New Stories

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Thanks Janny. Can't wait! x

originally posted by Aria

Oooh wish list. Too big a list. :wink:

Ciladis after the Mistwraiths conquest. Although that might appear in the books.
Sethvir accepting the Earthlink.
Creation of Rockfell, not the why so much as the how and the madness of creating the stair. Even Kharadmon seemed amused with Davien's actions there.
Fall of Luhaine at Tirans, think it was Tirans…
The rebellion, or at least the realisation that Davien stirred it up. Again that might appear…
Why Methisle has so many cats!
Verrain! I like Verrain and we don't get to see a lot of him poor man, trapped with Methspawn and cats for company…
Death of Cianor and Kharadmon, 'bit morbid but sounds interesting…
Kamridian, again might appear…
Dakar and the prophecy at West Gate! That or him meeting Asandir for the first time.
The F7 actually working together before the hornets nest was stirred/Deshthiere arrived.
Something on Dascen Elur?
A day in the life of a random character. :smiley:
Gah too many thoughts and wonderings. :smiley:

But all I can say Janny is how do you find time to sleep? And I second HJ's response of can't wait. :smiley:

originally posted by Hunter

Some others…

- the circumstance of Elaira's birth, ancestry and orphaning
- story of the death of Lysaer's father's first wife and daughter
- Desolation of Kaithtarr
- Crafting of Alithiel and other great Isaervian swords - not the Asandir second hand story in GC, the crafting as the Paravians intended, including the mighty singing of the Unicorns to lay the starspells.

originally posted by Blue

Wishlist, oh gads, where to begin, and how to stop?

Lirenda - what made her the lonely, ambitious heir to the Prime?

Talera - Janny has mentioned that she originally wanted to start CotM earlier, with the execution of one of Arithon's uncles, and the affect this had on her outlook.

Speaking of Talera, what was the deal the Rauven mages made for her dowry, the birth of elementally gifted children? Especially considering she was being offered as the bride of one of the participants in the most deadly and heated feuds on Dascen Elur.

Death of the s'Ellestrion heir - why/how did s/he die on the World of the Red Desert, especially since Wisdom would be a GREAT trait to have in play between the clans and the townies.

I would like to second the nomination of Khamridian's end as a possible short story.

Something about Sulfin Evend's early life, or even better, where/how did he get the clan blood in his family.

A brief story about one of the Great Drakes, and how s/he ended up in a Grimward.

Elshian and the crafting of the Masterbard's Lyranthe.

How Dakar got the nickname of "The Mad Prophet."

The arrival of the Paravians, and the reaction of the Drakes to such a beautiful, sublime gift from Ath.

I second the nomination of the crafting of the Isaervian swords as another possible story.

Dascen Elur, post exile of Lysaer and Arithon, and the peace Mak s'Ahelas forced between Karthan and Amroth. I can imagine Lysaer's dear old daddy having a stroke because of denied vengeance, which he seems to have mistaken for justice.

Speaking of Mak s'Ahelas, would he try to engage any kind of scrying or other such means to get an idea if Arithon is all right? It might be interesting to read about an attempt of his to find this out.

originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker

Speaking of the deal between Rauven and Talera, I want to know if the elemental children would extend beyond light and shadow to the typical elements of Earth, Fire etc.

It would've been interesting if other elementally gifted children had arrived.

Or maybe Janny has a different way looking at the base elements of creation, what with Shadow & light and all, maybe there are other features of reality that Janny could create into an elemental mastery.

Authorial Musing going on…where do I want to play next for the interrim story I get to produce for playtime…

The original reason for the division and reunification of Shand and West Shand - there's definitely a story there, but can it be fit into less than novel length…hmmm.

Verrain's always kicking to get on stage - one of these days I'll succumb.

The origins of s'Dieneval - oh yes, there's a definite story there!

Mankind's arrival - what an event - perhaps too big a tapestry, though…not a simple moment, oh no! ? But some interesting and unlikely heroes come forward.

The fall of Mearth - messy, messy…definitely messy!

Dakar's early history - if you like the melodrama of an infant prodigy…

Shehane Althain's requital…maybe, maybe…

flip for it?

originally posted by Hunter

I would vote for the fall of Mearth as first preference, Shehane Althain's requital second.

originally posted by Blue

I'll second Hunter with the Fall of Mearth.

There was so much that tantalized as Arithon and Lysaer passed through, and it STILL makes me wonder what happened to it. AND it is connected to Davien, my second favorite enigma in WoLaS - Arithon remains number one.

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If this is a democracy, and I have no illusions that it is a democracy, I will join the voices of my comrades Hunter and Blue. However, I believe that we are ruled by the whims of our every-so-benign dictatrix, the Grand Tale Spinner, the Maker of the Magnificiant Muse, the Wonderful Wurts (I'm angling for a job in her Ministry of Truth). So, what she says goes.

BUT WE WANT MESSY, MESSY…DEFINITELY MESSY! Messy is fun. Just ask my kids when they play in the sandbox.

I would love to know about the fall of Mearth. And, is there any chance it has of being "cleansed"? Would be helpful in getting a s'Ahelas back to Athera if it were, given how close our main characters came to buying a piece of Mearth real estate.

originally posted by Winter

Well I'll try to even out the voting by going for Shand/West Shand. The division and union of Kingdoms, could it happen again? The answers to why the Kingdom borders are what they are, and why specific royal lines were assigned to them. Was there another royal line for West Shand? If so, what happened to them? If not, how was it governed and is it a model for post-s'Ellestion Melhalla?

originally posted by Matthew

1# Verrain
2# Dakar

While all the other subjects would be interesting i'd still love to hear more about these two characters. Verrain preferably because Dakar has more of the spotlight at the moment.

Both these characters have an interesting backstory, they're still active in Athera now and they may have important parts to play in the future.

Apologies again if i get it wrong… but i think in one of the books it was mentioned (or suggested) that Verrain was used to balls and court, that sort of thing. I'd love to know what he was like originally as it sounded like he didn't recieve mage training from as early age like Dakar. Also, if i am right, i wonder how he and Lysaer would get along as it would seem they'd have similar backgrounds. (If i am wrong about all this it just shows i need a book about it to correct me)

If I claim to have multiple personalities can we all vote? :smiley:

P3)"Yes, Verrain"
P5)"I concur"
P6)"I love Verrain, he's so dreamy"
P7)"Verrain is rubbish, I'll Kill yo…"
*sounds of fighting, muffled shouting and a shoe striking something unmentionable…*
P7"mmmmffh mhhhmm mahhhh"
*…also LOTS of whimpering.*
P6)"He means 'Yes, I would like Verrain too please'"

The moral of this story; don't mess with my feminine side when she's making eyes at a hottie.

Before anyone gets worried i don't really have multiple personalities :smiley:

(To himself, 'yes i told them… yeah i think they bought it.')

originally posted by Matthew

I always thought true democracy was a myth:

Waiter "Here you are sir, we will make you ANYTHING you want to eat"
Me "anything?"
Waiter (bored)"yes anything."
*then he hands over the menu*
*I look at the menu*
1) lives in the sea (eel)
2) lives on land (snake)
Side orders
1) bull****
2) See above - that's it.

Vive la two party system.

originally posted by Matthew

and apologies for all the posts… yet again i'm home alone while my wife is stuck on the late shift. i'm very very bored, please post as well, talkign to the cat will only carry me so far.

originally posted by Angus

Two party system: only in the US, my friend.

Up here, in the Great White North, we have five. One is centrist (Liberal), one right (Conservative), one left (New Democrats), one green (Green, what else! no seats yet, though) and one separatist (Bloc Quebecois, only runs candidates in Quebec, and are waning politically).

At least you have one clear choice. Bad, or worse. We have choices between thieves, simple minded idiots, idealists, more idealists, and people who don't know a great county when they see one.

originally posted by Matthew

I'm british, i'm only picking on america because it's easy. Our system isn't much better lookign at it from a 'True Democracy' viewpoint.

Politics is alot like mud wrestling. No one who enters it stays clean for long.

originally posted by Hunter

Verrain also wore fashion several centuries out of date if I recall correctly. It's a wonder he's sane at all with just meth-snakes to keep him company along with several dozen cats.

My reasoning is simple - Paravians, I want to read about Paravians… not these boring humans… the exalted beings, besides which we are but pale shadows

Janny - any chance of a story around Naming of the Winter stars, the solstice rights at Caith-al-Caen, or even the first arrival of the Paravians on Athera? Or the making of the Isaervian swords?

Ahhh - squinting at vote lists, and excited suggestions…

Some of these would be a NOVEL!

And some you've turned down - chortle - have you ANY IDEA what you'd be missing?

(Author tease!!! Author tease!!! Bolts out, still playing with options.)

originally posted by Matthew

I doubt we're missing anything because i'm sure you're going to cover all the different stories eventually… even if we have to break your ankles and keep you captive in a remote cabin a la misery :smiley:

Note: i'm not a dangerous stalker with violent tendancies, total joke =P

originally posted by Hunter

Janny - are all these story options intended to see the light of day at some point, in some format?

Hunter - I sincerely hope so.

If not in their own right, then as an unveiling scene in a larger work.

Often the ones that pop when a story opportunity comes along are the ones that seem to unveil a larger facet of something about to pop in the series proper…which is always fun, and why the sidebar material always fleshes out the larger picture.

I have to choose for ones that will open new areas, or deepen the reach of ones only hinted at but – at all costs – stay Away from ones that would crash the gates on material I know will be opened up wide in the next two arcs (or in Stormed Fortress for that matter! Yeah, you'll get a few…)

So there are some hot ticket areas I know I'll have to avoid, because - well, they're coming anyhow, because in some manner that thread intersects the coming story and affects it strongly.

Right now, the stories that are created will appear scattershot, as the opportunities happen. (You have Reins of Destiny coming in December). Each one is a bit tricky, because it snap freezes areas of the back history, and I have to organize my notes to be sure I've included all the going factors, in right order!!!

Eventually, I'd like to put together a collection of such works, appended to a novella that's set in Athera or something - but - opportunity for the series itself may have to expand, first - or something else crop up - in order to position the idea and have (yes I want ot see this!) all those stories appear under one cover.

It could be that I may write a supporting novel that stood totally alone from the series - but as I have a contract for book I arc IV, (title to be announced, chuckle) this can't happen instantaneously.

Such ideas have to compete with other one off novel ideas, like Hell's Chasm, that I also want to write. (a heap of those are piling up, too). Alot depends whether I pull in other opportunities to paint.

Think art book, down the line. With a huge Athera section.

One needs an enthusiastic publisher, too. Grin.