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For me, Elaira's character is defined by independence and being forthright. Elaira has argued with and ventured independent opinions to Morriel - something even Lirenda struggled to understand or do, and which clearly was seen as abhorrent behaviour by the remaining Koriani.

Her ability to act, think and be independent, within the boundaries she has drawn for herself, means she can and will do what she think. What other Koriani would have even contemplated the thought of dousing their spell crystal in salt water - after what we say from Caolle's actions?

In all of Elaira's actions and occurrences, about the only time I think something has been done to her directly was Kharadmon removing the force longevity of the Koriani with the aligned forces of Fellowship longevity. Every other time, including the spell crystal episode, others around her have acted to ensure that Elaira had all the facts before embarking on her course of action. The Ath's Adept didn't stop her cleansing the crystal, rather conveyed the crystal's preference, which allowed Elaira to change her mind. Traithe's advice was that Arithon was more than able to look after himself against the Koriani and, perhaps more importantly, said if that Elaira failed Arithon, Arithon would fail. This information allows Elaira to shape her choices of action without ever transgressing free will - they are making sure she has all the relevant information before her to make the right decision.

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*Grin* Yeah, Elaira certainly takes no c**p from anyone - but she is tactful and responsible with her choices. Those boundaries you mention, Hunter, are also preventing her ‘higher self’ to come out more openly on Athera. I think we’re all looking forward to moment when the inner Elaira we readers have insight into, becomes acknowledged more openly. In fact (and I smile to think of this) it seems Arithon’s tactics are moving more towards Elaira’s philosophy as represented by Trys above.

Yes, I definitely need to go back and examine this thread. Darn! :smiley:

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"I've always wondered whether "the key" is in fact a descendant of Arithon…it's not necessarily Arithon who'll bring back the paravians but his actions/choices and their impact on the future?!? "

Thinking this idea through, what if Arithon and Elaira do have a child, maybe even several children, twins perhaps. The girl given to the Koriani, and the boy raised by, I don't know, maybe the clans, but always protected by Dakar. The daughter would certainly have the disposition towards amazing talent, and a strong will. She, with Elaira, could remove Selidie from power, and turn the Koriani back towards good works, and attunement with Ath's goodness. The son could be the one to fulfill the Black Rose prophecy.

On further inspection, this is a little bit too much like Star Wars, the chosen one failing, but his twin children succeeding. Still, archetypes are archetypes, and such broad range speculation is always fun, if a little bit insane.

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The girl given to the Koriani

Over Arithon's dead body I suspect.

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"The son could be the one to fulfill the Black Rose prophecy."

I don't agree :smiley: The black rose prophecy refers to Arithon by name.

Today, I'm guessing that Arithon and Elaira together may try to resolve the mistwraith issue. (I'm not sure where the reference is in the book but there is a reference to a lyranthe being played in Arithon's best style over a course of decades…). The free wraiths when they arrive may be so widespread that Lysaer's priests may have to take some responsibility. Not doubt Arithon/F7/Adepts could receive the blame for any possessed people.

But the Paravians seem to be absent still…for what are they waiting?

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"The girl given to the Koriani" - this is a rather abhorrent thought. Unless Elaira was Prime and restored the Koriani to their previous glory and compassion, I doubt Arithon would let any of his offspring anywhere near that organization.

"The free wraiths when they arrive may be so widespread that Lysaer's priests may have to take some responsibility." I'm curious what you had in mind that these priests would actually do? And what training and abilities would they use to do whatever it is you propose they do?

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No one seems to want to answer my original question of whether the Paravians might actually be on the same continent as the rest of humanity and the fellowship.

Ah well…


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Likely because we don't have an opinion… at least I don't have one I'm willing to air. :smiley:


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"The free wraiths when they arrive may be so widespread that Lysaer's priests may have to take some responsibility" - this was idle speculation…

It seems from FP that Arithon is the first choice for redeeming the free wraiths…risk of possession of arithon is less serious than posession of an F7 member…?

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I believe they are on the same world because there was the scene where the one guarding Ciladis looked up in surprise at the sun shining as the mistwraith was contained.

Now the question is how they might have withdrawn so that nobody can find them. Ciladis found them, or at least one, so wherever they are, they are accessible to a corporate Fellowship member who has enough persistence to keep looking.

That to me implies either on the same continent and perhaps shifted vibrationally to be very hard to find, or accessible using magical transportation, since going by sea wouldn't have been an option.

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Some random speculating and reflecting after rereading Traitor's Knot.

Davien's character always mystified me. But also, his meddling does seem to set off new pathways… I'm STILL wondering if he put the well there for the scions to drink from it and give them a fighting chance… back in CotM

Still haunted by the image of the paravian Unicorns shocked by the peal of the Prime Vibration that undid the Kralovir.

Because a human could finally enact the higher mysteries previously only done by the Paravians and Ath's brotherhood… only they don't seem to enact it, just work with the energies… could be a future partnership there…

Another possible example of it: when Arithon and Elaira had their tryst. That was cut off. Has that happened in Havish? King Eldir has quite a few kiddies… yet the land is also suffering the backlash of Morriels upset.

I'm looking foward to seeing whether humans will restore the high vibration of the planet the Paravians need in order to survive, and if the dark practices will be eradicated, along with the Mistwraithe. Though I suspect that will be the next Arc.

Morriel has now added to the taint of necromancy with her possession of Selidie. She's lost her prime access to power - and still throttles Lirenda silent. Such a good allegory on ambition.

I'm also looking forward to what Rathain's prince will face in Shand and Melhalla. He had a good reception from the Caithdeinen of Melhalla - a character I hope to see more of. She seemed quite unique, a completely different personality to the others very warm and nurturing… surely she won't buy into the 'Arithon is tainted by necromancy' line that Jeynsa will follow in Alestron…?

And Sulfin - the spanner in the Alliance machine… he's basically in Caolle's position - interesting that balance - of Jeynsa and Sulfin with their respective princes…

Oh well… *grin* another year to speculate and dream about this lot from Athera.