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mckhiu, care to give a link?

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I checked amazon.co.uk and they list the hardcover for £20.00. Amazon.com lists it but does not show prices.

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Amazon.ca (Canada) still only shows a very expensive trade paperback, and no hardback.

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Actually it shows a hardcover also. If you go to the trade paperback, under editions there’s a link to the hardcover which, like amazon.com shows no price.

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Hmm, the post with direct links to amazon ca & co.uk failed, probably since I forgot to hit post…

The CDN HB price was from adding and almost checking-out yesterday. Also, the pricing availability was before I added the alert-on-availability-of-hardback-version, and it looks like extracting the price has been fixed.

Regardless, the ISBN for the hardback is as I posted, and official pre-ordering is likely upcoming.

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Use Bookdepository.co.uk to buy the new hardcover of Initiate's Trial. Only about 23 bucks and it's free shipping worldwide. I buy all my new UK hardcovers from these guys, they are the BEST.

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Thanks, interesting store.

It looks like bookdepository is 15 USD right now. Although HB ISBN is 978-0007362127, vs. the 978-0007217823 (now PB ISBN) I have in my notes.

# Published: 28 October 2010

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I notice the Book Depository in the UK sold out of the hardback a while ago and had to re-order last month (it is Dec here), and now Booktopia in Australia has sold out and are waiting for new stock to arrive. Seems the hardback is selling well, so hopefully the sales figures will be enough for Harper Collins to start giving Janny's books a bit more attention. And hardback versions for the last two books of course.