Initiate's Trial Status

originally posted by Stephen Adkins

I couldn't wait for a US publishing deal, so I bought it from Amazon UK. :stuck_out_tongue:

So many new faces - wow - welcome here!

BE CAREFUL, if you haven't read Stormed Fortress yet - !!! You do not want to stumble over spoilers in the chat…it will certainly pull some of the surprises out of your experience, if you get wind of developments beforehand.

The start of Arc IV is going to be the same…I will try to quit bouncing in my seat with both hands pasted over my mouth. (bounce!)

originally posted by motley

Nice to see the entire series of Alliance of Light series available this past weekend in CapeTown's 'Exclusive Books' stores. Best way to get new readers.

Oh, that is great news! Motley, thanks for the report.

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Hi everyone, long-time lurker, first time poster.
Motley, which branch of Exclusive Books was this? I have been perusing this book chain for years trying to get hold of Curse of the Mistwraith, to no avail…are only Alliance of Light books on offer?

originally posted by Brittani Pasek

Funnily enough, Proteus2, I had the very same problem and now I have 3 copies of Curse of the Mistwraith. Send me your address and I'll mail you one. Goddness knows I don't need all three. Janny has her very own book case in my house. Feel free to email me (email removed) And if you are looking for books you can't find ebay is really good I get most of my hard to find or no longer in print books there.

proteus2 - welcome here!

The entire series has just been repackaged - your local seller should be able to order them without difficulty. (and so should

If this is not the case, please inquire and see what they say. I can run down the problem if a stitch has been dropped in the distribution, but not if I don't know what the problem is.

originally posted by Zorana Lewis were all out of stock as of yesterday. *nods* had most of the older editions in, but the new editions they only had Traitor's Knt and Stormed Fortress.

originally posted by proteus2

Hi all, thanks for the responses.
Brittani, thanks very much for your offer, but I think I'd prefer buying my own copy. Support the author and all that. Besides, unless you are on the African continent, it might cost quite a lot…I appreciate the selfless offer regardless.
Janny, thank you for your books, I enjoy them immensely. As motley mentioned, it's not particularly difficult to get hold of Alliance of Light books in South Africa, but I haven't seen Curse of the Mistwraith in ANY bookstore in SA for years, and Ships/Warhost are also scarce. I don't know precisely what can be done about this, but thought you might appreciate the heads up…

Proteus2 -

Stocking at bookstores comes as a direct result of reader demand. As reader demand rises (sales) both the publisher and the book seller get motivated to push harder.

When the books are not obviously on the shelves, then word of mouth by excited readers has to create the orders to bring the book in.

Trust me, a rise in orders gets notice.

Welcome here Brittani and Zorana Lewis - I placed an inquiry as to the out of stock status at - but I am working from the publisher's end. If is out of books, is there a way to let them know they've missed some orders? (I am not familiar with the venue)

Now back to topic - Status - I have a target date for finish. Now, if I could only find a sliver of a piece of this book that wouldn't blow some surprises…till I do, sigh, No Previews.

(brightens) anybody going to Capricon? They've scheduled a Reading…

originally posted by Clansman


"Now back to topic - Status - I have a target date for finish."

As thorough as you are, Janny, I am fairly certain that the "target date for finish" was not left out on purpose.

So, what is it??? Hmmmm?? Or do you choose not to disclose it to us, your patient and faithful fans??? <sniff>

originally posted by Trys

::hands Clansman a tissue::

I do not DARE breathe a word about projected target dates. This is not cruelty.

Until said target date is met, and until production is started, and the book's release date is settled as in, printed in the catalog, anything can change. Schedules get rearranged all the time. Sometimes publishers do this because the author is late. Sometimes they do this because, for internal reasons, schedules get rearranged.

I've had too many "instances" where a projected date got changed - and not due to a lag in my turn-in time - and people overreacted and mistook this for "final pub date."

To avoid confusion, misinformation, angry e mails, disappointed readers, and the hitches this causes on word of mouth and the rumor mill, I have learned not to put down a thing until the timing of a release is FINAL.

The venting by frustrated readers nailed my hide, when for one reason or another, schedules got changed. Even if not my choice, or my fault. So - to keep things settled, don't expect me to put any dates on the map.

There are, even NOW, too many forums out there lacking the correct information on Stormed Fortress - too many posts 'presuming' the book is never coming out, not available at all, or making sweeping statements as if the posters KNEW inside information that, absolutely, they don't. I have YET to see a post that's correct, with regard to what is actually happening. Too often, presumptions are made, based on the habits of other authors.

I find that maddening. I don't write too well, while fuming, see… :stuck_out_tongue:

So to keep smooth sailing on the creative schedule, the RIGHT information is always on this forum. Changes and announcements are always instant. :smiley: Projections will stay projections, until the information is hardwired and finalized. That way, I hope, there's some way to combat the rumor mill and keep readers correctly informed.

Hopefully that way, too, some of the accuracy trickles out.

originally posted by motley

that's all very well, but the fact is: this is art. An author is not a sausage machine on call…


It's just other people Doing Their Thing… still…


I don't expect Janny to have the stuff written when I want it… though I'm sure the demand is very supportive, in some ways. I expect her to have the stuff written when she's ready. And if that's never (right now, it's fine, and will be) it's her life.

Those who freak: get a life.

Hmmm… I do feel quite strongly about this.

originally posted by motley

Let me just add, in case anyone freaks *grin* that I take pretty much all of the postings here to be supportive freaking. :smiley:

It's the other freaking lot that I'm talking about… sheesh…

originally posted by Clansman

I hope my freaking is supportive. I wouldn't ever want to be considered one of those "other" freaks (GASP!)

For the record, I don't think that I was freaking. I was being purposefully pathetic. Begging, even. Certainly not anything like "freaking".


I was, and am, curious, as to when the next novel might be ready. I fully expected the answer that I got, but it was worth the shot!


Clansman - no worries. :smiley:

Nobody on THIS forum is at fault.

It's on other forums (all too many in fact!) where I saw misinformation posted by "those behaving as if they had inside information, or authority to know" - that's what kicked my goat.

That, and the complaints, about this being "another endless series" - an erroneous concept which, I can quit pounding my desktop and hope that Stormed Fortress emphatically puts to rout!

I hate to be "lumped" with "them" - whoever "them" happens to be at the moment.

But the shining moment, and a bow to your caring - we know of ONE forum that's precisely accurate, up to date, and shiny cool. :smiley:

And the next book - well - (rubs hands in anticipation) - guess I should get about the crazymaking business of titling the manuscript, soon…

originally posted by Blue

I'm sure if you could find the "magic formula" to crank out books on a daily basis, you would probably not do it, Janny.


If the previous volumes are anything to go by, you're one of those "fussy" types who does not release her work until it is up to her high, nit picking standards of excellence.

That said, I'm willing to wait for quality.

When my brother BillyBob gets fussy at a restaurant because something is taking too long - I remind him, when the food comes up, piping hot and just right, to put a sock in it, because it was worth the wait to have the food cooked just right. I have also told him that I could ask the manager to bring out the package of frozen meat (or whatever) and drop that on a plate for him if he was in that much of a hurry.

So Janny, I don't want a piece of frozen meat clanking down on my plate. I would much rather wait a little, and have a fully cooked and perfectly spiced meal placed in front of me.

Does the above even remotely make sense? :smiley:

originally posted by Zorana Lewis

It makes perfect sense, and do you know what's really ironic? Those that do all the moaning about the wait, will buy the book eagerly when it's released, skim through it in a hour flat and then start moaning for the next volume without actually reading the one that is there, for them to savour and enjoy.

Like a friend of mine, the new Gail Martin book came out in our Waterstones recently, and he'd been doing nothing but whine since October last year about how long he had to wait, so as soon as he saw the new book, he pounced on it, and then skimmed through it in the hour wait we had for our train, shoved it in his bag once he'd 'finished' and started whining that she should hurry up and write another book. You'll be happy to know I picked up my handy copy of 'The Song of Roland' and promptly hit him with it - he might have some respect for the effort put in by authors knocked into his silly little head that way. Or not, but *shrugs* there's only so much abuse I can level upon my books.

originally posted by Lyssabits

*hangs her head* I'll totally cop to freaking in this forum about Traitor's Knot's many delays. In my own defense, however, I was freaking over problems with the publisher, and not with Janny.

At any rate, I don't want to know when the next book will come out, even a guess. It'll just make me MORE impatient.