Song of the Mysteries Status Updates

Two whiskers left - I completed the main section of 18 set today; two sub-chapters to go (and the epilogue draft is already written).

The New Year’s celebration could be wild in this house.


Fantastic Janny- something to really celebrate! I started my reread and am halfway through COTM. First time I read this book was over 25 years ago and I was hooked. My words of gratitude for your imagination, tenacity, and hard work do not seem enough, but Thank You!

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Julie, I am doing the same thing and am nearly halfway through COTM. I first read this book 24 years ago, so I am thoroughly enjoying the trip down memory lane. I did not realize just how much I have forgotten! My husband is starting it for the first time, so all the volumes are out on the kitchen table to motivate and excite us as we read. I have two friends who will be joining us who have never read Ms. Wurts’ work, so I am excited to see the story through their eyes.

Whittled down to the last few paragraphs, now.

Stand by for finish announcement in the next day or so…


So glad you have a ready companion for this journey! My husband read COTM only- not being an avid fantasy (or long book) reader, he never read any further in the series, and alas, no close friends who went beyond COTM either - so I have a deep appreciation for this chat room!
I was surprised at how much I remembered - its been years, but I guess that is a testement to how well I was drawn in.

Well, people, happy new year!

We have a book!

The draft of Song of the Mysteries is completed.

I will have photos and commemorative details when I stop screaming for joy/and after I recover from collapse into jello.


Congratulations, Janny!

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Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading what you have worked so hard to bring to life for us. I hope you have a good night’s rest and Happy New Year to you and yours!

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You rock, Janny! Can’t wait to crack open this final masterpiece and dive right in. Congratulations on such a massive achievement!

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Brilliant Janny. I’m so excited. What a great achievement this is. The first book of the series was published the year after I was born!

Hopefully when the book is out in print I will be past the worst of postpartum sleep deprivation. I’ve learned that Janny’s books and babies dont mix happily. They both want all the attention!

Congratulations on your achievement Ms Wurts, in spite of seemingly myriad obstacles you’ve overcome through the years.

What an auspicious start to the New Year!

Congratulations!!! A tangible reason to celebrate.


Here is a photo that Janny wanted to share of her writing space on the morning after. It appears that her cat is about to attempt an unsanctioned lane transfer from a focus circle.


Happy dancing is happening in my house!!!

Wonderful news to start the year with! You’ve done an admirable job to tie up a series after many decades & I can’t wait to be able to read it, though I know the timeline depends on editing & on your publisher’s schedule.

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I have been a long time lurker here. I love this series of books that , I can tell, you have put your heart and soul into. Now that you have completed this epic journey, I think this is the perfect time to chime in and just say thank you so much for this story. I have read and re-read this series, because this story is so complex. I love complex stories, especially complex fantasy. Congratulations on completing this series, what an accomplishment.!


What a great way to start a new year. Thanks Janny!
Can you confirm - which edition earns best for the author? Print or e-book?
I’m probably going to end up buying both but it would be good to know, to better support authors.
With appreciation,


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Overwhelming to see the responses here! Thank you, it means the world.

To the question asked what does better for the author: just buy the book in whatever format you prefer! Publishers count numbers…and numbers determine what they do next, always.

If you read a book from a library, that is excellent too. Legitimate second hand books are fine also. If that is what your budget can handle, OK, because at one point, somebody bought that book new.

The only thing hurts an author is illegal downloads - yes, it matters - or ‘sales’ of advance reading copies that were meant for reviewers/promotion.

Now, you want to know what is going on? I’ve been working with the completed draft to clean up areas that required sharpened focus, and fixing little things that were hand marked on printout or else sticky notes to ‘fix this’ bit, tagged as I went along. this is for the editor’s read of the completed draft for story edit, which is scheduled to begin on Monday.

I will have a photo of the ‘cleaned up’ pile of pages - the entire thing! - very soon. The studio is a lot more picked up, no more heaped up papers and sticky piles of notes. It’s all in good shape - for the Long Grind - end to end trim and polish, with editor letter for story in hand.


Here’s another image from Janny’s (now tidy) studio, showing the current height of the printed manuscript draft.