Song of the Mysteries - Announcement you've been waiting for!

Here it is, People:

The forthcoming PRE-ORDER date for Song of the Mysteries will go live in SEPTEMBER, this year!


You have a year to catch up, snag new readers, and speculate like crazy before the finale ride drives it home. I have created TWO graphic promotional images for this announcement…if Brian can add them here, they are very pretty (and mysterious!). Various reviewers and youtubers and podcasters and bloggers will be posting them in book circles on social media, and they will appear on Facebook. You are encouraged to share and pass them along!

Thank you all for this journey - you have Amazing stuff in store in the pages to come!

And: this will not be the end of all things. I have completed the long requested MAP of Dascen Elur, and on the drawing board (WITH the in progress cover art) are ANCIENT maps taken from the First and Second Age - with plans to re-render the entire cartography in full color.

July will be lit as well - perhaps more announcements coming. Meantime, there are quite a few readlong discussions ongoing, check the links to the video channels as they come out.

Let the speculation begin in fierce earnest!


Here are the graphics that Janny mentioned (right-click and save to get the full-sized image). They may be posted freely, but of course Janny retains the art copyright.


Thanks for the news Janny. I am a bit disappointed the publisher was not as excited as we were about Song of the Mysteries, but at least it is only a year . Looking forward to the extra goodies.

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Yay!!! This is so exciting!!!

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Very exciting! Do we know if it will be a paperback publication straight away? I’ve finally re-bought a few of the series in standard paperback size so my shelf matches and have a nice space waiting for the last one. If not I’ll just do what I did last time and buy the e-book on release day then the paperback when it’s available. Bless the UK, we took a while to get it. Seriously considering ordering it from the States if needed :joy:

Mass market paperback comes out about a year after the hardback version, they want to sell the expensive editions first. They should release a trade paperback at the same time as the hardback, which is a lot bigger than the standard paperback, unless they are cutting back on that.

Ah cool. I’ll be doing the same as last time then. Because I don’t think I have the patience to wait that long