Reporting Book Piracy Websites

If you have time and Internet savvy to spare, we could use your help identifying websites that host pirated copies of Janny’s books.

Piracy websites are notoriously difficult to extinguish. As soon as one is taken down another pops up in its place. Hopefully, crowdsourcing will help reduce the effort needed to stay on top of piracy before it has an impact on Song of the Mysteries sales.

I have created a form where you can privately submit sketchy site URLs. We will periodically consolidate reports and submit them to Janny’s publisher for investigation and takedown. You can submit information anonymously – no email addresses are collected by the form.

Please use caution when visiting suspected piracy sites. Visit in “incognito mode” and use web browser add-ons such as NoScript and uBlock Origin to reduce the risk of malware and phishing. You do not need to assist with this effort if you’re unsure at all – your safety and the safety of your browsing device are paramount!

It isn’t a book piracy website, @auricle But how would we approach the Books3 situation? I was reading the Atlantic article about Books3 thing and a gift link for the article let me do a search and a number of Janny’s works were used for that… These 183,000 Books Are Fueling the Biggest Fight in Publishing and Tech - The Atlantic

Books3 is probably something that the publisher is both aware of and has the resources to take on without readers’ help. I know there are a few group lawsuits in the works.

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