Map of Athera

Penny - A regular sized business envelope (#10) will do nicely - this map I send is enlarged but it is nothing fancy. Think of it as a working copy…

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Blue… Steve Irwin is a joke. Or a good representation of your average Queenslander… ::evil grin::. :smiley:

No wonder Australian TV tooks several years before they started putting his show on local TV - they were too embarrassed. In the dictionary under "cultural cringe" is a picture of Steve Irwin.

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Hi Janny, many thanks - it's the "enlarged" bit that is going to make all the difference for my past-40-year-old eyes :slight_smile:

Janny, your approachablility and your care and attention to your fans reminds me very much of Joe Straczynski of Babylon 5 fame, he too genuinely cares about his fans.


Pretty good bunch of people we have gathered here - it's my pleasure.

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Blue… Steve Irwin is a joke. Or a good representation of your average Queenslander… ::evil grin::

ROFL!! I just got some strange looks at work for laughing out loud over that one…

Good thing I wasn't drinking or I would have sprayed my monitor I think.



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Oh, I'm gonna have to get me one of these! (Or maybe a couple, hehe)

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Dear Janny,

Thank you so much for the map and the added extras.

I'm on tablets at the moment that make me very, very sleepy (balance problem, the tablets are some kind of super strength Dramamine); waking up in the morning can be quite difficult. I heard the post this morning but couldn't even wake enough to go and pick it up.

Then Kev came into the bedroom and announced "This one's from Janny Wurts.": I woke up pretty sharpish then! :smiley:

Thanks again,
Love, Penny

You're welcome, Penny - all those who had overseas international reply coupons - those maps went out at the same time as Penny's - I can't use the reply coupons at the local pack and mail shop; these require a long trip during the day to the "real post office" which is across town. Because Don was in Texas for the past 3 months, I had to answer all the phones - trips across town (45 min each way, in traffic) just didn't happen until now.

Apologies for the long wait - I ALWAYS honor these requests, from wherever they come in - it just took far longer than usual to fill these.

Penny - I hopeyou are better soon!

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Thanks for the wonderful books! The characters and settings in your stories, in some ways remind me of our west highland stories (Celtic mythology). Wonderful! I have the same problem reading with arms not long enough. I would very much like a copy of the map too. Is this possible?

Andy: yes. Backtrack in this thread to my post of Dec 27, follow the directions.