Koriani Protection from the Kralovir

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Personally, I think it's going to be Lirenda who has a great deal to do with Morriel's chickens coming home to roost there.

At the moment, she is the only Koriani who knows what Morriel has done, but she's hardly in a position to do or say anything about it - but I'm sure that situation won't last for ever - some side effect of something Arithon or Elaira does will free Lirenda, and then it will be Lirenda who brings down Morriel, or frees Selidie

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In the TK spoiler topics I put forward the idea that at some time Arithon and Elaira might combine to gain some control of the Great Waystone, Arithon being necessary because of his power over the Iyat. I hadn't even thought of how that would affect Lirenda. Thanks guys for some new ideas to ponder!

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I wanted to come back to the starting point of this thread and ask about the kralovir.

Do we assume as at the end of Traitor's Knot that this branch of necromancers are permanently removed?

It seems implied that necromancy came with humanity when they arrived on Athera. (I'm assuming so because Janny mentionned somewhere that the compact apparently covers curbing necromancy in some of it's more serious forms. What is a less serious form I wonder?)

I'm wondering whether the necromancers have had conflicts with any other factions on Athera during the last 5000 years? Are the clans ignorant? Surely not. Are the clans protected in some way? They must surely be a tastier target than townborns.

Presumably paravians / fellowship do not intervene if humanity preys on each other as long as the land is intact.

I guess it remains to be seen whether the issue necomancy continues to be an issue in this story.

originally posted by Meredith Lee Gray

In regards to the clan being aware of the threat, in TK, Iannfar s'Gannley was sent back to his kin with the express message to ready some sort of ritual knife… can't remember the exact wording. But it was to the point that a necromancer would soon be passing their way, and there was a ritual way of "safely" killing them that the clansmen were to undertake.

This is all, "IIRC". It may not have been the clansmen to kill this person, but they were to ready something for a ritual killing. So apparently they are familiar enough with the situation to have a procedure in place.

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Meredith, you are exactly correct, that Ianfar WAS sent back to tell the others where he was going to forge an iron knife for a ritual death, because a corrupted priest was due to go right past them.

It might be part and parcel of clan duties in this respect, as part of the Compact they were dedicated and sworn to uphold. Clan lines are mage-gifted, which gives them the necessary resilience to withstand Paravian presence without going insane. I presume that means there would HAVE to be some level of training, in order to fulfill those Compact necessitated duties, such as killing someone corrupted by necromantic ritual.

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Just a thought: what if headhunters were financed by necromancers? The alliance of light seems to have been.

But presumably the head hunters have only been around since the uprising…what about during the kingships…did the high kings really support necromancy in his/her kingdom? Or was it out of scope?

Was this a use of the crown jewels, perhaps, to augment royalty to help curb necromancy?

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I'm rereading Traitor's Knot and getting a kick out of reading these old comments. Especially 'Life's hard for a Wurts fan.' :smiley:

I have a lot of questions about Enithen Tuer. We know she's a former Koriani who was released from her vows by the Fellowship. We know they owe her a debt. Do we know why? And why were spirits coming at her when she was dying? Did she or other Koriani have something to do with necromancy at some time? How did she know how to release Lysaer from the necromantic addiction? I'm very puzzled by all of this.

Have I missed something along the way? (Entirely possible, lol)

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A pledge of protection is not really the same as a debt. That the fellowship enforced her right to freedom would probably have left some obligation for them to protect her from the koriathain, they seem to have volunteered to protect her when it was needed.

I had thought Enithen Tuer asked for her freedom from her oath after spending time with the Biedar, however I have hunted for ages for the passage that made me think that and come up with nothing. Maybe I just have an over active imagination. That Enithen Tuer was given the Biedar knife would indicate they were involved though, and perhaps Enithen Tuer gained her knowledge of how to combat necromancy from them.

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OK I eventually found the bit that connects Enithen Tuer with the Biedar.


Enithen Tuer’seeress living in the town of Erdane. Originally a Koriani sister who encountered the Biedar tribes in Sanpashir, and on the basis of their influence, was freed from her initiate’s vow of service by Fellowship Sorcerer Asandir’s intervention.
Stormed Fortress pg 673(pb)

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Oh! Thanks. That explains a lot! Except for the part about the spirits coming at her.

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There is a bit in Fugitive Prince that might have something to do with the spirits, or it could have been the necromancers that were responsible for that.


"There is only one glyph that can span the salt ocean. That is the sigil of mastery which I
hold over each and every one of you, impressed on your oath of initiation. Spells spun through its vortex will track an enchantress, beyond every defense and safeguard. No place in this world lies
exempt. There is no hiding. One who breaks faith cannot escape forfeit, no matter how far her flight takes her. Even death grants no surcease. Such spells have been used at need to call halt on the spirit in its final passage across the Wheel."
Fugitive Prince pg 457 (newest paperback)

It seems the Biedar knife protected Enithen Tuer, but when she gave it to Sulfin Evend, she needed fellowship protection for her spirit to stay free. The wraiths on Marak also inducted the spirits of those they had killed. Seems unlikely but maybe Morriel has her own set of wraiths to take care of oathbreakers who run for it.

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Oh yes, I remember that now that you point it out! But even more so, doesn't that imply the Koriathain have a relationship or perhaps a similarity to necromancy?

But I agree it seems to explain the spirits.

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Slightly off topic: Enithen Tuer was freed by "Biedar influence", and Elaria is now heading in that direction, with a tiny amount of prompting. Why do I now think the Initiate's Trial might be Elaria's trial to loose her vow from the Korani?

Hellcat (un-lurking)

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Hmmm. Interesting. :smiley:

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The relationship between the Koriani and necromancers is in the sigils and glyphs used which was explained in Stormed Fortress. Any similarities in what use they put them to we might have to wait and see. But yes holding a spirit past death would also be similar, if those spirits were sent by Morriel. Might be an idea to move the discussion to the Initiate's Trial section before we give too much away but future events.

No I do not think Elaira is going to be asking for her freedom, Elaira already knows her rights. It is the decision of her personal crystal that is the problem. Like her visit to Ath's adepts though, Elaira might learn more visiting elsewhere.

Hey Hellcat, great to see you round here!

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Agree with you Annette. I was reading the PG glossary last night and it said (mis quote) that the initiation rite of the Korani involved linking the initate's spirit to a quartz crystal bound under the sigil of prime domination.

This suggests to me that if the Elaira's quartz chose (and was empowered to) reject that prime sigil Elaira's vow would not be enforceable.

The fact that Arithon's daughter and Biedar wise woman was shattering crystals left, right and centre feels to me that she was empowering the crystal to reject the prime cipher by "suicide" shattering.

It also means that there has to be one quartz (not of Athera) per enchantress, which presumably puts an upper limit on how many live Korani there can be. This number grows less and less as the quartzes are lost, mis-handled, or otherwise rendered un-usable.


originally posted by Annette

I did not see it as Elaira's crystal had any power to reject the prime sigil. It did not want to be cleared/freed, it wanted to remain paired to Elaira, which kept it and Elaira Koriani, unless Elaira wants to go against the wishes of her crystal, and clear it anyway. Elaira would not do that, there would be a reason why the crystal chose to remain a Koriani tool, and Elaira wanted to understand that reason.

I believe the crystal the initiates are bound to when they take oath is either the Waystone or Skyron aquamarine, depending on which was used. That would be the crystal that holds their imprint. The second life binding to crystal is for longevity, the personal crystal is used for that, but Elaira is not bound to her crystal that way. The Skyron is the one that Elaira swore her oath over, and that contains her imprint, Elaira grabs that and takes it into one of Ath's hostels, she is free. But by then Elaira will probably be able to ask the crystal herself what it wants, maybe the Skyron also will choose to remain Koriani. Maybe Elaira herself is to remain in the order, for some reason not yet apparent. Unless you have an active imagination, snapped up all the hints and decided Elaira might end up with the power to change what she does not like about the order.