Janny Wurts: Interviews, articles, and panel discussions

Janny is participating in a virtual panel over at /r/fantasy on Reddit:

https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/gdxhcv/ffantasy_virtual_con_future_of_ sff_panel/

In case you missed it, Janny also participated in another virtual panel on Reddit’s /r/fantasy, celebrating that subreddit’s 1,000,000 member threshold.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/i02sy8/celebrating_1_million_members_a _panel_with/

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Thanks for the link, Brian Uri!!

Some interesting insights. I'm glad to see that Janny drew the attention of more potential readers.

A reader just posted a Wurts appreciation post on Reddit’s r/fantasy subreddit:

https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/kfa79x/a_guide_to_the_works_of_janny_w urts/

Feel free to join in respectfully if you have thoughts to share!

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Thanks again. It's a well written and thorough review/overview.

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Hi, I’ve currently run out of books to read. Would have absolutely loved to have been able to start reading this next book in the series. Will now have to settle for something else at this point. But Cant wait for the next progress update. Many many thanks

Janny posted an essay on Internet bookselling algorithms over at /r/fantasy on Reddit:

Janny has published an essay on writing through her e-book publisher:

Also, there will be an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on /r/fantasy on May 25th, more details to follow.

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 5/25, Janny will be doing an “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” over at the /r/fantasy subreddit on Reddit. The thread will be live sometime in the morning around 10 or 11 AM Eastern (I will update this post with the link at that time).

For those unfamiliar with Reddit AMAs, anyone with a Reddit account can ask a question in the thread throughout the day. Janny will return around 7 PM Eastern to answer questions for a few hours. She’ll check in again the next day to catch any straggler questions.

“Ask Me Anything” can be taken to heart – feel free to pose questions about books, art, life experiences, or anything else that might come to mind!

EDIT: The AMA is live!

Janny posted an essay on voice, style, and character over at /r/fantasy on Reddit:

Janny posted some recommendations for 10 oft overlooked books over at /r/fantasy on Reddit:

Janny participated in a virtual panel at TBRCon 2022, titled “Fantasy Through the Decades” with Michael J. Sullivan, Peter V. Brett, and Anthony Ryan (Beth Tabler, moderator).

Janny wrote a guest article on early influences on the Before We Go blog:

Janny will be a guest on PAGE CHEWING with SteveTalksBooks and P.L. Stuart tomorrow night. The chat will stream live on Friday, March 18 at 7 PM Eastern on YouTube.

Janny was interviewed by Blaise Ancona on the Under the Radar SFF Podcast.

This is a lovely interview that does a bit of a deep dive (no spoilers) into what the Wars of Light and Shadow is about, if you are new to the series it’s a nice snapshot of what you’d be getting into, and it also details back list books that are less complex. Blaise did a really lovely job with the presentation. It’s a nice resource if you need to share with people new to my work.

The livestream link to Page Chewing extended because the topics discussed ran away with us all. I hope at some point to get bullet points summarizing what the contents cover. If you are new to writing or want some insights to help your creativity along, there are sections here that may be of interest, in addition to discussion of the books.

I listened to this today and may have loudly clapped at “You aren’t born with talent, you are born with drive and an interest.” among other things.
Greatly enjoyable livestream with so many interesting insights! :slight_smile:

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Janny was interviewed by author P.L. Stuart and discussed multiple topics, from the completion of The Wars of Light and Shadow to the recent
TV rights acquisition of The Empire Trilogy.

Janny participated in a To Ride Hell’s Chasm discussion with Philip Chase, Johanna (of Johanna Book Chats), and Blaise (of Under the Radar SFF). The first section is spoiler-free before they dive into spoilers.