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Just sticking my two cents in -

My guess is that Kharadmon's spirit does still technically have an embodiment - he's bits of spirit plasma stuff (I seriously have no clue about this :smiley:), and so that embodiment would give the wraiths an opportunity for possession. As long as there's something that can be captured as a host shell, whether it be flesh or spirit plasma stuff or quartz crystals or glitter, I assume that the wraiths can take possession of it. So Kharadmon would still be in great peril.
Again, I have no idea. :smiley: Janny and everybody else: please feel free to correct me if I am way off target!

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Glitter? What? What was I thinking? Why do I type things at midnight? :smiley:

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i don't remember exactly but when the free wraiths attacked Sethvir in WoV, they could have equally choosen Kharadmon/luthaine so I would guess the spirit is considered an entity apart and that this could be "eaten" (bad word I know…) by the wraiths?

When K is on Marak he is "under siege" or something like that…but maybe only the knowledge is up for grabs and not the spirit but at which point the F7 is forced to unpleasant choices by the drake binding…if the wraiths obtain access to power at a F7 level?

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In that scene in Althain Tower, it was clear that the wraiths were after possession of a Fellowship Sorceror. They chose Sethvir for several reasons:

1. As the only enfleshed Sorceror, his reactions were necessarily limited by his physical self - he couldn't see in any directions and his flesh had to move.
2. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, they were after Sethvir's access to the earthlink. After his shattered his consciousness with the pebble into fragments, the wraiths ignored his body as they search for his awareness.

Although this does raise an interesting temporal question and whether the wraiths contained in Rockfell have some link to the greater part of themselves still on Marak. i.e. to answer the question of how the wraiths in from Marak after Kharadmon knew Sethvir had the earth link.


prior to Third Age 4993:
- Fellowship exile people who want to pursue proscribed technology through South gate.
- Said people transgress Law of Major Balance to create Mistwraith
Third Age 4993:
- Mistwraith comes through South Gate
- Traithe closes South Gate, loses greater part of faculties
Third Age 5018:
- Davien's uprising, defense at Earle splinters. Mistwraith
Third Age 5100:
- Last Centaur leaves Paravia, cedes earthlink to Sethvir.

So, the earthlink came to Sethvir more than a century after the Mistwraith invaded through Southgate. Then, how did the wraiths from Marak know that Sethvir had the earthlink?

That the wraiths recognized Kharadmon is not surprising as the Fellowship had banished these people so they should recognize a Fellowship Sorceror (although the people on Dascen Elur had forgotten totally the Fellowship after five short centuries - it rather intrigued me that Arithon didn't at least know what the Fellowship was and who they people where, given his training under Mak, Dari's descendant). But how the wraiths knew that Sethvir had the earthlink is a good question - can the part of Desh-thiere held captive in Rockfell communicate with the larger part of itself in Marak? If so, one would have thought the part in Marak might have been able to find it's lost part.

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does anyone know when the next installment after tailors knot is due?.

i was off work recently and read all seven books so far, one after the other, i really enjoyed the time off, but now i'm getting withdrawl symptons please help!, i know it's sad but i need my fix!!!

chris. n.ireland

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Arg chris not for a while they are still trying to get the TK out in the US so it will be a while

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Janny is currently at work writing Stormed Fortress so as Rurack says, it will be a while yet.


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thanks for the info, i will just have to be a little patient then. if you can't get TK in the US maybe you could try this one is slightly different that the dot com version. thanks again Trys, Rurack.

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sorry i seem to have a habit of repeating myself!
i thought i a wiped out one of the messages i had posted. i'm just knew to this

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No problem, Christopher. It happens. :smiley: is very different from the .com version as it sells British editions (and some imported American ones) where as .com is the opposite.