Royal Lines

originally posted by Steve Redpath

I can imagine it was quite hard the first time round to find a person who was willing to commit their future off spring to the role of governing. I believe that a number of those approached (2?) turned down the position because they did not feel it was fair to those unborn generations to be tied by their decisions.

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Have we been given the reason(s) behind refusal(s)? I'm not sure.

Fair might not come into it if survival of your race is the main goal.

I can only recall the refusal of the first choice for Tysan (the current Tysan cathdein family).

Details must be in TK conversation Sulfin/Seer or Sulfin/Asandir, I guess, if they're there. Their/her reason(s) for refusal would be "interesting" I imagine.

I wonder whether the lines were chosen after mankind landed and presumably no longer had the means to move on. The F7 crash-landed; Just how did 20000(not sure again, the number is in TK) humans arrive on Paravia, Athera?

And why "burn their bridges" so to speak? Presumably the vast majority did wish to stay on Athera. How many generations had passed aboard spaceships(?) before humanity arrived? I guess the gates were alternative ways off Athera. I wonder whether all gate world populations are destined to find their way back to athera soon or later…and the south gate was a disaster the F7 or Paravians could not foresee? Curious.

It seems humanity on Paravia are obliged to move through the ages according to the F7's chosen solution. The royal lines presumably trusted the F7 to do so.

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If I read your last post correctly, at the time of the Compact, the Fellowship made promises to the five founding families. Is that correct?

Presumably the promise to the Paravians was that the Fellowship would stand surety for humanity. Now I'm wondering what promises were made to the founding families? Hmm…


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Thanks Janny. I suspected the greater part of the answer was a future story revelation and am happy for even this small sliver.

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler…

Hunter, we know that the Fellowship can give direct aid to royalty and the non royal mother (and I assume father) to royalty. In TK Luhaine says that as mother to a s'Ilessid she has status under charter law and is entitled to ask ask for Fellowship assistance. I recall something along the same lines with Arithon although I don't remember when. Something about the responsibility for the geas putting an obligation of sorts to royalty. I imagine this is at least part of the promises made to the founding families.

I look forward to learning more about the geas and the nature of the gifts. In the FAQ, the gift falls to all descendants of the founder. Which suggests that if/when Arithon continues the line, it could be that s'Ahelas farsight will forever mixed with s'Ffalenn compassion. Which could be a bucket of fish since the two aren't entirely compatible…

originally posted by Steve Redpath

Neil - The humans came to Athera by the world gates as refugees after the destruction of their galactic empire. It was the intervention of the F7 that allowed them to stay and form the compact. I get the impression that by then those who came to Athera where on the edge of extinction. Even so the F7 would have been obliged to fully tell what those chosen as royalty what they where signing up for and respect their decision regardless (law of major balance).

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I don't remember any mention of people coming through the gates to Athera. I seem to recall that humanity arrived at Athera through space travel. At some point, Morriel alludes to the fact that the Koriathain, and the remnant of humanity, wandered aimlessly through space for years – perhaps generations – before they happened onto Athera. It does pique curiosity as to how they arrived and how they deboarded their ships. Then, the humans who were unwilling to agree to the Compact or the terms offered by the Paravians/F7, left Athera by way of the Worlds' End gates, and in one case (Marak), effectively destroyed themselves and their civilization. Then, . . . well, you know the rest.

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The gates were set up as part of the compact. I'm guessing the 20000 human refugees came to Athera with space-faring technology (i.e. without adept awareness…) The Koriani prime "remembers". Do the necromancers, I wonder?

From TK, Enithen Tuer says that the Tysan caithdein ancestor "declined the honour"…curious phrasing…I wonder whether Enithen was being sarcastic? But then she implicitly trusts the Fellowship…who freed her from the Koriani…how did *she* come to realise that she could be free I wonder?

Arithon/Elaira must be catching on by Stormed Fortress surely?

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What, do you suppose, would have been that family's gift?

I don't have the book handy, but what were the qualities of the Sun Towers in Ithamon? How well do those correspond to the 5 royal gifts?

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Was Enithen Tuer "freed" from the Koriani? I don't remember reading about any woman who actually left the order. The woman who sheltered Arithon and Fionn A. in Jaelot was blinded on the pyre. Her family suspected Koriani instigation behind the charges of sorcery which sent her to the fires because the F7 upheld her right to free choice. The Koriani wanted her, she did not want to go.
I imagine the Koriani kept an eye on the higher level of working talented.

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See Enithen Tuer in appendix of TK…Asandir freed her from the Koriani it seems. The fellowship consider her an "old friend" (Sethvir/Luhaine, TK). She had probably played host in Erdane now and again for the embodied F7.

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Thanks for the information. I had assummed that the human refugees that come via the gates because of the lack of interstellar knowledge/legends (though the Koriani prime does still have the secrets of it)and the general vagueness around how humanity came to Athera. If they did come by space ships I wonder what happened to them?

"Declined the pleasure" is certainly a double bladed comment. Given that the royal houses have more contact with Paravians than any other group of the clans they would certainly know the pleasure that is inherient in being just in the presence of them but this is the same thing that would drive them to an early death.

As for what gift they would have been imbuded with foresight would have been the most obvious one with their natural talent as seerers. Outside of that compassion would still have been necessary in one of the royal famalies (assuming they where deliberately chosen and not random/individual characteristics)

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Thanks Neil-

I've never really looked at the appendices. Wonder why Elaira hasen't figured out she could ask for F7 intervention given she knew who Enithen Tuer was in COTM

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"[Enithen Tuer] had probably played host in Erdane now and again for the embodied F7."

Indeed - she *was* hosting Asandir, Dakar, Lysaer and Arithon when they passed through Erdane in CotM.

I may not be remembering the details correctly, but I thought that the burned woman in Jaelot was a freed Koriani, and the burning was the revenge they took on her for getting away - I'll check as I re-read Grand Conspiracy.

It does seem to me that Elaira is being quite slow to realise what she could do - hasn't she had at least 4 Fellowship sorcerers trying to drop subtle hints for her now?


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Paul, the Fire Lady in Jaelot had been asked to join the Koriani because she was very talented. The F7 enforced her right to free will, to refuse to be inducted into the Order.

She also stated that though there was no proof, she and her family believed very strongly that the burning she suffered was because the Koriani started rumors that she was a dark witch, in retaliation for her refusal.

What would be interesting would be to know HOW she survived that burning. Who knows? That might be the subject of one of the story arcs, (like SF), a short story (like Child of Prophecy) or possibly even just something Janny leaves mysterious, so we can make up our own minds as to what happened.