Re-launch USA Countdown!

My package containing Curse and Ships just arrived, but instead of Ships, I got another copy of Warhost.

Maybe Ships is going to be a rare prize, like Boardwalk in the old McDonalds Monopoly game :wink:

I have no response, yet, from London…

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Sadly Brian, the shipping clerk (in your case, at least) is apparently not a Wurts fan…hope it gets straightened out soon.

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Mistwraith sighting report :smiley: My husband was at Barnes and Noble the other day and he said they had it. Also my local library system has at least the first few books on order (I checked out of curiosity because I was thinking about buying a copy and donating it… after all, that's how I got into the series!) Just a heads up :smiley:

Konran - thanks so much for the update. Where are you located?

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Yep. Saw it at B&N over the weekend here in Montgomery County, Md., too, and in the new releases section, no less.

New Releases? Oh, now that is REALLY GOOD NEWS!!
Thank you for noticing that.

It indicates a certain amount of effort and commitment on the publisher's part. Cool.

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Janny - I'm in Portland, OR

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You're quite welcome, Madam Talespinner. A good start for it, perhaps?

originally posted by Alan

Has anyone else received notices about delays in getting CotM, SoM, and WoV from Amazon? I placed my order on the 27th of April, and got a notice today that it's going to be late May for CotM and WoV before they ship and mid-June for SoM. :frowning_face:

Hi Alan - are you a new reader?

"Technically" the releases for these books in the USA was meant to be: May, Curse of the Mistwraith, June, Ships of Merior, July, Warhost of Vastmark, but for some reason, Amazon US decided to ship them all straight off - so I am very curious, and pleased, to be kept up to date on what is happening.

Sometimes readers see problems in the distribution chain first, and it really helps a lot if I can take them straight to the top.

Meantime, you do have my sympathy! Keep me apprised.

originally posted by Clansman

Just checked again, and no new listings. The old publication of Curse of the Mistwraith is mis-named: "Curse of the Mistrait". I guess they lost the "h". No new listings for CotMW, SoM, or WoV.


originally posted by Alan

Hi, Janny.

No, not a new reader. I primarily lurk here, though and have for quite some time. Yeah, it had a ship date for me of May 11th since I placed order and then it changed to late May/Mid-June in separate shipments when I got the update notice.

Hi Alan - I thought I'd seen you before, but didn't want to presume, in case someone else popped in with the same name.

Interesting, hmmm, with all the ship now/ship later dithering…do keep me apprised. Let's just hope, if they are deciding to ship early, that all the loop de loop is caused by demand…if they're underestimating how many they need - GOOD!

If the pauses don't stop, or they're not waking up to the numbers - or - if there's a glitch, I want to check into it.

originally posted by Theresa

Janny - one thing that might/might not be an issue; I ordered Ships and Warhost from Amazon (having purchased Curse at B&N); they shipped what they said (and the packing slip said) was both books, but I ended up with two copies of Warhost. Now, these do appear to be the UK editions and there are stickers with US pricing and all… who is affixing those stickers? Harper, a distribution center or the end-point seller (in this case, Amazon)? These two copies of Warhost I received from Amazon each has a different sticker (so, a different barcode and such). I presume one of them has the sticker intended for Ships. Maybe that is part of the distribution problem? Amazon assures me they will send the correct book but there is a "delay" now… how I wish I could kick my love/hate relationship with Amazon…

originally posted by Alan

Well, they've charged me for Curse and Warhost, but say that Ships will take a while, and I haven't been charged for it as of yet. I'll keep you updated if I have any further issues.

Theresa - I will check into the fact the books were not stickered, correctly.

The editions will be the same, all across…though probably when they print new ones, they'll have the pricing added on properly…

The "delay" - I will make sure they are not out of stock at the publisher's.

originally posted by Or Raifman

Grand Conspiracy and Peril's Gate up on amazon, they have listed release dates of 1 Nov, and 1 Jan respectively

also i got all 3 from amazon, and the all have the tickers stickers, CotMW and WoV shipped very quickly at the beginning of April, SoM shipped almost at the end of April but i did get the correct book
i think that someone else here also mentioned they got WoV insted of SoM.

Or Raifman - thanks for the listing report, and letting me know you got the correct titles. I've looked into the mis-stickering bit. Awaiting a report back, on that.

This is curious…IS there a listing for Fugitive Prince??? That would be Sept or Oct…should be, anyway…and what about Traitor's Knot and Stormed Fortress - or are they going to space them out?

Do I hate being a mushroom or what - I'll query to see…meantime, if Fugitive Prince is NOT listed - that needs fix, fast! Can't be out of order!!!

originally posted by Alan

Amazon does list Fugitive Prince, as I have it on my wishlist, with the UK cover and all. :smiley: