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Oooh! Guess it's time to make some really bad guesses to prompt Janny's What Really Happened stories :wink:

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Trys: oops, belated sorry. Normally careful about spoilers. Where did my errant post go? :smiley:

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That’s WAAAAAAYYYYY too long ago for me to remember. :wink:

Auna - well sometimes it works…:smiley:

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What about having a topic called “what really happened stories”? Would this be too much? :smiley:

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Sorry to post again: I remember someone once suggesting that Dakar could be Elaira’s father!!! I still chuckle when I think about it.

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Oh I remember that too! hehee.

How about a topic for what we think will happen and we can all post our own endings we've come up with! That might be a hoot!

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Speaking of short stories Janny, would you consider a short story of the refugeed royal lines thru the gate and across the Red Desert? Or I guess this could be up-coming in the future books. We know of Torbrand and of Kamridian and Dari s'Ahelas and Halduin s'Llessid. But who were the ones who went thru the West gate? Who was the s'Ellestrion who died and what happened? Were they the best of the royal lines or only the ones that could be saved? I will look this up if it is somewhere I missed it. Or will it be in future books? I am very excited and I know Arithon and Lysaer's stories are very much taking up the focus of the story. Sometimes it is mind-boggling to think of all the history we don't know of this world and all the side stories. The s'Ffalenn that went thru the west gate. One wonders what he was like. And if he and the s'Llessod were already antagonistic toward one another. Well I had fun meandering along here. Can anyone say if my curiosities will be satisfied? [smiling at ya]

max - this is the general idea…to fill in the "history" at particular spots, and shed light on stuff that glancingly touches, or threads thru in major ways - to the series at this time period.

I have already released Child of Prophecy in the Fantasy Masters anthology - and it's out in paperback (editor, Bill Fawcett, published by Baen)

I've written (but not published) another, which I am sitting on, trying to decide whether to submit it somewhere, or just hold it for this hypothetical volume. This story was written with Elemental in mind, but they preferred the SF story I sent in also. Elemental will be out next April, and benefits Tsunami Relief for the children affected.

It's very much on my mind that I want to do this; it's a matter of getting Fortress in early, and having a little time to "play" on the sidelines.

But the "refugee" exodus will be a part of it.

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Hello Janny, that is excellent news!

Could this be the start of another series?

Is Child of Prophecy available in the UK.,?

Skol from this Vikingson.

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The Fellowship Sorcerers should be able to restore a one-way gate to two-way travel. Also, early in COTM, we see that Sethvir is aware of events in Dascen Elur.

I think they probably don't seek another s'Ilessid or s'Ahelas in order to avoid interfering with the prophecies concerning restoration of the Fellowship to seven.

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Hi, Janny.

Regarding "…Paravians matched each forebear in resonant accord with the needs of the specific crown territories.", if the s'Ilessid line were to end at some point, could not a willing s'Gannley be established as forbear of a new royal line on the basis of that bloodline having been the original preference for the Crown of Tysan?

Also, how was West Shand ruled before its unification under crown rule with East Shand?

Jeff - You Asked

:X - which is short for Authorial Duct Tape Moment.

Go on and speculate…

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I assume :X applies to both questions.

Well, I'm not thinking the first would happen (end of s'Ilessid), particularly with potential options by way of Dascen Elur.

The second will require more info and thought…