Real changes on Athera

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Chronologically Elaira's what, fifty-plus years old? Physiologically, however, she's still in her twenties, I think. I doubt that would contravene the LoMB since she *chose* to receive longevity bindings in the first place from Morriel, albeit supplanted by Luhaine's work; since Fellowship longevity effects seem to be much more pleasant physically to whomever has received them, she may have upwards of five centuries of childbearing potential ahead of her.

Is that the sound of real-life mothers wincing that I'm hearing? :wink:

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Hi all.

Regarding what might or might not happen if Arithon was released from the s'Ffalenn Compassion geas - give the poor man some credit. Just because his emotions have been overwritten by a spell-fixed heightened sense of compassion doesn't mean he's completely lacking in pity and humanity underneath it. Otherwise, wouldn't Elaira (and half of us, too) be in love with a spell? And wouldn't that be pathetic?

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The s'Ffalenn Compassion geas was based on finding the trait of compassion in the founder of the line. The F7 simply took what was there and enhanced it. Perhaps 'simply' is understating it. :wink:


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Thinking of mothers wincing, may I extend the speculation that long lived parents are likely to have a long lived child and an extended pregnancy!

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I don't know about the extended pregnancy - had 4 myself and the normal length is definitely long enough!!

I don't think that the children would necessarily be long lived - which would be heartbreaking to watch your children grow old and die while you stayed physically young. Of course this has happened in other series - but as a mum I find the whole concept distressing - certainly don't want to out live my children.

This was something that I felt sad about for Lysaer too as no matter how much he loved Talith he was going to out live her by centuries and his friends etc., if they don't get killed in battle, will all die too (same for Arithon here, but at least he has some long lived companions!). It makes for a lonely life - you either harden yourself and don't care or you leave yourself open to constant hurt and loss - I am not sure how much I could put up with.

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This hails back to some posts from awhile back (I apologize for any confusion.) :smiley:

I am not sure if this has been asked before - and if it has, I apologize - but would Arithon technically "cross fate's wheel" and break the curse if he is rendered discorporate? Aren't Davien, Luhaine and Kharadmon still alive in some way or another? I don't mean to be crushing the theory (I like it and it intrigues me :smiley:), I'm just a bit confuzzled. Is there a difference between being rendered discorporate and actually dying and breaking the Mistwraith's curse?

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I think Elaira would have major objections to Arithon being discorporate. Real problems would crop up when they wish to consumate their relationship. NOT FAIR to Elaira at all. [grinning at ya]

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Lysaer is building his temples…I suspect that for once he will get some kind of victory (at least as perceived by him)…so far ships/vastmark/FP/PG have all been failures for Lysaer's factions…

If the priesthood is based on real talent then sooner or later policy makers / influencers in the towns *are* going to have the perception to realise the "place mankind holds on Athera"…this surely could be the answer to the F7's dilemma? Or would you just have a new faction in the towns who are not believed because the rest of the population cannot *see*…a priesthood could perhaps dictate/control the town poulation? Thus protecting the free wilds?

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Lysaer's original priesthood was based on real talent. The Koriani are based in real talent. Although the Koriani are trained with the idea of balance etc, the fact that they force their will over crystals demonstrates a deviation from the Law of the Major Balance.
I doubt Lysaer would allow his new talent to learn about sourcing their works through balance. It would be in direct opposition to his propaganda against the F7 and Ath's Adepts. Lysaer did have a moment of clarity when Sulfin Evend was sent out of the grimward but his corrupted mind did not allow any further exploration.
The priesthood will control the towns just been done throughout history- through fear and false promises of divine intervention.

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The thing with Lysaer never getting a victory, is that the only victory he is EVER going to count as one is Arithon's head on a stick.

OK, Arithon has enacted some pretty brutal bloodyings on Lysaer but usually as a last recourse or in defence of the clan, and usually Arithon gets away by the skin of his teeth.

Id imagine a less single minded leader who actually believed his own credo would regard the decimation of the clans as an ongoing victory although would also note the complete folly of going up against the F7.

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