How humans got to Athera

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The worldsend gates never existed till mankind found Athera and the compact was needed to allow them to settle. Sleo if you do not think mankind arrived by spaceship how do you think they found Athera? Theirs was a civilisation based on technology and spaceships were the only way they had to travel between the stars.

Humanity never settled on the splinter worlds till after they found Athera, there was no native human population on any of the splinter worlds. Each world had to accept human habitation before the gates were built. Reading the FAQ for Splinter Worlds will make that clear hopefully.


Each destination world had to be CAREFULLY chosen. It had to accept human habitation by free will. Dascen Elur in particular had very little inhabitable land mass - it was largely open ocean. (Reasons for this, and also reasons why the buffer world was predominantly a mineral desert)

Each of the gate worlds had a purpose, as "escape valve" for specific things – South Gate was where technology was permitted to develop.

The refugee population and the fellowship came from the same civilisation which is clearly shown as using spaceships in Sundering Star. And yes the Koriani would have arrived with the rest of mankind, even with their focus stones we have never seen them show any abilities that would enable them to travel between the stars any other way.

Morriel wanted freedom from the compact so mankind could have its technology back, the same technolgy that destroyed their civilisation in the first place. The same technology they used to destroy the worlds they used to have, and the same technology that ended up destroying the human civilisations on Marak and its buffer world. Morriel complained at one point that no one stepped forward to help humanity to survive. But they did, the fellowship and the Paravians are trying to help humanity and now she is complaining about it. Give humanity back the means to destroy themselves and they will, since they have not so far learned any better.

Those interested in developing technology went through south gate, others who might not have wished to settle on Athera might have chosen to settle elsewhere for political or religious reasons, or maybe they were just too fond of killing each other and making war. They had to accept the terms of the compact in order to settle on Athera, some would not have been happy living that way, they were given a choice. We do not yet know what other reasons there were, maybe some splinter worlds have not yet been settled and they will be in the future.

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I've always envisioned the following series of events:

1) Humankind arrived at Athera (note… not on Athera) saying 'Please, may we settle here".
2) The Fellowship said, 'Hold on a sec, gotta check with the bosses.'
3) The Fellowship asked the Paravians who responded with very specific guidelines and strictures which included instructions to create escape valves for 'problem children'.
4) The Compact was drafted, submitted to humanity. Those who chose to settle accepted it. Those who didn't left in their ships.
5) The Gates were created.
6) Some people chose to fool around with proscribed technologies and were shown the way off Athera via Southgate and ended up on Marak where they continued to develop tech that eventually consumed them and left the wraiths.
7) Desh-thiere invades through Southgate and eventually four Princes and families, et. al., are sent through West Gate with three Princes arriving, eventually, on Dascen Elur.

If any were shown the way off Athera via Northgate or Eastgate is unknown to us.

The above is just my opinion, YMMV.