Skyron ... Waystone ... minds and oaths

originally posted by Annette

I always thought Elaira was too self reliant to ask for help, she will do it herself her own way. And there is also the problem of her personal crystal and its wanting to still serve. She can hardly leave the order and leave it behind uncleared. She cannot clear it against the wishes of the crystal. And even though Asandir helped Enithen Tuer to leave the order, it does not seem to have completely freed her if she needed that knife for protection. Maybe Elaira does not want to live as an oath breaker?

And I thought the unicorn blessed Elaira rather than she was chosen by the unicorn. Dakar likely had a similar experience since he is suspiciously also missing three days from when he saw a unicorn when he was younger.

We have yet to see how Arithon's encounter with a unicorn works out.