How badly do you want a BRAND NEW ATHERA SHORT STORY?

originally posted by Dorothy

Found it! How did I miss a big blue button like that? Who's contributing next? :smiley:

originally posted by Gary Coady

Less than 400 left :slight_smile:

The interesting thing about the murder of Marin Eliathe is a view into Second Age history, before the arrival of humanity. Another glimpse at Paravian viewpoints and motivations might be interesting… or was the antagonist actually Paravian?

originally posted by Annette

Only $126(aud) to go now, must be all those WoLaS fans wanting their new short story.

I am suspecting the fall of the kings tower was something to do with Fate, it had to fall, so someone later could raise it again. So possibly our 'antagonist' was Paravian, rather than same stray methurien who managed to get in and assassinate the king. We have the long wait for the last book, maybe Janny could get that one and a few others published in between?

originally posted by Annette

They reached the stretch goal to include Janny's new short story and currently have pledges of $33,514(aud) and 620 backers.

The next stretch goal is reached at $39,000(aud) the author pay bump, might be a bit far away that one with only a week left. The 700 backers goal, would be the next in sight, might reach that one.

Thank you to EVERYONE who's helped spread the word, and backed this project. I am very pleased and excited! And the work will be seen by many new readers, one hopes, a great opportunity.

Keep backing - there's another author (Peter Orullian) hoping to get in, and that pay bump - honestly, I don't know of any author right now who doesn't need it sorely.

I am off, now, to dig into entering the changes to Chapter 9 set; the deadline for this story is AFTER the book gets turned in - so no worries there. It'll be the turn in party, then on to work on it.

Start posting your suggestions for what aspect of the world you want illuminated!

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626 backers now. I'm a little late to the party, but not hopelessly so. :wink:

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Better late than never, Mark Stephen :wink:

I am doing a brief AMA at 7:20 EDT in support of the kick starter on Grimdark Magazine’s FB page - DO STOP BY and make things lively (adjust for your time zone) rimdarkfiction%2F

CORRECTION! The time is at 8:20 EDT!!!

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One of the few who don't have a facebook account. Hope it went well Janny.

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I almost missed the AMA, was running around doing other things while trying to work out exactly what time it was on. It was NOW, had almost missed it! Just said the first thing that popped into my head.

Was not really expecting Janny to give that away, but had to try. The next book is not that far away now, and at least Janny confirmed, we will finally learn more about Enithen Tuer. Including how old she was when she died.

I hope it went well, too. I should have realized it was Annette popped the Enithen Tuer question. You have no idea…

Anybody who's a contributor to r/fantasy, they are doing their vote for the underrated list right now.

Qualifier for underrated: under 3000 ratings on GoodReads. Good time to put light on authors you love who could use some love! That list does outreach to new readers.

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I have been patiently waiting to hear more about Enithen Tuer's past since the first book, when we saw her in Erdane, brimming with curiosity I was to know what she was doing there and how long she had been there. That was before we found out more interesting aspects of her life. Knew you would not answer any obvious spoilers on that subject, thought I might have got away with an age, had to try. :smiley:

I am expecting her to be OLD, with a Name like that.

On the kickstarter - if you are interested and have not backed, yet - the stretch goal for the author pay hike is in range…(author fingers crossed on this one!)

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Wow. The next Backers goal is also in sight, as only 20 are needed to reach 700, which gives us all more goodies…

I like goodies.

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I posted a thread on the sffchronicles in General Discussion regarding the anthology, and also in Janny's sub-forum there.

Hopefully that helps generate some interest, as the members of the Chrons seem to really like dark fantasy, iirc.

originally posted by Annette

They have reached the 700 backer goal now, and have raised $36,276(aud)

Only 68hrs to go, the next financial goal of $39,000 and a pay rise for the authors might just get in yet. Peter Orullian's short story is the financial goal after that one at $41,700.

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Janny got her pay rise I see, next goal is 800 backers, then hopefully they reach enough to include Peter Orullian's story.

Currently the figures are
792 backers
37hrs to go.

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All the backers goals have now been achieved, and they are only $2,200 from having the story from Peter Orullian. After that, there's only the "2 additional authors" at 44,500.00. I really hope they get Peter Orullian in, since it is so close.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a 900 and 1000 backers added in the final push. I hope my posts on the Chrons might have helped a bit. Only a few replies, but they are very favourable, and it has over 50 views in one day in General Discussion, and 77 in Janny's sub-forum. Regardless, the Kickstarter campaign sure took off in the last 24 hours!

Thank you backers, every single one - the pay bump will be a frank godsend; I have no idea how shaky the Brit pound will be - and in a year with a turn-in for Destiny's Conflict, I do not need to be kicked in the butt…so having the story pay a little bit more is just absolutely WONDERFUL.

I am now shouting out for Peter Orullian because I cannot imagine being SO CLOSE! with the deadline rushing up so fast - but I think and hope he will make it!

Thanks, also, for any and every one of you who posted news of this anthology around the internet - it all makes such a difference.

I now return to cross checking Tenth set; and I have a pending surprise. So stay tuned.