Song of the Mysteries Status Updates

Hello forum!

I realize I have been scarce…my old equipment failed to access this forum as modern times outpaced what it could do. I had planned to limp along and finish Song of the Mysteries on that aged machine, and make the switch between books, but, fate and the gods of tech had other ideas…the old desktop got creaky last week and nothing could save it. I have spent the past week migrating the data onto a spiffy new unit and getting that to work with a ten year jump in platform has been - rather fun (understatement!) More of the You Live in Interesting Times variety.

However - here I am!

You’d be asking - where is the book? I have draft through chapter 15 main, and am putting the tension on that section/with 15’s subchapters heavily notated and - yes there will be a 16th set to wrap it - those bits are All heavily notated and planned.

The draft page count is: 1060 up to the minute…it’s paused there temporarily as the work I am doing is Hand Marked on the manuscript print out (shift in equipment so I didn’t stop working entirely).

What is to come? Once I get through the last subchapters of 15, the denouement (16 set) ought to go very fast.

One did not expect Major Equipment Failure, but there you go - modern times! I get by with the Help of My Friends, and seriously, Suman and Brian, I owe you a huge tip of the hat! You both kept me sane, and no question. I have not pulled out quite all of my hair, thanks to you both!

The good news is I am reconnected - so if you have questions, fire away.

When I hit End of Draft, then, we’ll see about a new preview clip!


Glad to see the hardware upgrade seems to have gone well, looking forward to more updates. :slight_smile:

An update from Janny.


Status update: I have completed the draft for chapter 16a/this entire sequence has been a bear to write (you will see when you get there!) Draft pages number 1150, which means I’ll be looking to consolidate and trim on the final pass.

I have one more big bit of action to clear in 16b/then 17 is the wrap. I can say that for certain, given where I am in the narrative. Very close/and very choosy about how the finish fits together. I have been astonished how much I’ve had to look back/look up/tie together/and generally build upon stuff that was just teensy detail in Curse of the Mistwraith, now here, shown in full blown glory. Capping it off with a bang.


Thanks for the update Janny, nice to see we get 17 chapters.

Hoping for a creative bang with some answers on Ath, Ath Creator and creation. My imagination is not up to picking through the clues these days.

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An update from Twitter:


Thanks for all the hard work Janny. If you cannot fit it all in I doubt any of us will complain if we get a tiny chapter 18 to finish it off.


Another update from Twitter today:


Well, here we are again, today:
Draft page count: 1200

Lord. This book.

I have completed rough draft for chapter 17 main. This action is 10 dimensional chess/crossing layers and levels, I had (hahahahah!) projected I could cover this in one subchapter, but El Nope…now I have it up the EXPLOSION finale of this segment - which will be - drumroll - 17a…

Scenes that just can’t be ‘rushed’ - so sorry.

The great news: I have files opened for the 18th chapter set - and cheer - YAY BOOM! - the last scenes are all LINEAR…no multiple levels/huge intersects of long arcs - just ‘finish’ line…nothing to work out, just - enjoy the ride as it coasts to the endpoint that - ah yes, be sure of it - will still surprise you.

I felt, sincerely, there’s been enough invested in this series not to deliver a RUSHED ending, and importantly - to be sure all the characters finished their Arcs with agency…all on track, just took more on page space than I’d realized. Funny, some books wrap very quickly, some just keep ‘moving the goal posts’ - this one was one of them.

I had to field everything IN PLAY with no inconsistencies/nothing left out/all built on prior material. Where Curse of the Mistwraith required HUGE effort to decide what to show and what to leave OUT, this finale was what all had to be PUT IN, in order, in suspense, and still surprise.

Oddly - as I approach these final scenes, it seems a bookend: Curse of the Mistwraith was a one Arc volume with 18 Chapter Sets.

Song of the Mysteries likewise, a one arc volume with 18 chapter sets.

I am striking to be done with the draft by New Years…do you see the smoke coming out of my ears???


That’s exciting news!

Best wishes to all for Christmas & the other holidays of the season.

Thanks for all the hard work Janny, and so happy we get 18 chapters.

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I admit to being a quiet lurker here for years but had to come out now to say thank you Janny for years of reading joy and long books are THE BEST.
I have every book you ever published and some in multiple formats. Sadly, hardcover editions of some volumes aren’t available. I have recommended your work to friends and family at any opportunity. It’s sad that so much work should earn so little. Have you ever considered joining Patreon?

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm, Viva.

No, I have not considered starting a Patreon. I would have to create original content, constantly, to keep the supporters in perks. And something just - balks? - at making such things unavailable to all of you/equally. For that reason, shorts and other contributions to forums/essays will either be FREE or, in case of short fiction, available on the Paravia studio shop for a nominal fee. No scraping off a sliver to middlemen, you get the direct goods, by your own choice in preference/without being strapped to a subscription format.

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I have completed first pass draft of All of Chapter Set 17, with the FINAL set, underway.

18th chapter set wraps it/it is all linear writing from here, and just the final words on a few Main Characters/get ready to party. I am sincerely hoping by New Years Eve. Page count is 1225 in draft format…here we go!


Yay!!! I just finished my series re-read tonight!

Two whiskers left - I completed the main section of 18 set today; two sub-chapters to go (and the epilogue draft is already written).

The New Year’s celebration could be wild in this house.


Fantastic Janny- something to really celebrate! I started my reread and am halfway through COTM. First time I read this book was over 25 years ago and I was hooked. My words of gratitude for your imagination, tenacity, and hard work do not seem enough, but Thank You!

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Julie, I am doing the same thing and am nearly halfway through COTM. I first read this book 24 years ago, so I am thoroughly enjoying the trip down memory lane. I did not realize just how much I have forgotten! My husband is starting it for the first time, so all the volumes are out on the kitchen table to motivate and excite us as we read. I have two friends who will be joining us who have never read Ms. Wurts’ work, so I am excited to see the story through their eyes.

Whittled down to the last few paragraphs, now.

Stand by for finish announcement in the next day or so…


So glad you have a ready companion for this journey! My husband read COTM only- not being an avid fantasy (or long book) reader, he never read any further in the series, and alas, no close friends who went beyond COTM either - so I have a deep appreciation for this chat room!
I was surprised at how much I remembered - its been years, but I guess that is a testement to how well I was drawn in.