this morning and left it with neighbours. I've been and knocked three times and got no answer. I really need it now. Really…

Need it…

Shall I go and try them again?

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Lyssabits is absolutely correct :smiley: I've done it for the past three years and it's loads of fun. (Except when there's a new book you want to read… *cry*)

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HJ, I would be breaking and entering if I were you.

When my copy comes, I'll probably just tear the package open with my teeth and sit there on the front porch and read it.

Hm, now I feel I should go home in case the postman doesn't just leave it for me there or something…

Oh brother - that Sheldon cartoon!!!

Should I laugh or cry over it? What a whack on the funnybone.

SF made 44 on Waterstones' list, before ON SALE DATE??? Well - if word of mouth from the in-first readers flies out like this, by sale date, the copies should rip out and vanish…!

Cool idea…I have to admit, it would make me chortle with glee.

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Well, what you need to do is take it to various publishing houses here in the US and say, "See? Brits and Aussies with good taste are snapping it up. Americans with good taste will too, once it is easily available to them… hint, hint!"

Then, you might also want to have a print up handy of American fans whinging about no US edition. Of course, I would suggest bringing along a forklift so you don't give yourself a hernia.


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SF is #3 at Galaxy Books' list in Australia…

Mark - you must be throwing these out the door as fast you can get them in!

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It couldn't have come to me at a better time!

I am facing a 4 Day Weekend here in Australia, due to the "Melbourne Cup" horse race…lol!

Gotta love the government giving us days off for sporting events…

And Galaxy is definately worth a high recommendation for their quality service!

originally posted by Aria

Borders/Amazon have it ranked at 20. :smiley: Whee! And I finally managed to open my copy from Waterstones today (bought it yesterday), thank you Janny!

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Yes… a whole day off for a 2 minute loop of a track by some hay burners watched by thousands of brightly dressed but rather inebriated socialites… there are whole cottage industries that would fail if we canned such a holiday…

I too will use this weekend to finish reading this mighty tome… and then perhaps to start re-reading…

originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker

Just call me an Amazon n00b…but I can't
find the book on, only ""

Anyone have a link? I wanna join Amazon so I can write a review of the book when I'm done.

Laneth, the book is only being sold on at the moment, since no American publisher has been found.

originally posted by Wayne

Don't forget to visit the Amazon UK website and post a review of the book. If you enjoyed it let others know.

I really enjoyed the book very much and thought it was great.

Now the wait for the new one…

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I’ve been and gone and done it! Today I called in at my local book store and ordered Stormed Fortress :smiley:!

They say it will be in the store in around 10-14 days. The paperback version costs '12 over here in the UK. I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know what the cover looks like.

I can’t wait :smiley:!!!

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I like this cover better than my other US version ones, although I do miss seeing Arithon on the front :frowning_face:

originally posted by Mark Timmony

SF is #2 on the Galaxy Bestseller list this week!