Initiate's Trial: Second Sneak Preview

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In the second paragraph of my post, in the third sentence I intended the word 'just' to mean that if they deserved death. Sorry about that. :smiley:

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In re-reading this passage, several rather interesting items seem to appear. Remembering that Lysaer execute Maenelle s'Gannley and that Lysaer subjected the s'Gannley clans to slavery, prompting them (if I recall) to call forfeit the life of the great pretender should they have a chance.

Daliana appears to be full blood (or close enough) s'Gannley, aware of her heritage and able to be presented to Lysaer's court.

It does raise an interesting question of what has happened such that Lysaer is no longer wanting to exterminate the old blood clans; and that s'Gannley off-spring are agreeable to being in Lysaer's presence. Was Sulfin Evend's great heresy to reconcile Lysaer with the s'Gannley clans who should have been his caithdein?

Any bets that Daliana reminds Lysaer of Maenelle, the murder of whom was an unforgivable act and the advantage that Daliana may be able to press on Lysaer?

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I wonder if Daliana reminds him of Talith. I don't think he really ever got over her murder.

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I'm certain it's Talith. The moment she was described as tawny haired, I thought of Talith. Asandir says Lysaer has never healed that glaring weakness, and I honestly think Talith is the only person he's truly had a weakness for. In fact, does not Sulfin Evend use this fact to his advantage several times? I seem to recall that one of the few ways he had to recall Lysaer to sanity was to mention her.

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The slight flaw in my clan logic is that she doesn't actually recognize *who* Asandir is. She recognizes *what* he is immediately…

Talith is a good possibility, although it's not mentioned here specifically whether there is a physical resemblance.

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I also tend to think the title "Lord" is used in the noble sense, rather than the religious.

And Talith also popped immediately into my mind when reading Janny's sneak preview, although Maenelle is a great speculation!

As for Lysaer's sense of justice, he was already making compromises from the early books to justify a "minor" injustice in the cause of trying to rectify a larger one (Arithorn).

Arithorn's use of Paravian magic at the end of SF possibly put a kind of wedge between the curse and Lysaer's personality, but when I think of all that Arithorn had to go through to get himself free of the curse, I can't believe that Lysaer - without the same abilities as Arithorn - could free himself further from the curse on his own.

But, Paravian magic is potent stuff! Maybe it provided Lysaer enough breathing room to keep the curse at bay?

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Ah, I am mistaken, she's tawny-eyed instead, still, personality-wise she reminds me pretty strongly of Talith.

"She was a pert creature, incorrigible, rebellious, and wild as a sparrowhawk among pecking doves where she stood, surrounded by swank admirers and Etarran dandies."

Talith was feisty, a fact which sadly lead to her downfall since sneaking out of Etarra to join Lyaser was what let Arithon catch her in the first place.

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Could it be that she resembles Sulfin Evend so much that it could be the reason Lysaer can't stand the sight of her? Considering it seems like she is also about to become a guardian of Lysaer's sanity, as Sulfin Evend was at some stage, and it seems like he did something drastic to betray the Light…

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Sulfin Evend was fated to chose between the Land and the Alliance(per Enithen Tuer) and to make a decision about Arithon which would have generational consequences(Beidar).Perhaps these two "events" are one and the same. He succeeded in something big which we can assume was avoidance of catastrophe… He never liked or trusted the religion built around Lysaer, was marked by a sorcerer so it is easy to see why he would be named heretic. He would be the fall guy to allow Lysaer to retain dignity if they tried to dismantle the religion.I am really interested in who he had kids with- did he reconcile with and have a clan born wife? Was it a young cousin of Talith? This is a paralell story to Arithon's and Jieret.

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I'm with Tundrahorse… I think Daliana resembles SE to such an extent (if not in looks, than in demeanor) that even Lysaer recognizes the spirit of his character in her.

And as for SE marrying? Not impossible, but I don't think it likely based on what we know about him as of Stormed Fortress. I don't believe Daliana is a *direct* descendant, but that of one of his close kin, based on this from the passage above:


The spirit Asandir selected stood out, hot as bright flame, from the pack of siblings and close cousins.

Just my two cents… :smiley:


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Sulfin Evand is identified as a forefather- not distant uncle. By the time of this new book there are many outbred s'Ganley i.e. "from the pack of siblings and close cousins" but only direct descendants could bear "blood heritage" of Sulfin Evend as opposed to Raitt Raven or some other of his relatives.

Also SE has light eyes- I think grey,not "tawny", the hair color and quick reflexes are probably clues but I'm too lazy to track them down!

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I'm still shooting for Daliana being a combanation of Talith and Sulfin Evend. They were really the only two people to have any influence over Lysaer. If combined into a character, one that reminded Lysaer of Talith but had the inner fiber of Sulfin Even, I think that Daliana would have the greatest chance of success.

Also, what if Sulfin Evend didn't get married. What if the Fellowship pulled an Arithon and had Sulfin Evend sleep with someone from one of the tribes to carry on his line? Just a thought.

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When is this next book coming out??

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Now, now, let's not be hasty. We need AT LEAST one more teaser first, as the talespinner doesn't appear to be anywhere close to finished. Let's see *checks watch*: last teaser released on 7/27…nah, too soon! :wink:

Instead, we need to wonder what Asandir and the F7 have been up to during the intervening period. I can hardly believe that Kharadmon would stay on star watch for 200 years, for example…

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And how about Arithorn? 200 years of sailing the high seas… hmmm, probably not. 200 years of no direct conflict with Lysaer? Even harder to believe.

But maybe some good things have happened! 200 years should be plenty of time for Arithorn to release the myst wraiths trapped in book one. And how about using his master bard talent to open ALL of the force lanes laid down by the Paravians? That would keep the town born off balance and possibly help the clans.

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I don't think Daliana necessarily has a lot of Clan blood. She's part of an "outbred" line afterall. The original infusion of s'Gannley blood was several generations from Sulfin Evend and he managed to hit the genetic jackpot. Unless I'm remembering wrong, he was an only child (so there would be no sister for the Koriani) and his uncle didn't have any children either. So he would have had to father at least one child (not necessarily in wedlock either) to beget Daliana. The fact she's surrounded by Etarrans suggests that her family branch is based there. Lysaer probably made Etarra his homebase after Avenor was destroyed and Sulfin Evend no doubt stayed with him there for as long as he could. Daliana being Etarran would also jive with the idea of her being like Talith. Makes you wonder if there might be a s'Gannley-s'Ilessid child…

It's going to be interesting to see a whole new cast of supporting players in the next book. Assuming everyone procreated and had fateful descendants we might see scions of Feylind, Fiark, Mearn, Talvish, Jeynsa, Maenol, and King Eldir.

I also wonder if Dakar has achieved that "stability of a diamond" that Davien mentioned. He might not have re-joined Arithon and he wasn't accompanying Asandir in this passage.

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Living for 500 years is bittersweet indeed.

I'm really interested to see the kind of person Lysaer has become in the intervening period - without Sulfin and presumably far from Arithon…

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Ooh, only just found this little snippet. Thanks for sharing Janny!! I almost didn't read it to keep the suspense but I am also at the point of chewing on my left arm so I though this might help.
Not sure if it did or not.
*Must learn patience*

I think either Talith or Sulfin would be a good reason for Lysaer not looking at Daliana. Can't wait to see. But for me it will always be that first glimpse of Arithon that I long for!

Welcome, Joelle Ullathorne!

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Ref SF

The Bond will be assumed against the Crown of Rathian, which must answer to Followship precepts.

Tell me Janny have we a new High King of Rathian and if so is the trial for the crown jewels???