No Janny Wurts Books in Germany :-(

Johannes - not so far…

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Hi Janny, Johannes, Marcel

I'm new in this discussion (oh… new in all discussions ;-)). But I 've the same problems with our german publishers as you. My actual book of Janny is "Spiel der Schatten" and the next one will be "Peril's Gate". I've searched about it in internet and in many bookshops to reach the book in german - but no way!! Ok, Amazon - the english version is in order and in a few days I will keep it. And Marcel: no worry about reading in english … it's easier than you think! And you can get a little bit better in this language ;-).
Johannes and Janny: the idea to translate the books by fans of the series is really good, but I think that this must be made by one hand. It's a question of stil and personality to make a good translation and "many cooks …"
At least: I'm sure I'm able to do the job of writing Jannys books in german, but everyone must consider the copyright-problems and the time-problems everyone haves (including myself - three kids, a house and a stressful job by BMW.

greetings from Bavaria

originally posted by Johann Gross

Once more

excuse the "double-text" above - it was my first try to write in a forum. And I havn't found the way to delet one of the both. Does anyone know how to do this?


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