Initiate's Trial: Third Sneak Peak - scavenger hunt

originally posted by John Parsons

Not Cruel!!!

A search for ‘Sandtiger’ as a message author gets you to message

I thought that was a very helpful clue!!


originally posted by Jay_Jay

Indeed, John, indeed! :smiley:

originally posted by Kirk Besette

(link removed)<(email removed)>

originally posted by Walt


Brain spinning!
Maddly boiling!
Mad Prophet Whining!
Speculation Resulting!

originally posted by Neil

czerneda I figured already but where exactly…several christmas party red wines later :slight_smile: {REMEMBER UK time and this was soooo difficult to type… }

originally posted by Kirsten Laurelle Wallace

I already found both of those by searching through the discussions here for Sandtiger and I… to my chagrin… don't understand how they help us.

originally posted by Sandtiger

::laugh:: I come in to find I am a hot topic. Who knew?

I did get - and respond to - Clansman's email (No, I did not think you were a predator…) - so I had to see what was happening. I've been horribly remiss in posting lately - work just keeps getting busier - and time flies.

But hey - this was a great excuse to post again - even if Clansman didn't post the link first.


originally posted by Dave

(link removed)
iam too nice a guy cant stand the suffing sorry

originally posted by Sandtiger

Thoughtfully done. Although torment can be fun. :smiley:

originally posted by Brittani

Oh Thank you so much Dave. My google search page was about to go on strike.

After our legion worked together to get a snippet, they turned against eachother when it came time to finding it. I am at a loss for words.

So onto speculation, why would clansmen want to bag the Mad Prophet? That is just backwards.
Also I am thinking Dakar has made some pretty big improvements in the 200 or so years that we have missed.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Methinks it's just Dakar, inadvertantly wandering into Clan scout lines instead of announcing himself, personally, but wth do I know? (Clanny's not allowed to answer that one!). 200 years can change a LOT of things…and yes, am with you on the demise of the Legion. Still, we all know that Janny delights in turning us on our heads, so the LEGION achieved its goal of getting her attention, AND a snippet, Mme. Brittani. If need be, we will rise again *maniacal laughter follows*

originally posted by Julie

Thank you Janny…please ma'am may we have some more??? I don't think Dakar "blundered" into clan territory. He was either passing through the free wilds close to Paravian sites or hostile town territory. BOth would require use of his mage talents. It seems even though his skills have improved, details elude him!

originally posted by Kirsten Laurelle Wallace

For the record… if I had found it first I would have announced it immediately. Forever loyal to the legion.

Thanks for the snippet, Janny. And, Dave, thanks for having pity on the rest of us.

originally posted by Clansman


Quietest response to a sneak peak, ever…is this pique because I turned it into a hunt, Chez Julie? (Who's a good talespinner in her own right.)

She's the one who has the tradition of "Birthday snippets" - without her egging, too, who knows?

(Arithon-in-waiting snippet - still waiting).

originally posted by Walt

Naw… no pique here. As promised, your snippit has broiled our craniums to a light golden brown with a side of brussels sprouts.


Perhaps we could be persuaded to awaken from our crisped state with an Arithon exerpt [note that I didn't say snippet!!].

We luv ya Janny! As I've said many a time, Don's a lucky man.

originally posted by Kirsten Laurelle Wallace

My brain is lightly boiled as well. Sorry for the lack of comment. It has more to do with my hectic life and all of the crisis' surrounding it than with your snippet.

No pique here.
As always, you do more than impress.

originally posted by BillBob

Real life has precluded the time to read the snippet as we just implemented a new version of our HR software here at work and post implementation issues although minimal have been enough to keep us running through the day and into the early evening.

originally posted by Konran

Grateful for the peek as always, just trying to mull through the few clues before I comment fully :smiley:

originally posted by Clansman

What everyone else said.

Sorry, swamped with pre-Christmas child access motions.

I think my head is about to explode.