Post Cards?

I would love to spread the word of this series in some positive way. I thought if there were postcards I could order, I’d grab a hundred and keep them in my backpack for when I run into fantasy readers.


Janny has bookmarks, might get more use from fantasy readers.

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It’d be nice to have the Song of the Mysteries included in a WoLaS bookmark and the option for not getting the signed book plate (I have signed books). This is why postcards would be simpler. I assume the boomarks are a little more effort than just printing something.

There will probably be a Song of the Mysteries bookmark, but currently none of the new artwork is released. I would like to see the other character art released as bookmarks as well from the covers of Fugitive Prince, Ships of Merior and Warhost.

There will be a commemorative book mark for Song of the Mysteries/available as soon as the cover reveal is announced.

Post cards: had some HarperCollins provided, give them all out. I will see about designing something. Meantime: the Navigation sheet is on the website in downloadable PDF, you are always welcome to print and distribute them!

I have audio book hand outs that are postcard sized/for all titles I have in audio and ALSO, e book handouts for the satellite short stories relating to the series. Anyone wanting some: Send me a self addressed stamped envelope, or addressed envelope with an International Reply Coupon, say how many you want to distribute, which titles, and I will mail them.

If anyone else has ideas - what you’d like to see - shout them here. I have suitable artwork for postcard sized reproductions - what do you think would do for copy/type to go on them? Website and series titles, just website and Wars of Light and Shadows? These are doable…if there is interest.

If anyone wants a graphic of the pub date announcement, or the preorder date announcement, I have those in digital formats for social media and Instagram. e mail me where to send them. Happy to have the help!


Any thoughts on post cards. I want to blast the completion of the series everywhere I can.

Still waiting on cover reveal/so the art is yet under wraps.

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