originally posted by Neil

When Elaira watches the mistwraith attack Arithon she experiences a kind of recognition that she can't quite place

"something of cold purpose fllcked and passed like a snake through his mind"…

…Elaira…"concerned an impression of vital importance had somehow escaped her awareness"


Assuming Elaira is seeing the mistwraith at work…she does not know that these spirits were human? Does Arithon know the origin of the wraiths?

I note that the mistwraith had learned from Traithe's innovation and stopped Arithon from defending himself in a similar way.

originally posted by Dorothy

I wonder if the impression Elaira grasps after reminds her of something to do with the Koriathain. I was thinking of the interview she has with Selidie at the beginning of PG which has consequences later on in TK. I'm sorry if I sound obscure but I'm not sure if the spoiler warning is still in place for TK.

originally posted by Dorothy

It's just that the koriathain have always struck me as being sly in their dealings and like the mistwraith lurk around waiting for an opportunity to exploit or prey on the unsuspecting,hence Elaira's reaction.

originally posted by Sleo

I'm rereading the series for the fourth time and just now am noticing a LOT. But one thing I'm wondering about early in Peril's Gate, is the scene where Elaira starts to drop her crystal into salt water and the adept from Ath's Brotherhood stops her. The adept tells her a story about two horses, one of which is kept under his rider's thumb, and the other is allowed to partner in riding. The second horse chooses to be its rider's companion instead of its servant. When Elaira's crystal chooses to go back to the Koriathain, the adept remarks that it has chosen to be her 'companion', much as the horse in his story. I'm just now wondering a lot of things about these crystals. Do you suppose it goes back to the sister house to spy for Elaira? To watch out for her? I also wonder if the crystals are aware of each other. Since the enchantresses are bound through the Skyron crystal, it seems to me that much information about each of them is held within the Skyron crystal and I wonder if any of it is shared with the personal crystals. Hmmm.

originally posted by Annette

No, I do not think Elaira's personal crystal is spying, wrapped away in a coffer, I have doubts any crystal entity would understand the concept of spying. Their consciousness does not seem bound by linear time. Elaira has not yet advanced far enough to see through her crystal or gather information from it when it is not with her, if her talents go in that direction. So no spying is likely to occur, or at least none that is directly connected with Elaira. We have yet to see if anyone else other than the Prime using her sigil of mastery can see through those personal crystals.

The crystal was sent back to the sister house because it wanted to remain bound to Elaira, and Elaira at the time could not keep it with her. So it went back to the Koriathain for keeping. Hopefully later on Elaira can reclaim it or perhaps the crystal knows of something else that is going to happen where it will be needed. Which would possibly be a spoiler for Initiate's Trial, and speculation for Destiny's Conflict.