Sneak peek

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Perhaps his unease comes from allowing Arithon unfettered access to his library; his children if you will. Either that or the unease that he (Davien) will shortly have his reunion with his estranged brothers of the Fellowship… Come on November!!!

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There are new in-progress images added to the same location ( l). Be sure to check back as additional images will be added as Janny progresses with the painting.


What you have is a sequential on the progress of the painting – starting with the head studies, then the line drawing, then (unusual for me, but in view of the architecture, I wanted the test run) the color study, then, a day by day sequence showing how the painting is moving ahead.

What you see now is actually two days behind where I am - it's been raining too hard to photograph, and I need outdoor light to keep the exposure uniform.


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Ahhhh!! COOL! Thank you, Janny and Trys!

Can't help but wonder about Davien's pose, the crossed arms… Have never seen Arithon look so relaxed. Well, maybe not since the U.S. cover of Ships, where he was playing the lyranthe…

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That's just so Cool!!

Janny I really want you to know how grateful I am that you're letting me (us) be a part of the process!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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So that is the process you go through for these pictures… thanks for the peek!

Snatched a new picture today, before the monsoon clouds rolled in - once I get it downloaded out of the camera, throw tidbits to the gryphon…there was a lot of progress made on the background bits.

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These are fantastic Janny…

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Wow. That's incredible - I love seeing how it progresses over time.

Thanks for sharing!!!


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Another pic was added within the last hour or so.

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Hi Janny and everyone!

Beautiful, Janny! (It's a delight to see arithon and Davien in one place at the same time, mwahahaha!) Thanks for sharing with us. And thank you mr gryphon!

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If you throw any tidbits to Trys, make sure they don't smell like mutton or the pics might get eaten by our Gryphon! ;^)

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And if you throw mutton make sure your fingers don't smell like it. ::evil grin::

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Janny - what is the actual size of the painting?

23 1/2" high by 36" wide. All paintings for the US covers are done this size.

The color sketch is @ 8 x 10 1/2. It will be sold to the highest bidder, probably at Worldcon in Boston. If any one here wishes to bid ahead of time, e mail me PRIVATELY. I can agree to set the floor price of the bidding at that amount. If no one tops it, (which can easily happen - floor prices, if high enough, can head off a sale) add postage, and the sketch is yours. It would come framed if it hangs for auction.

There would be a price tag I consider "preemptive". Meet that, and the sketch would be on its way as soon as the painting is finished, with no option for auction.

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Just out of curiosity Janny, how much would something like the color sketch be worth, were you to set a price for sale, as compared to an auction?

I am still reeling over how much you and Don lost over the paintings that were stolen from the FedEx truck. Since a guilty conscience hasn't prompted the thief/thieves to come clean and return your paintings, may I suggest that someone hit them with a plague of boils or the like?

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ME WANT NOW!!! GIMMEEE!!! I think I'll get Murder One to order me in the US Edition.

Seriously I am now really wondering what Arithon will find in the library, Janny has hinted that a lot of bcakground info will appear in this book.


Blue -

The sketches vary, depending how "finished" they are. The high water mark for a sketch, over 1,000 USD, the all time low, $36 bucks, at auction in a rough year.

The last sketch sold recently (given that I don't usually do sketches of any sort, anymore), went at Dragoncon for $350.00. This was well framed, but very very rough - and small - one of the color studies Don and I did for Fionavar Tapestry.

I have NEVER had a color sketch of Arithon available before this one. It's anybody's guess what it could bring.

The work is painted in acrylic, on drawing paper, sealed onto a masonite board with acrylic matte medium. If you "click" on the color sketch frame in the gallery, it will enlarge for your viewing. Though rough, Arithon looks like himself.

One bid is already registered.

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Thanks Janny…

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Wondering if should bid now or wait for WC.
Cant wait to see the final painting at WorldCon and/or World Fantasy.