New Stories

They are both prequels, but will reveal threads that connect, foreshadow more, and open wider understanding - even "preview" some of the depths you will see in this arc. So definitively, they connect!

Well, while you are all out there grabbing Under Cover of Darkness to see what Atheran surprise is in store for you -

I will be here brain burning a new Athera story…several ideas on the bubble, one on the Near Boil - but - if you have a wish list of what you'd LIKE to know about this world, this is the moment to yell - while things are crystallizing -

You never know what might turn up.

(back to the paint pot meantime)

originally posted by Frank T Davis

Appreciate very much if someone out there would do a brief summary of the other Athera and/or "The Wars of Light and Shadow" related stories that are cureently available. Include a description of the type of publication, e.g. a volume of short stories or a stand alone short story, etc. and the recommended place to purchase each. I just have this feeling based on the many comments that I am missing out by reading only Janny's novels.
Thanks a whole bunch,

originally posted by Trys


The easiest way to see what has been published of Janny’s short stories is to visit the Bulletins: Releases page where you will find pages for Current Releases, releases out in the last several years and a page for Upcoming releases. That said:

“Sundering Star” (Atheran related) appears in Under Cover of Darkness - Edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Jana Paniccia

“Finder’s Keeper” appears in Fantasy Gone Wrong - edited by Brittiany Koren.

“Moebius Strip” appears in Elemental The Tsunami Relief Anthology: Stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy - Edited by Steven Savile,

“Child of Prophecy” (Atheran related) appears in Masters of Fantasy - edited by Bill Fawcett.

“Blood, Oak, and Iron” appears in Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy - Edited by Al Sarrantonio.

“Watchfire” also appears in this book and was coauthored by Janny and Ray Feist.

“Last of Her Kind” appears in Fantastic Companions - Edited by Julie E. Czerneda

I’ve listed all of the recent short stories as I highly (HIGHLY, mind you) recommend that you track down the others as the other stories, are excellent and well worth the read. In other words, imo, you’d be missing out on by not reading these stories as well. :smiley:

There’s also this page that lists all of her short stories over the years:


originally posted by HJ

I'd love to know more about the circumstances surrounding Kamridian s'Ffalenn's demise in Kewar. Or Ciladis in the wake of the Paravian's disappearance. Or the story of the blind lady in Jaelot. But I'm especially keen on Kamridian's story.

There will be yet another Atheran story called Reins of Destiny, probably for release this December in a fantasy anthology – I've signed contract for it, just waiting for the final details on what to post here.

YES - if you read the related stories it will give you a window into what you are seeing in the novels. Each one fleshes out a facet (and sometimes even, previews) a major unfoldment that the story will cover - but if you have access to the short material, you will see it coming in the main novels in FAR MORE detail than you would if you looked at the novels, alone. Definitely TK and Stormed Fortress will have more meaning, with the short material under your belt.

I am not making it impossible to see these issues from the main story alone - but when the main story covers these points, there will not be NEARLY the insight and detail, as the focus of the novel can't shift sideways to accommodate.

You will always gain from the short material - as the focus in those bits is spotlighting certain areas, and all of the material directly connects.

I am making the effort to compile more material like this as it adds immeasurably to the universe…often when people ask, or guess, they are so far short of the Actual - that it's fun as heck to provide the real unfoldment of what DID happen…so - yes, the short stories do that.

Two available now, one pending (probably in December) and - one about to be written…

originally posted by Frank T Davis

Thank you very much for the info and the insight. You've done much of the work for which I am grateful. As you suggest, it shall be done. I'm running out of books on hand to read while I await SF and the short stories of Janny and the other renowned authors should fit the bill nicely.

originally posted by Hunter

I would like to read about the circumstances around the death of Marin Eliathe and the fall of the Justice Tower @ Ithamon.

originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker

My mind can't get past wanting to know more about the F7, so I'm seconding HJ's request on Ciladis.

Whether we hear of him before or after the Paravians disappear, I don't mind.
I think that his quest to search for them might yield too many questions and too many answers at the same time, so perhaps a recounting of an important even he was involved in when the Mistwraith first arrived on Athera?

We know that Traithe was the one who sealed the Gate, that Sethvir, Asandir & Kharadmon(? he died during the uprising? or Luhaine?) were still "field agents" before the paravians left.

This would also present a glimpse into the machinations of the F7 while they were still a complete unit, with Davien still present.

That would get my mind racing!

(Janny's said that we will eventually hear of the F7's past, so this is one way of getting a glimpse at them, without having to go back too far into their lives *evil grin*)

originally posted by Hunter

Some other options:

1.The sacking of Ithamon by Khadrim and Seardluin in Second Age 3651 when Kharadmon lost his body and also Athera lost her High King - Cianor Sunlord.

2. The first drake dream which resulted in the arrival of the Paravians.

3. A dissertation on the n-dimensional, non-Newtonian time/space continuum in which this world is set with particular reference to the dual nature of energy and matter and the conversion between the two…

originally posted by Trys


dual nature of energy and matter and the conversion between the two

Hmmm, as I understand this is an aspect of current theories of physics on this planet. The idea being that matter is simply energy vibrating at a frequency that results in what we call matter and that there really isn't a difference. As to conversion it's just a matter of frequency change. :smiley:


originally posted by Hunter

Ah yes… frequency change such as Asandir upstepping to travel via lane transfer… how might one effect this… :smiley:

The dual nature comment was exactly to indicate that it's two sides of the same thing and that going from one aspect to the other requires said frequency change… and how one might do that…

Story requests - some things will "appear" in Stormed Fortress…

some requests fall too near the direct line of the novels, as these themes will be integral in the future.

Some will be illuminated in Reins of Destiny (coming to you in December, in an anthology to be announced, the countersigned contract arrived YESTERDAY.

hmmmm - King Kamridian- that's not a happy story!!! And you already know the ending, so where's the surprise?

The story of Cianor Sunlord is about a novel's worth…and of course, it's not window dressing he's mentioned in the series.

All the rest of the stuff's in the pot, mulling!

originally posted by Konran

I would like to see a bit of early Dakar, how he came to be Asandir's apprentice. =)

originally posted by Auna

How about something during the time the humans first arrive on Athera? While that is an entire book I'd love to read someday (hint!), I'd love to see even a snippet, that's bound to be very eventful.

Anything F7 related! (Would we even like these guys before they were dragon called?)

The reckless antics of a young Dame Dawr :wink: (or anything on the brothers).

How did the waystone and skyron crystal come to be?

How did the Biedar get on Athera?

originally posted by starstorm

I'll second Konran's request. Dakar is SUCH a cool character, and we know very little about his life before he became Asandir's apprentice.


originally posted by HJ

Hi Janny,

About Kamridian: I might be mistaken but I can't remember (and I've only just re-read Alliance of Light) any mention of why he came to be in Davien's maze. Arithon didn't really have any choice about entering but I've always wondered what reasons there could be for anyone to willingly enter the maze. I'm sure I read somewhere that other men/beings had also perished in Kewar. It's not that I want to read the grisly details of poor Kamridian's end. More that I wonder what drove him there.

Over and above this, I'd like to read about Davien first conceiving of the maze and building it but I guess that would reveal his intention for creating it in the first place. Again, unless I'm mistaken I don't think that's ever been described in any of the books. I'm hoping we'll find out in due course…

I've always wondered why Davien built the maze, the 5 Centuries Fountain and the pit at Rockfell. It's almost as if he had everything planned in advance…!

originally posted by Auna

I would love to know more about Davien, but I figure that's gonna be done slowly in the books since he's our big mystery figure!

Were the clans separate from the rest of humanity or were they all one bunch that happened to segregate after coming to Athera?

Oh, and the mull list grows!!!

Some stuff's already answered! (as in, go get Under Cover of Darkness, Fantasy Masters, and later on — another antho coming in December…

Some stuff's in Stormed Fortress…

Some stuff's gonna out in Arc IV…

Davien - he built Kewar, the Five Centuries Fountain - for a connected reason…this will doubtless out in due time. And it's connected to Why King Kamridian chose the maze…

Other ideas on the Mull - Verrain's story is pretty cool.

But I probably won't do that one right yet for this shot.

Oh, I am gonna have Fun with this one!

Right now - I have the three paintings that will composite for the cover of Stormed Fortress ALL UNDERWAY IN THE PAINT.

The icons for Fugitive Prince, Grand Conspiracy - also underway in the paint…

Inside the ring shots for FP and GC, are in transfer…soon to be in paint.

And PG's in the ring shot - in pencil drawing, yet.

Background for Grand Conspiracy - still to be designed…that's the one that's least formed up - have I ever had so many little paintings going at once - feels like a galaxy of them…I had to put a shelf up behind my drafting table to put the wet ones to dry!

Figure you will have something to see here by March!

originally posted by HJ

Thanks Janny. Can't wait! x