It's official! Audio book release for Destiny's Conflict is March 1st!

Auna - thank you. Friends speaking to friends, posts going up in blogs - whatever - that is definitely how it happens.

If you have writing published, post it here. If there's a shared influence, folks may well take a look.

Thank you.

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Thanks Jenny, that's generous. I forwarded you a copy of the newsletter. Already one person clicked your book!

I have checked out the audio link, and HEY! They have put this audio book into Whispersynch - that means: if you have bought or are buying the kindle version, you can 'add on' the audio for a pittance, and the whispersynch will let you switch back and forth between the text/kindle ebook and the audio AND IT WILL HOLD YOUR PLACE for you between formats.

We need a very very very heroic number of audio sales in the first year to 'make' the grade to get the entire series produced…(very heroic number = 10,000 sales. My agent's take: Tom Clancy would be happy with those numbers in first year of release)…so really, it's gonna have to go like a 'go fund me' sort of commitment from readership to make it over this bar.

Here's hoping…

Amazon's algorithms are a pain. YOU HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST 100 REVIEWS to even start having their platform work for you/begin the auto recommendations that snowball your visibility.

We don't have that for this volume, not even close…MY THANKS for all of you who have contributed, it really matters.

Hitting that algorithm would make magic happen.

Note: today a reader posted that the UK kindle version is ON SALE for L 1.99…great chance to mention to friends.

originally posted by Auna

Doh! Sorry Janny for the Jenny typo! :stuck_out_tongue: I shouldn't post late at night before going to bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of reviews, what you need is to sell enough copies to get #1 in your categories so your book is on all those top 100 lists. Selling all those books also gets you into the Also Boughts of other books which is basically free advertising and propagates the goodness. That's when the algorithms kick in.

It's great that your first book is on sale in the UK. Hopefully it's getting some promo love too.

Auna - top 100 - I can't do that on my own… release day for Destiny's Conflict didn't put us even close.

I feel, days, like being buried alive in quicksand. Done the work…put all I could into what promo I can do…writing on, but yeah, you nailed it, it's numbers based, and they build IF you can get the algorithm to work for you.

Apologies for all the hoo-rah, etc, I know it is boring. What happens next depends on - what happened to the last title released. (Why it's necessary).

Thanks for understanding. The 100 reviews mark looked to be the more 'reachable' goal. Top 100 would take - a break through somewhere.

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None of this stuff is boring. Frustrating at times, but never boring!

With ironic timing, yesterday I noticed your ebook for Curse of the Mistwraith on Amazon was at 99 reviews. I tipped it over to 100, so definitely achievable!


There is also a buddy read for the series starting on GoodReads on the 15th (in two days). They will be doing all the books in the series, starting the next each fifteenth of the month.

If anyone wants to join in with a re-read with this group, it DEFINITELY helps. I posted the link, I believe, in the other topic, but I can post it again here if there is interest. This is a huge group - each time a topic is commented on, it revolves that thread to the TOP - and so, a lot of folks would be 'seeing' the titles flash by/if it is constantly popping, it makes an impression. The group centers on fantasy, too.

Note: I am rechecking earlier volumes at this time, TOO!! because of making SURE I catch up all the little details/back references. It's final volume - no room to misfire on any little detail.